Ok guess who’s still homestuck trash and loves SU at the same time.

Yeah I was talking to Neon about John and Vriska as gems and in general the two picked fit very well. (Amber representing luck and so forth, blue calcite being a wind elemental, etc.)  Their fusion is fairly stable, they balance each other out pretty well.


robot-nepeta adventures: Thirsty pearl + Garnet dancing, Dancing with one of the Host Club Twins)

the CUTEST tavros ever! (pretty much my HC Tavbby)

Cookiecat (so cute tbh): mshannahvantas

Trolls Group shot: kingofthepleasantpatch (vriska) theres-a-tardis-in-my-room (GT!Fef) moriartymystrider (Disciple)

GT!Sollux: purpledragoncaptor

Dave Ft. Naknak: the-greatest-show-reanimated (ps you’re my HC dave)

Fancy Aradia: totally gorgeous! If you know them, tag them!

Lastly, a rousing game of Spin the Faygo!

Photo Dump 3/?

consider the following:

contrastive reduplication serves to emphasize the platonic ideal of a given concept. for instance, in english, if you’re asked if you want soy milk in your latte and you reply “no, i want milk milk”, you are saying you want cow milk, because we have come to associate the word “milk” (which can cover a variety of liquids) with having a “base” or “normal” form of being cow milk. thus, “milk milk” emphasizes the most normal possible use for the word.

with this in mind, when we say (vriska) isn’t vriska vriska, such as in

we are implying new timeline vriska is the base vriska. however, (vriska) was the vriska with us for almost the entirety of homestuck. therefore, the vriska we know is (vriska), and should be considered the normalized, base form of vriska, whereas vriska is a new iteration of vriska and thus a variant on the concept of vriska. 

so it is incorrect to call vriska “vriska vriska” because (vriska) is “vriska vriska” as the normal and expected form of vriska throughout the comic


now say that last sentence five times fast


If you went to Anime Midwest this weekend, you got to see the debut of my 1:24 scale Homestuck figurines (though I sadly never had the chance to finish painting Kanaya *weeps*).

I really want to finish the rest of the series of beta girls before AnimeZing in two weeks, or at least get more sculpts finished and cast before then. The thing is, I’m so psyched about making all of them that I don’t know which one to make first! The first three were easy. I knew I was pressed for time before the con, so I chose the three that were the easiest since they’re grounded—as in, both feet on the ground. The other five are either flying, jumping, or swimming, and they’ll be more complicated sculpts.

I can’t start them today since I need to work on Etsy orders and commissions from the con, but I was thinking it’d be cool if y'all had some input in what I make next, assuming anyone cares that much to have this sort of sway over my work. This is a dangerous amount of power I’m offering over the internetz, so choose wisely.

If you’re not into Homestuck but still like cute girls made from clay, here’s a breakdown of the characters (in the event that you can’t read my handwriting:

Pic 1: Terezi (completed sculpt)
Pic 2: Vriska (completed sculpt)
Pic 3: Kanaya (completed sculpt)
Pic 4: Rose
Pic 5: Jade
Pic 6: Aradia
Pic 7: Nepeta
Pic 8: Feferi

After I finish these, I will make reference sketches for figurines of Eridan, Porrim, and Meulin. I also plan to make more Pokémon charms and start on some Steven Universe figures (Lapis~ 💙💙💙💙). I’ll also be making new BJD heads, hands, and feet. Busy, busy~