vriska robot arm

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Can you give us the instructions on how you made that awesome vriska arm?

I followed this arm sock tutorial (minus the nails)

then I looked at this

using that as a reference, I drew the dark lines on with sharpie

And then I used white and gray fabric paint to do highlights (go as thin as you can with the paint, if you get too much it will crack when you take it off and put it on)

Emergency Commissions

Hi everyone! So like, short explanation of the situation. Im applying to college right now and will be leaving home in less than a year, completely independently (scary!) at only 16 years old (yikes) and due to my age, I am unable to get a job. However, my family is living paycheck to paycheck and can’t even afford a haircut (glad I can do those) let alone pay $50+ for even a single college application let alone 2 or 3. However, my family does not make little enough to qualify for any sort of waiver (the reason we are living down to the dollar would be my hospital bills). In addition, I need money to save for college in general, and on a note of lesser importance, transitioning. Cosplay comes way after all of that and honestly it’s only through my friends that I have been getting so much done.

So I am opening up commissions! You can see some examples of my stuff on my cosplays and you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram (insta is still not set up) by searching for altruistic cosplay commissions or altruisic commissions. If you don’t want anything but would like to donate (appreciated but I don’t want to just ask people to send me money) you can message me for my paypal.

Commission Prices:

Tavros: $35
Captor: $20
Vantas: $15
Leijon: $15
Maryam: $25
Pyrope: $20
Serket: $30
Zahhak: $25
Makara: $30
Ampora: $25
Peixes: $25
Any Ancestors add $5

Calliope: $25
Fantrolls/Speciesswaps: Dependent on design
Unavailable currently: Megido, Rufioh/Summoner

Any Beta Trolls unless listed below: $15
Karkat (turtleneck sweater): $25
Karkat (long sleeve)/Eridan: $20
Feferi/Equius: $20
Cronus/Meenah (shirt or crop top): $15
Latula (top shirt): $20
Dead characters: $20
Alpha and Beta kids: $25
Godtier tshirts: $20
Camp Half Blood shirt: $25
Chara/Frisk sweater: $30

Aranea dress: $50

Meenah braids: $15 a pair any length
Meenah glasses: $20
Ear fins: $15
Vriska glasses: $20
Meenah bracelets: $20 a pair
Dead Tavros Head: $50
Dave turntables: $35 a pair
Vriska robot arm: $35
Hetalia curls: $20-30 depending on character

Willing to make any props for any characters, including weapons.

Make godtier wings, price based on the godtier/character.

I can also make any skirts and small clothing items you may need.

I also do art and wig styling commissions! I can do basic character sketches, watercolors, etcetc.

Please message me if you want to discuss anything and I am always willing to negotiate prices!!

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is that a cannula on eridan? is he sick? also you have the best humanstuck designs ive seen yet made even better by the exclusion of a certain bad character

eridan is wearing a cannula to regulate some weak lung functions (i dont know exactly what the specifics would be because i am Not A Doctor) its an old-ish idea from a couple months back that i like to use

others i will say:

terezi is not fully blind she has high light sensitivity issues and problems with discerning high contrast (ie reading black text on white paper is too much of a contrast and can be overwhelming) so she needs things to be typed in red or to wear her red prescription glasses to see clearer

vriska lost feeling in her arm from an infection (from a shoddy tattoo mentioned in an earlier post) but has a high tech prosthetic that was built by the Zahhak foundation (it can move and function like her natural arm would before because i forget about vriskas robot arm just all the time)

Time for givin’ up the ghost
Fuck, it’s you I hated the most

((a certain someone insisted i watch this video and then i made an aradia au out of it))

((also heres a bonus doodle:))