vriska robot arm

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Can you give us the instructions on how you made that awesome vriska arm?

I followed this arm sock tutorial (minus the nails)

then I looked at this

using that as a reference, I drew the dark lines on with sharpie

And then I used white and gray fabric paint to do highlights (go as thin as you can with the paint, if you get too much it will crack when you take it off and put it on)

Time for givin’ up the ghost
Fuck, it’s you I hated the most

((a certain someone insisted i watch this video and then i made an aradia au out of it))

((also heres a bonus doodle:))

i want a paradox space update about vriska and equius, like they both lived right next to eachother so they probably saw each other in person a decent amount. like vriska not being able to sleep because she can hear the banging and crashing of equius wrestling with his robots, or the time equius attached vriskas new robot arm to her shoulder, or even equius coming over to vriskas house to ask her if she had any sugar. 

how did you make your troll horns? just Model Magic painted with acrylic paint. 

how did you make your Vriska glasses? They are actually just a pair of old shitty hipster glasses. I painted the inside of one of the lenses so its smooth looking on the outside. Make sure to paint the red dots first though. You want to layer it as if you were seeing it from the outside (since you will be)

How did you make your vriska robot arm? walk through here

where did you get your dave glasses? they were a present from my brother, I’m not sure where he got them

where did you get your dave wig? Ebay

Since no one has mentioned it...

See this cutie guy? He 1. has a robot arm, and 2, killed a friend out of jealousy/spite/because he was possessed. Oh did I mention a close friend of his ripped off his left arm after he’d killed their mutual friend?


Reminds me of…

Gee, would ya look at that. Left arm is also robotic.
But, for those who don’t know, let me tell you the quick story of how she lost that arm!

Aradia was a friend of a friend to Vriska. They weren’t super close, but one day Vriska did something really bad, so Aradia made ghosts haunt Vriska. (I’m skipping a lot so no one gets confused on names)
In her anger and pain, Vriska telepathically controlled a Aradia’s boyfriend and made him kill her.
This made Terezi, Vriska’s best friend, turn against her and Terezi caused Vriska’s left arm to be blown off (as well as her eye).

In short, both Vriska/Arthur have robotic left arms because their killing of Aradia/Lewis caused Terezi/Mystery to take their arm.

Sorry just saw the similarities. Not to say the makers based this off homestuck, I just thought it would be cool to bring this up.

If you read this PLEASE draw Vriska meeting Arthur! That’d be so cool!

((So the creator said in the comments that this was serious. This gem is from DeviantArt. Prepare your vocal chords for screams of “what the fuck”.))
my fantrol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :33 this is her catform btww

ok but i should probz add some informatino on her lolz =^.^=

okay her name is candy makara. her last name is like dat because shes married 2 gamzee markara :3 her brother is karkat and hes REEEEALLY protective and doesnt approve of their marriage! 

External image
 he trys to talk her out of being with him!! her bff is kanaya and they like to go shoping together al the time! her worst enemy is vriska! they HATE eachother!! once in a fyte, candy ripped vriskas arm off (robot arm!!) and she plucket out her majic eye. but she deserved it because she killed tavros!! she has rainbow blood. shes the only troll on earth that has it!!! its really special so PLEEEASE dont steal my idea plz 
External image

her quirk is like this;
“:3)<i love you gamzee!!”

ill post her normal form soon! maybe tomorrow lolz

she has 3 dream forms. prospit, derce, and another world wich SHE CREATED!! they have rainbow colored outfits (it goes wit her blood!)

she also has an evil form that only cums out wen someone is being REALLY mean!!!!!! like trolls. sometimes she tastes gamzees faygo and goes insane!!! and then she LIKE THIS, WITH JUST BIG LETTERS BECAUSE SHES REALLY MAD AND BLOODTHIRSTY!!

i furgot her handle is emoCupcakezzz
maybe ill add more info tomorow