vriska is fine

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hey there!! i feel kinda bad asking this but; i have a really good friend whos really upset, he got into a car accident (hes not hurt luckily but its going to cost a lot), and could i ask if you could draw vriska for him?? shes his favorite character i believe and i think it would cheer him up a little. thank you so so much!!!

tell homeboy i got him 

Me, reading today’s upd8:


In conclusion: Ew.


If its up for open interpretation and fans are supposed to come up with what they think happens then fine.

Vriska will most likely defeat Lord English or send him into that black hole callieope made.
And once lord english is gone Gamzee won’t be under his influence anymore.
Vriska will release Gamzee from the fridge since he’s no longer a threat.
She somehow revives everyone else and brings them to the new world where everyone is waiting for them.
And Karkat and Gamzee become morails.