vriska au

Imaginary Friend AU

An AU in which through some sort of temporal shenanigans, Vriska Serket, Kanaya Maryam, Karkat Vantas, and Terezi Pyrope become sort of “imaginary friends” to John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Jade Harley, and Dave Strider respectively. They aren’t imaginary though, they’re real, but the only people that can see or hear them are the kids, they’re basically like ghosts following around their patron. Everyone reacts to it pretty casually at though, it’s normal for kids to have imaginary friends after all. When the kids all get to preschool and are in the same class, the 4 trolls get to reunite, and the kids are each able to see the other 3′s trolls, still, everyone brushes this off as kids just playing a game. All the kids are just around 4 or 5, while the trolls are all teenagers who just look after the kids kind of like babysitters. So yeah, no real romance between the kids and trolls, besides the kids having puppy crushes, unless you wanna think about it when the kids are older, like high school age, then you can have all the davekat and rosemary shit you kids want, but the trolls don’t age as they are now. 

They kids all love their respective “Imaginary friends” though

John says his can be bossy but she’s nice on the inside and helps him a lot.
Vriska thinks human kids are annoying but she does care about him.

Jade thinks hers is grumpy but very funny, and she loves to talk with him.
Karkat gets aggravated by her little kid antics but he still thinks shes adorable. 

Dave thinks his is funny and they draw some really awesome things together.
Terezi agrees that the drawings are great and Dave is by far the coolest toddler

Rose thinks hers is very pretty and she says she wants to grow up to marry her. Kanaya thinks this is very adorable and tells her that in once universe, she did.  

God help me I’m thinking about fucking self-indulgent/sadstuck soulmate aus for canon Homestuck like

  • Names show up on your arm in the appropriate color when you turn 6 or 13. If you’re a troll, you get five names. You don’t get to know which are which. It fucking sucks.
  • Terezi had secretly hoped Vriska would be her flushed match, but Vriska had hoped for Tavros because the Summoner and Mindfang were matched, and by the time Terezi and Vriska realized they were some kind of match, they had already gone through Make Her Pay. 
  • When Vriska figures out Terezi is one of her matches, she redoubles her friendly flattering messages trying to get her back, because she’s not sure what quadrant she and Terezi are destined in, but obviously she’s going to collect all her soulmates and figure something out, because that’s her destiny.
  • Terezi licks her arm on her 6th wriggling day, smells blueberry, and then just fucking buries herself in the scalemate pile and screams in frustration for like a whole day. It’s a whole three nights before she even reads the other names.
  • Karkat has spent his entire life hoping that his matches are his age or younger, so he can find out about and subsequently silence those fuckers before they get his name on their arms in heretical red and decide to turn him in. He’s dismayed when he knows a few of the names. He’s even more dismayed when one of the names is also in red.
  • Kanaya is hella freaked out because she has a four letter name on her arm, in an off-spectrum unnatural lavender color, and does that mean she’s an alien fucker? (yes)
A Homestuck AU idea

No Sgrub Alternia has been done before
But just imagine

Feferi slowly becoming more violent and bitter over time as her responsibilities, stress, and biology get to her. You can’t hold authority on a harsh empire without cracking a few skulls. She is too nice for the empire

Eridan never left Alternia, swearing allegiance as an Orphaner to feed Feferi’s lusus. Eventually Feferi calls for the best shot in the empire, forcing him off of Altneria for the first time

Gamzee seeing the violent side to his cult and learns to despise it. He gives sopor slime to persuade his brothers and sisters when not enraged. He kicks his addiction and uses sopor as a temporary tool to have others see the light.
He becomes the 3rd Messiah that starts a war amongst purplebloods.

Equius learning to hone his strength under imperial training. He doesn’t get a bow, he gets a ballista that he carries around on his back

Vriska creating her own space pirate armada, becoming an annoying thorn for Feferi. A whole star system falls to her planetary pirates thanks to a weakening empire due to multiple revolutions going on

Terezi becomes a star legisclacerator, starring in countless live trials on tv. She is tasked with finding and bringing a certain piece of yellow-blooded property to justice

Kanaya becomes a patron mother taking care of the mother grub. She secretly takes a mother grub to create a colony of free trolls and mutants. She nurtures and protects their ever growing numbers, using her rainbow drinker biology to her advantage during the day

Nepeta becomes a famed hunter, a capable killer of any beast. She become an imperial scout to analyze alien life before the empire invades

Sollux’s psionics are used to power a large war machine laser. He has escaped through unknown means

Tavros is used to ranch and feed war beasts. He learns that the animals are being used in an animal fighting ring and stages a work animal revolution, making a whole planet dominated by powerful alien monsters

Aradia becomes known as the 2nd greate demon (following her ancestor’s path) and haunts people from across a solar system. Her spirit based abilities make her an ideal messenger for a new revolution. She lives deep within a mysterious alien catacomb making a nutrient and resource rich planet untouchable

Karkat becomes the 2nd signless, leading a new revolution against those in charge

Eridan is tasked with eliminating Vriska
Equius and Nepeta are sent to deal with Tavros
Terezi is sent to capture Sollux somewhere within Aradia’s haunted star system
Gamzee is waging a holy war against his former religion
Meanwhile Karkat is tasked with bringing everyone together as the new Signless

Karkat unifies everyone on a grand quest to settle everything
Eventually him and Fef meet, she horribly wounds Aradia (just like how the Condesce killed the Handmaid) and KK jogs her memory of when they were all once good friends, upset at who she became and what they all have done in the sweeps after they left Alternia
She realizes how bitter she has grown and breaks down, crying
Eridan and Sollux comfort her
Feferi kisses Aradia, extending her life as Kanaya treats her wound.

Everyone gathers around in a big circle and make the zodiac.

The End.

I just really want this, ok?


some asylumstuck for the girls. posted on my instagram yeet.

Aradia/Arie , Terzezi/Teresa , Feferi/Felicia , Nepeta/Natalie , Kanaya/Karen , Vriska/Vicky

All believe they have abilities that are not actually there. Teresa believing she’s supposed to be a troll, and all the humans around her are fake friends


So. I’ve been super invested in this AU where the beta kids swap roles with their patron trolls, and the alpha kids swap roles with the dancestors/ancestors. I know its probably been done before but its definitely one of my fav HS AUs and I really like it a lot, so I’m gonna post the designs for the other characters later :D