I can’t be the only one who’s mind eventually went [there].

Ok so. This upd8 was so good. I’ve been waiting for someone to upstage vriska, and tavros is the PERFECT person to do it. She’s abused him the whole comic. Him more than ANYONE. And even though she prototyped him as a sprite to be “nice” it was obviously a condescending gesture. She wanted to be able to say that she was a better person. She wanted to be “The person who saved tavros because he was too pathetic to do it himself”. And now he just. Completely upstages her. He provides the answer that they NEED. The army that vriska was SUPPOSED to provide, but couldn’t. Because her mind powers were too WEAK. And the best part is, vriska never even tried asking the ghosts. She knew she was gonna have to brainwash them because, bottom line, VRISKA IS A SHITTY LEADER. This is her number one fault. She’s a great warrior and tactician, but she sucks dick at leading. And she wants to be a leader SO BAD. Back when she was talking to karkat, she was obviously peeved that he wasn’t pissed about her being the new leader. She wanted him to acknowledge, in some angry way, that she was a better leader. And now this. Tavros brings this ENORMOUS army. TAVROS. the person she always picked on for being inconsequential and weak. And he didn’t have to use powers, either. He obviously gathered them the old fashioned way. By BEING A GOOD LEADER. This is so sweet you guys. She is gonna be so PISSED. God I’m so happy