1st- Beforus (your designs for Beforus Vriska and Feferi!)

2nd- Alternate Peixes/Serket ships! (Condfang/Aranah)

3rd- Poly ships Add more to their happy gay relatioship!)

4th- Free space (draw whatever your vrisfef-y heart desires)

5th- (Vriska) (Feferi and (Vriska) hanging out in the dream bubbles!)

6th- Post game (Either an au where Feferi survived or hey! Maybe wherever Vriska is she’s hanging out with her ghost gf! Or anything else you want to do!)

7th- Headcanons/AU (Self explanatory, either headcanons you have of the two or an alternate universe!)

I’ll be making an official calendar later!

nopromises577  asked:

You still doing the ship thing? Um could I request a Fef an Vris?

here we go ; v ; (for the first time i drew nails and i think its good (?)