Right before leaving alternia and the protection of her lusus, Vriska is met with an accident that takes out her entire left side. In no position to survive an assassination attempt from the empress, (which is sure to come as she is a threat to the throne by her very blood,) she is reported dead by her friends, and goes into hiding on a discrete planet until she can recuperate and gain some strength. Feferi volunteers to live on the planet with her, because all of vriska’s closest friends are too high up on the hemospectrum to mysteriously go missing.

Vriska doesn’t want anyone to come with her at all, but feferi insists hands down. She sets up a home in a small farming village an hour and a half away from a beach of cliffs, that has networks of sea caves in which she and vriska can meet.

After a sweep or so of vriska being lonely and angry and nasty, feferi wins her over and hops straight into her pale quadrant to get comfortable. Things are a lot better for everyone from there on out.

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