I just showed this to someone who doesn’t watch Star Trek, let alone DS9 and expected them to find as hilarious as I do.

Legit-favorite video on the internet behind Captain Picard yelling “No”.

RP starter @ senatorvreenak-- A Most Unfortunate Circumstance

**It's unknown if there were any onlookers to witness the strange happening in the heart of a dense alien jungle, but if there were it’s impossible to tell what they would have thought of the sight of a Romulan shuttle spiraling out of control and crash-landing in a shallow gully.  The tropical forest on this unnamed class M planet was reminiscent of the jungles of Earth’s South America.** 

*Tal'kaela slowly pulled out of unconsciousness.  It took her a moment to remember where she was or what had happened.  Oh yes…a shuttle accident.  The crash landing was rough; she must’ve hit her head.  What caused the crash?  Pilot’s error?  No…she was piloting the shuttle, transporting Senator Vreenak…  wait, Senator Vreenak!*  Senator?  Senator Vreenak!? *Tal'kaela stiffly stands up and stumbles to the back of the shuttle, where she last remembered Vreenak being.*


lialdalime just sent me this video and now I’m dying.


((*snicker*  Okay, so the Star Trek fandom has been putting flower crowns on everyone lately, but I haven’t seen anyone do Vreenak or Tomalak yet.  So I took the liberty and gave them flower crowns myself.  You’re welcome. >=] )) 

I had nothing to do with this!!  Although it is mildly amusing…

//Ok.. *begin crappy description since Mun is a fail*

So, I only intended to draw Vreenak for practice… Then I decided ‘why not add Verelan in, just for shits and giggles’. It wasn’t supposed to be more than a sketch.

It wasn’t supposed to look like Vreenak was leaning on Verelan’s shoulder, but that’s what started happening so I went with it. 

Overall I’m actually pretty proud of this one. Enjoy the feels! ~~

Here’s a link to the piece on dA if you want. 

Still trying to get better; tried shading of a sort for once. This took two days with a No.2 pencil (drawing pencils… I want them. *sob*)

*retreats into the shadows* e-e



It’s totally worth it to watch this whole video. 

*Edit: I just need a techno remix of this in my life.