charlottabavholm  asked:

I'm just curious, what was it like cosplaying a character you dislike? :0 (Sanji). I imagine I'd feel very.. conflicted xD if I did the same with a char I hate, for example Sephiroth (yea, he's hot too, but very shitty, evil and killed my fave character).

Bcuz even tho i dont like Sanji i admit he had rlly vreat moments and qualities, and those are what i like. That aside, my friend wanted a sanji for her nami and im good at crossplay plus have literally everything needed without needing to buy anything so i was like eh why not. I cosplay p much anything my friends want me for even if i dont know the series, bcuz i lIKE TO HAVE FUN IN COSPLAY AND DONT THINK ITS A SERIOUS THING THAT HAS RULES AND TERMS IF CONDITIONS