Well. It seems that today marks the 3rd year of me signing up for this blackhole of a Tumblr. Huh. WaIT HOW DID THREE YEARS GO BY SO QUICKLY? I still remember eating that delicious sandwich and being a fatass not knowing what the internet is. That was a good sandwich– Wow, I mean. Where was I? Yeah. ㄱㅅ everyone ♥ all of you mean so much to me. A lot of my favorite blogs are either gone or went somewhere else.. But when I see my dash and the SHINee tags full of wonderful SHINee people it still shows me how grateful we are to have each other.

I love all of you for:
     -giving me naked pictures of Jjong what 
     -making me laugh with all of your screams in your tags 
     -for being with lonely weird me 

mKay just drag the pictures or screencap and have a beautiful day. Drink your banana milk, you raptaers ♥