5 Things About Me

I was tagged by trellodelagetto :D

1. I’m a rapper and I go by Tes.

2. My URL is “Hello, Tes.” Not “Hell-Otes” and it has nothing to do with elotes. So now everyone knows. 

3. I’ve been in a relationship with dirtygirlfelt for almost 3 years now. We’re a couple weeks away. 💕

4. I have a degree in Audio Engineering and I engineer all of my own music; record, mix, edit, etc. 

5. I work at a family owned pizza place (not my family) and the pizza is awesome. But I don’t care what anyone says, you can get tired of pizza. Haha.

I tag: vrawdopest, psilolysergicamine, eyerockphere, andycud, greasemynuts, real-hiphophead, hip-hop-lifestylejayywhizzleweirdcyde, typicalcatssdirtygirlfelt. Have fun :D