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1. I was born with amblyopia, which basically means that my left eye’s vision is extremely…foggy? xD

2. I used to self-harm frequently, pretty much because I used to be a depressive and anxious kid, but I feel like I’m getting better and better every year ^-^

3. I never left the country

4. I never read, and I will NEVER read, *moment of intense silence* Harry Potter. That’s because one of my BFFs is so obsessed with HP that she once told me all I read is trash literature and I should start reading some good stuff like Harry Potter. HELL NAW.

5. I secretly want to be a history teacher & an author. I think being a teacher, even though it’s not well-paid where I live, is one of the most inspiring jobs you can have.

6. I don’t kill bugs or spiders and I feel terrible when someone else does. That’s gonna be a big problem when I’ll have my own place I guess

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1.) I’m completely deaf in my right ear, and I have been since third grade (four years now?)

2.) I may seem nice and cute and cuddly on here, but if you get on my nerves irl I’ll beat your ass. @marthanite-goddess can prove this XD But I still love everyone, that doesn’t change X3

3.) I’m the best discus and shotput thrower on my school’s track and field team (PR is 64 feet in discus, 28 feet in shotput)

4.) I have depression :3 (Great fact, Olivia)

5.) I have a half-sister named Eden, a step-brother named Brody, and a step-sister (not for long) named Raylynn

6.) I’m the type of person who texts/calls/responds back right away. I have notifications on for a lot of people, so when I like someone’s post literally right after they post it that’s why XD

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Six tag fact

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1- I have a twin brother, and we are totally different from each other. 

2- My worst fear is to be useless, annoying to the rest.

3-My favorite country is Germany, I would like to  live one day there *-*

4- Speaking english it’s a little hard for me (i’m spanish) but i won’t give up xD Even when i can’t express myself all i want

5- I have a bb, named Coco… he’s my dear dog :)

6- I did skydrive once!!! It was cool, very cool

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Six Tag Fact

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Lol, okay let’s see…

► I am actually from India but was born & raised in Germany

► I like to tell strangers I can speak up to 6 different languages just to mess around (which is actually half true) I speak German, Hindi, English, Punjabi fluently & had/have French/Spanisch classes in School 

► people often tell me I’m shy or seem to be shy around specific persons but what they don’t know is that I’m sometimes simply not in the mood for talkie talkie. I mean I love to have a mentality stimulating conversation from time to time but when people try to convince me just their opinion is right and everyone else are wrong… no comment 

► I adore cats ♥ ♥ ♥

► I have 2 siblings and countless cousins (big big family)

► I like creepiness.

If anyone wants to know more feel free to message or chat with me here! :) 


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LYSANDER IMAGINE - Her Victorian, jealous

My mother gave to me her old typewriter and I’ve been quite obsessed with it…

I made this short drabble out of boredom and out of requests ; it’s for one of my followers, who won an special place in my heart because of her support. So this is for @vrael-mcl , thanks for being so supportive and an amazing being in general, love you babe.

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (positivity is cool ♡)!!

Awww, thankies vrael~!!

Five things I like about myself:

  1. My eyes
  2. My vivid imagination
  3. My singing voice (sometimes)
  4. How open-minded I can be
  5. And generally, I’m pretty proud of the person I am today ^^ (in personality)

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Can i ask what happened in the forms? To make someone cry

Basically, my friend was sharing her opinion on the skins (she said she was disappointed that so many people were complaining even though that’s how they got the skin in the first place) 

Some words were exchanged, my friend realized that some things she said may have offended some people, so she apologized (and was forgiven) but another person (there were actually two but the other one didn’t offend her) came in and started insulting her (we’ll call her Stevie), even after she asked her to stop. She apologized multiple times, but Stevie said that no one says “sorry” that many times without being insincere about it, but since there were people that kept pressuring her, she panicked.

Thus, she cried for three hours straight. (now she’s sick)

It sucks because the person who did it, I thought was pretty cool until now. 

I have a mind
changing like the weather
I have thoughts
raging like a storm
I have memories
cold as ice
And blood running
through my veins,
burning like fire
—  things people don’t want
to know about me
The White Rider

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Author: NoxGodofNight
Inheritance Cycle
English, Rated: T
Chapters: 1, Words: 2,854, Reviews: 1, Rated: T, In-Progress

What if Eragon wasn’t the only Rider that could fight? What if thus rider was an elf? And Vrael’s daughter? Well here it is. I don’t own the Inheritance cycle.

read it on FFN at http://ift.tt/1ogIkRb