Zombies, Run! chronological mission order

Have you ever wondered where the side missions fit into the season two story line? Or where all the supply missions, race missions, airdrops, etc. fit in? @abelrunners and I did, so we looked into it and finally composed this list. Last updated after the Spring VR 2017. We haven’t included the Audible production, “The Way Of All Flesh” (but it would fit in between Spring VR 2016 and S1M1).

Hope this’ll be helpful! :)

RMs (Radio Mode) should be listened to during the appropriate seasons after normal missions. Keep in mind that certain missions unlock RM clips.

Pre-Season One:
• Spring VR (Virtual Race) 2017: Training Mission #1
• Spring VR 2017: Training Mission #2
• Spring VR 2017: 5K or 10K
• Spring VR 2016: Training Mission #1
• Spring VR 2016: Training Mission #2
• Spring VR 2016: 5K or 10K
• S1M1 (Season 1, Mission 1): Jolly Alpha Five Niner
• ZR5K (Zombies, Run! 5K app): W1W1 (Week 1, Workout 1)
• ZR5K: W1W2
• ZR5K: W1W3
• ZR5K: W2W1
• ZR5K: W2W2
• ZR5K: W2W3
• ZR5K: W3W1
• ZR5K: W3W2
• ZR5K: W3W3
• ZR5K: W4W1
• ZR5K: W4W2
• ZR5K: W4W3
• ZR5K: W5W1
• ZR5K: W5W2
• ZR5K: W5W3
• ZR5K: W6W1
• ZR5K: W6W2
• ZR5K: W6W3
• ZR5K: W7W1
• ZR5K: W7W2
• ZR5K: W7W3
• ZR5K: W8W1
• ZR5K: W8W2
• ZR5K: W8W3

Season One:
• S1M2: Distraction
• SUPPLY: Decoy Duty
• S1M3: Lay of the Land
• SUPPLY: Ammo Run
• S1M4: A Lost Child
• SUPPLY: Fuel Run
• S1M5: Paul Revere
• S1M6: Supply Run
• S1M7: A Voice in the Dark
• S1M8: The Old Milll
• SUPPLY: Medicine Run
• SUPPLY: Food Supply Run
• S1M9: Recovery
• SUPPLY: Tech Supply Run
• S1M10: Tess
• S1M11: Back to School
• S1M12: Alternates
• S1M13: A Regular Meds Run
• S1M14: Patient 29
• RACE: ABEL 5K: Ultra-Violet
• RACE: ABEL 10K: Visiting Van Ark
• RACE: ABEL 20K: Jeffro Complex
• RACE: CANTON 5K: Big Cheese
• RACE: CANTON 10K: Etymology
• RACE: CANTON 20K: Plasmapheresis
• S1M15: Virtuous Circle
• SUPPLY: Entertainment Run
• AUTUMN VR 2016: Training mission #1
• AUTUMN VR 2016: Training Mission #2
• AUTUMN VR 2016: 5K or 10K
• S1M16: Scouting Mission
• S1M17: Information Exchange
• AUTUMN VR 2015: 5K or 10K
• S1M18: Eavesdropping
• S1M19: An Unimportant Mission
• S1M20: Listen In
• S1M21: Siege
• S1M22: Horde
• S1M23: Aftermath
• S1RM.

    Interval Training should be played during S1 after M3 and before M20.

Season Two:
• S2M1: Back Once Again
• S2M2: From the Ashes
• Airdrop #1
• S2M3: Walking On Broken Glass
• S2M4: We Used To Be Friends
• Airdrop #2
• S2M5: Ghosts
• S2M6: Let The Dogs Come out
• S2M7: Mummy’s Hand
• S2M8: Chicken Payback
• Airdrop #3
• S2M9: All Together Now
• S2S1 (Season 2, Side mission 1): Canada
• S2M10: Holding Out For A Hero
• S2S2: Headcount
• S2M11: The Kids Are Alright
• S2M12: Relight My Fire
• Airdrop #4
• S2S3: Whack-A-Mole
• S2S4: Times New Roaming
• Airdrop #5
• S2M13: SOS
• S2M14: You’re Rocking The Boat
• S2M15: Hounds of Love
• S2S5: Top 40
• S2S6: Trefoil
• Airdrop #6
• S2M16: Electric Dreams
• S2M17: The Object Is A Hungry Wolf
• S2M18: Dark and Long
• S2M19: Dare
• S2M20: Toxic
• S2S7: War Is The Answer
• S2M21: Always Take The Weather
• S2S8: Interview With a Girl Guide
• S2M22: No Future
• S2M23: Galvanize
• S2M24: London Calling
• S2S9: Zombies, Row!
• S2M25: Con Te Partiro
• S2M26: S-Express
• S2M27: Banditos
• S2S10: Zombies, Climb!
• S2S11: Zombies, Stretch!
• S2S12: Search And Rescue
• S2S13: Actual Cannibal Rescue Mission
• S2M28: Ghost Town
• S2M29: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
• S2M30: Panic
• S2S14: Circuit Training
• S2S15: Quartermaster
• S2S16: Zombies, Bike!
• S2M31: Hello
• S2M32: Tightrope
• S2M33: Athena
• S2M34: Ready To Go
• S2H1 (Halloween): Living Dead Girl
• S2H2: Horse Play
• S2H3: Wai Chu Xiao Xin
• S2M35: Dog Days Are Over
• S2M36: One Way Or Another
• S2M37: Sweet Escape
• S2M38: Jailbreak
• S2M39: Psycho Killer
• S2M40: Little Lies
• S2M41: You Know My Name
• S2M42: Road To Nowhere
• S2M43: The Final Countdown
• S2M44: Something Good, 08
• S2M45: Going Underground
• S2RM

Season Three:
• S3M1: Break Your Heart
• S3M2: The Safety Dance
• S3M3: Rescue Me
• S3M4: Left To My Own Devices
• S3M5: Walk of Life
• S3M6: Career Day
• S3M7: Life’s A Happy Song
• S3M8: Believe
• S3M9: I Don’t Want To Get Over You
• S3M10: The Man Who Sold the World
• S3M11: Stray Cat Strut
• S3M12: Ready To Start
• S3M13: Autopilot
• S3M14: Keeper Of Secrets
• S3M15: Veronica
• S3M16: Battle Born
• S3M17: Carry Me Home
• S3M18: I’ve Got A Theory
• S3M19: Descent
• S3M20: Only Love Can Break Your Heart
• S3M21: Sin In My Heart
• S3M22: Your Cheatin’ Heart
• S3M23: I’m With Stupid
• S3M24: Return To The Forbidden Planet
• S3M25: The Road Goes Ever On And On
• S3M26: Brand New Start
• S3M27: Blue
• S3M28: A Little Night Music
• S3M29: Where’s Your Head At
• S3M30: Submission
• S3M31: Scream And Shout
• S3M32: Dynamite
• S3M33: Upside Down
• S3M34: I Crush Everything
• S3M35: Leave My Brain Alone
• S3M36: Old World
• S3M37: Back In Your Head
• S3M38: We’re Needed
• S3M39: It’s Raining Again
• S3M40: Addicted To Love
• S3M41: Interiors
• S3M42: Insane In The Brain
• S3M43: Love Is A Stranger
• S3M44: Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
• S3M45: Aquarius
• S3M46: Shoot The Runner
• S3M47: Comfortably Numb
• S3M48: Reunion Tour
• S3M49: Sowing Season
• S3M50: Listen All You People
• S3M51: Bad Moon Rising
• S3M52: Shiver Me Timbers
• S3M53: There Is Power In A Union
• S3M54: The Milkman Og Human Kindness
• S3M55: Into The Light
• S3M56: Natural Anthem
• S3M57: Rollercoasters
• S3M58: Up
• S3M59: Mambo Number Five
• S3M60: Sacrifice
• S3RM

Season Four:
• S4M1: Pound The Alarm
• S4M2: We Built This City
• S4M3: Post War Blues
• S4M4: Super Bass
• S4M5: Better The Devil You Know
• S4M6: Brain Damage
• S4S1: Life Day
• S4M7: Does Your Mother Know
• S4M8: With A Little Help From My Friends
• S4M9: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
• S4M10: Futures
• S4M11: Lullaby
• S4M12: Strange Disease
• S4M13: History Repeating
• S4M14: Church of The Poison Mind
• S4M15: Sweet Things
• S4S2: Hierarchy Of Needs
• S4M16: Old And Wise
• S4M17: The Living Daylights
• S4M18: Down Down
• S4M19: There’s No I In Team
• S4M20: Nitroglycerin
• S4M21: In Da Club
• S4M22: Runaway Baby
• S4M23: Goodbye To You
• S4M24: Livin’ On A Prayer
• S4M25: Another Brick In The Wall
• S4M26: Grown Ups
• S4M27: Hit Me Baby One More Time
• S4M28: Honey Honey
• S4M29: Monster
• S4M30: We Are Golden
• S4M31: Got My Mind Set On You
• S4M32: Tower Of Song
• S4M33: One Of Us
• S4M34: Who Are You
• S4M35: You Win Again
• S4M36: Back In Black
• S4M37: Cherish
• S4M38: The Game Has Changed
• S4M39: Bed Of Lies
• S4M40: Choice
• S4RM

Season Five:
• S5M1: You Spin Me Round
• S5M2: Run To You
• S5M3: Thorn In My Side
• S5M4: Hanging On The Telephone
• S5M5: Voodoo Child
• S5M6: Changes
• S5M7: Sail Away
• S5M8: Liar Liar
• S5M9: Brothers in Arms
• S5M10: Wrong Song
• S5M11: All About That Bass
• S5M12: Everything Is Beautiful
• S5M13: Drive My Car
• S5M14: Step Into My Office, Baby
• S5M15: Poker Face
• S5M16: You’re Still The One
• S5M17: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
• S5M18: Here Comes The Rain Again
• S5M19: Sweet Dreams
• S5M20: Stay Alive
• S5M21: Staying Alive
• S5M22: Hit Me With Your Best Shot
• S5M23: Hungry Like the Wolf
• S5M24: Come Undone
• S5M25: Village Green Preservation Society
• S5M26:We Have All The Time In The World
• S5M27: For Your Eyes Only
• S5M28: Live And Let Die
• S5M29: Renegade Master
• S5M30: Lazarus
• S5M31: Want You Gone
• S5M32: Inspector Norse
• S5M33: Ice Ice Baby
• S5M34: Cold as Ice
• S5M35: Break The Ice
• S5M36: Let It Go
• S5M37: Nothing But Love
• S5M38: Get The Party Started
• S5M39: Follow Me, Follow You
• S5M40: The Room Where It Happens

Ready Player One

I know I’m late on this book, but it’s dope. If you’re into video games and reading, this is a must read. I personally found a lot of similarities to the way the Borderlands games are set up (as far as loot and and Vault Hunters and the Vault) but yeah. Trailer is out for the movie so get to reading👌

LIFE UPDATE: Many-Firsts March

I (used to) believed that if you love blogging then you’d have time for it - no excuses, that’s why I never understood why people apologize for not updating their blog for a long period of time. Now I do and I’m sorry if I ever misjudged any of you. This has been the longest period of my inactivity yet. I now know what it feels like to be busy that there’s no time for anything else. It sucks but this is where I need to really have to manage and make time.

So here’s what you’ve missed during those period of moments that I was away from tumblr, I had a lot of firsts! 

(1) I visited Interior Design & Manila, alone.

One perk of my office location is that I’m close to these kinds of conventions, exhbits and seminar (see#9). I used to go to these when I was in college. Though I don’t need this as much right now because I work in retail but I still need to fuel this side of my career. Best booth in my opinion is Boysen’s. They always are clever and creative in presenting themselves and make fun and interactive booths. They even gave us a free VR! 

(2) I’ve tried the Angkas app, thrice!

Basically it’s like GRAB but you’re riding on the back of a motorcycle. This is something that some people wouldn’t agree on doing but I on the other hand didn’t hesistate and tried it. It’s the best at night when the wind is cold. And it’s convenient when you’re on the rush. I rode it once when the LRT broke down and I still got to work on time!

(3) I got my passport renewed, faster than I expected!

Perks of having a dad who works at DFA, joke! I had to process it like everyone else but I had the privilege of being in courtesy lane. I’m so impressed with the new design! They made it so aesthetic and very modern, if I must say, it’s very millenial. Kudos to the team who worked on it!

(4) First dinner out with officemates/friends at Dohtonbori.

It’s crazy how in a short span of time they made me felt like I belong even though I’m a newbie. It’s crazy how welcoming they are, I will be forever grateful for this new people in my life. That’s to say that least because it’s surprising to find people you can easily connect with and have the same interests and I have that with them too. I am looking forward to more crazy adventures with them! <3 

(5) !!!! First overnight out of town trip at Fortune Island, Batangas with just the two of us, using our own money.

The highlight of my March! I have yet to post about this but let me tell you how invigorating this feels. We’ve been dying to go somewhere for so long. Imagine 8 years together and we actually haven’t been anywhere with just the two of us. When we were there, we felt really weird (in a good way) because we weren’t used to it. We did have an amazing time together, checking out the wonders of the island (beside the unfortunate garbage in the surroundings). This is our first and most definitely won’t be the last.

(6) First site visit!

Good thing about my work is that not all of the time I am at the office. I get to check sites of where new Watsons store will open soon. First one is at Matalino St. Phil Heart Center and then after that my officemate and I (the one in the photo) ate at Iscreamist Maginhawa.

(7) My officemates like to take photos as much I do haha! This was taken at the parking lot during our breaks.

At the office, I am sort of a half and half. Because most times I spent my day with these wonderful girls who are as crazy as me. But often times I spend time and get along great with the boys. In my line of work I work closely with engineers and architect so that’s unavoidable to work with the opposite gender. But I’m really happy that they made me feel part of their group even if I’m this small little girl who looks like I’m incapable of anything (and I have to prove to them that I’m not!). They trust me and even wants me to do more. It feels like I’ve known them for years.

(8) My mom’s back in the PH for her annual once a year visit!

If you’re still here reading this, well I’m more than happy to announce that our family has grown from 5 to 6! This year our focus in not on going somewhere like our usual but to spend time with each other as we welcome a new member of our family. “Family is Forever.”

(9) I got to watch COLDPLAY!!!! for free!!!!

I am not the biggest fan of coldplay, I do know a lot of their (old) songs and it would be an honor to hear them live. The moment they announced the venue was in the parking lot - I jumped for joy. Please do not misunderstand that I’m taking advantage but I can’t shell out a lot of money for 1 day. I commend people who do, especially if it’s to hear and see their favorite band live. During my job interview two months ago, my eyes twinkled to see that we have a front view of the concert grounds from the 9th floor and from that day I made it a point to watch it regardless of the time or the people I’m with. And boy was it one of the magical nights. I stayed from beginning to end and my smile was from ear to ear as I hear them sing live the songs I was only used to hearing on my earphones. I will never forget this night!

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you had a wonderful month this April and wishing you a fun-filled summer vacation!