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Interning at NASA is awesome!! …so I had to make some gifs

So the top gif is me sitting in front of NASA’s thermal testing chamber. At this time the chamber was heating up so I had a 45 min break before taking data again. We were testing HD video cameras that will be on the outside of the space station in a few months. They will mostly help with navigation and systems checking.

The second and last images are in front of one of NASA’s 360 degree virtual reality chambers. I’ll post more about these in the future, they are super cool and deserve a post all to their own. The third image is me programming in a good old Linux terminal.

…And the fourth image is me basking in the glory of an Saturn V rocket. This is the rocket that took us to the moon! If any of you ever get the opportunity to see one I highly recommend it.

So if you guys want to keep up with my NASA intern adventures I post about it about twice a week, check out astronomicalwonders.tumblr.com, and you can follow my adventures on twitter @astro_wonders if you so choose. also check out ourtech she’s the one in the last pic!



Tech Art project by FIELD have transformed the virtual reality headset into a wearable sculptural object:

Our next solo exhibition Violescence explores visions of a near future, centred around the new work Quasar: three wearable sculptures, each giving access to an interactive, audiovisual virtual reality experience.

Quasar describes the spirit of pioneering as three human archetypes – each with their own means of perception, rationale and communication. We observe their acts of exploring and creating, their willpower, creative strength and physical exhaustion. Idolised innovators of our time, advancing so far they might lose touch with their surroundings. 

Sadly, the exhibition it was part of was short and already passed by (fingers crossed they will make a return in the future at some point).

You can find out more here

Vibes were on point today in london… Nice one @ynnsphilippakis @jackbevan @taralourico @jimmyfoals & Edwin and Wally 🇬🇧☀️☀️🌴🌴 irie #VR (at Rowley Way)


CLOUDS: The first VR interactive documentary to release online, powered by VHX

CLOUDS is about creativity and code — an interactive conversation with 40 different artists, hackers, and thinkers who are revolutionizing art and design on the internet. With over 10 hours of interviews, CLOUDS blurs the line between film and video game, allowing the viewer to choose how the documentary unfolds. Funded on Kickstarter, and featured at Sundance and Tribeca in 2014, this project is itching to be seen by the world. 

The challenge? CLOUDS is built with software, making traditional film or web distribution impossible. “We’ve traveled the world showing CLOUDS at film festivals and art exhibitions, but our dream from the beginning has been to allow people to explore it at home,” said CLOUDS co-director James George. So what do hackers do? We worked with James and the CLOUDS team to hack the VHX platform itself: using the VHX API, CLOUDS can stream volumetric 3D scanned videos from the web, while still delivering great interactive graphics. 

Now anyone can stream or download the entire CLOUDS experience directly from their website, powered by VHX.  

This is a huge first for digital releases! We’re excited to partner with CLOUDS, because we really believe in the power of technology to transform storytelling. (Our founders Jamie and Casey started VHX after working on Star Wars Uncut together, so our interactive roots run deep.) This is a project that is pushing the boundaries of filmmaking, and we are so happy to help them distribute it in a way that works and can reach people worldwide. 

Buy or rent CLOUDS to watch on your PC, Mac, or (yes!) your Oculus Rift headset.