I got tagged by @bumblebeedoll Thanks again, doll~

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Relationship Status: I’m a happy single~

Lipstick or Chapstick: Neither. I’m too lazy to put on makeup  (⌒▽⌒)

Last Song I Listened to: Sins Of The Father, tbh I think it’s my favorite MGS song~

Last Movie I Watched: Rogue One, still want to watch AC tho >.<

Top Three Characters: The hardest question here, I like waaaay too many, but here we go~
1.Mercy/Angela Ziegler
2.Venom Snake/Big Boss, since theoretically they’re the same person
3.Jacob Frye

Top Three Ships:
3.Yennefer/Geralt I guess? I was always in Team Yen~

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Now that Rarepair Week is done, I wanted to share the projects I’ve been working on that I’ll hopefully have uploaded soon over on AO3 ^^ 

They include a Bosselot piece, a VQuiet fluffy comfort piece, making my VQuiet coffee shop AU in a multi-chapter story, and a Liquid/Wolf & BB/Wolf multi-chapter canon divergent story c:

I’d also like to write for BBKaz or OcelHira or even VKaz but I have no current ideas for them but if I do eventually, those will be up too :3