Cars debate 350z vs. 745li

Luxury or sports car is what some high school students around my age, or the popular the Honda civic that has the v-tec haha. IMO in high school people should aim to be different from everyone else and not follow what everyone else is doing. So now I’m stuck between another 350z or buy a Bimmer 745li. One is a sports car that I’ve driven multiple times and I’ve fallen in love with the feel of it.The connection to the road with the turns are eh…crisp and no engine sounds better than a VQ35 for a V6. On the other hand the BMW 745LI is complete luxury bmw’s flagship model. Silent comfy ride is to die for. When it comes to price range the older gen 350z and 745 are in the same price range. Insurance for the Z for someone still in high school will drain you of all your money just because it’s a sports car. Now if you jump into to the last model of the 350z with the VQ35HR instead of a VQ35DE. The VQ35HR has a bump in hp. going from a 298? to 306hp. The newer 745’s have also had a refresh. If you had to pick one which one would you choose? the comfy 745? or the sporty 350z.

Or if you have other choices reply. I am hunting for a new car. since I’m turning my 240z into my track car.

-Finally on a computer aha, still not mine though. So no pictures for today or a long time.