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Jax imagine based on the song “Next Contestant” by Nickleback 

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“Don’t you want to go home and cuddle? Watch a movie?” Your boyfriend said, rubbing his temples as he watched you get ready.  You snorted out a laugh as you put on your earrings laying in the small make up table the strip club gave you in the equally small room to get ready, for your number was the most popular one the club offered. You were a stripper, since you were 20, you worked the pole like no one else did. You thought about stepping out, at the peak of your career,  when you met a young, ambitious, VP, Jax Teller; But that wasn’t going to happen. On a busy night, you made more than 2000 dollars. It was worth it. 

“Really, babe? It’s been a year. You should be used to it by now.” You said as you fixed the outfit you were going to wear. Your number was the wet dream of every 007 fan, a gold bikini and a blonde wig. Jax sighed as he saw you walk over to him, all covered in glitter, ready to perform. You sat down on his lap and rubbed even more glitter on your arms and exposed body parts.

Jax came every once in a while, to check on you, watch you perform, and take you home at sunrise. He hated your job and you hate his job and none of you was willing to give in, so you found a way to make it work. You bought him a piece of him, by having him around. Charming was nothing without the Sons. You were born and raised in Stockton, so you knew Jax’s business with the club and after being his loyal girlfriend for a year, you knew a bit more; but it was simple, if Charming sneezed, Stockton got the flu. 

“I know. But each night it seems like it’s getting worst. I don’t know what i prefer, being here and scare the shit out of the assholes coming at you, or stay at the clubhouse, ignore this whole shit.” You smiled as you caressed his beard, still sitting on his lap, until a knock on the door made you get up, putting on your robe.

“Hey, Cali. You’re on in five. Number with Hanna and London.” It was just Annie, your assistant. You smiled at the young girl and locked the door again, getting rid of the robe and fixing your wig on the mirror, watching how Jax looked at your ass, both shamelessly and worried. There wasn’t nothing wrong with your job, but you decided to hide your real name. You understood society, sort of, and you also decided to call yourself “Cali”, a short for California. It added some sort of pride to your work, being a Cali girl and all. You helped Jax get up, grabbing his hand and smiling at him. 

“I can get the bike to the back and we’ll be out of here in two seconds” The VP said, making you smile as you got on your tip toes. What meant to be a goodbye kiss, Jax turned it into the beginning of a full make out session. You burst out in laughs in the middle of his strategy and caressed his cheek, as he sighed, resignation on his voice. 

“I’ll see you on the stage, alright?” You winked as you left the room, only hearing Jax curse. 

It was like a magic act for you. Perform in front of strangers; You took pride in what your boss said to you when you came in asking for a job; that you were classy, a lady, that you reminded him of the good old stripper, with the giant glass of champagne, or the navy uniform, the bubbles and long gloves number. It made you feel better, to know that you weren’t selling yourself that low. No little girl wants to be a stripper. Life put you in this situation, so you just tagged along and accepted it. At least it was paying college. 

The music began, low and slow, as you and the other two girls you performed with swayed to the rhythm; After all these years, hearing the wolf whistles and cat calls still made you blush, so you tried to focus on the important thing. Jax Teller in front of you. You danced for him, you always did. It made you feel better, it made him feel better to know that you weren’t looking at any other man while you took off your clothes. You could see how he stood; white knuckles from holding on too damn tight to the chair you bought for him any time he came along, right in front of your mark on the stage. The loud thud of his lion heart beating against his chest, the way he caressed his beard and the two packs of cigarettes he smoked in order to calm the fierceness he felt. His blushed cheeks. 

No Son was allowed to that strip club the night you performed; You thanked him for this. If there was something worst that taking off your clothes in front of strangers, was taking off your clothes in front of family. You removed your bra and threw it at him, as he catched it, earning several stares from the other costumers and regulars. Your girlfriends followed, as you took off the bottom of the bikini, and the whole club burst out in cheers. You picked up the money being thrown and your workmates did the same, as you smiled at the thousands and hundreds in your hands. The lights went off and you and your friends left the stage. Jax got up pretty quickly of the char and followed you backstage.

You were greeted by Annie, handing you your short silk mexican pink robe with your name on the back. You hugged your friends and gave the money to one of the main girls, that counted it, and split it in three, saving it for the end of the night. You didn’t had any other number until 4 am, so you decided to chill at the bar with Jax. You were changing clothes and hair when your boyfriend walked into your small room, closing the door behind him. You smiled, still naked and in front of him.

“Hi, babe. Enjoyed it?”

“Best night ever.” His sarcasm was half truth and half lie. He loved watching you take the clothes off, what he didn’t loved was the fat business man drooling over your body. He sat down on his usual chair and looked at you as you putted on your next outfit: All leather tonight. You had a tight black leather bralet and gloves that combined. You looked around for your spank panties when you saw Jax swaying them in his index finger. You smiled and walked over to him, grabbing them and sliding them on, before hoping on him, legs wrapped around his waist, him falling back into the couch, with you on top. 

He kissed your mouth, exploring it and trying to erase the taste of the lipstick you wore. Too much for his liking. He grabbed your legs, massaging them and having his way, owning you. You sat on his lap, and worked to unbuckle his best, admiring his famous smirk when they knocked on the door again, making you groan and get up, as Jax did the same. 

“Yeah?” It was sweet innocent Annie again.

“Boss wants you out in the bar. I’m sorry.” She peeked her head in and gave Jax an apologetic look. “I’m sorry, Jax.”

“It’s alright” He said, flashing her a two second smile. You sighed and turned back wrapping your arms around Jax’s neck, as Annie left. You grabbed Jax’s package without any shame. 

“Hold that thought? I’m off at 5. We can finish it at my place.” He nodded and smiled at you, pecking your lips and going out to hang out at the bar. 

You were having strong scotch and tequila with your boyfriend, having the time of your life, when you felt a sweaty, warm hand slap your ass. You gasped and almost spilled your drink all over yourself but you didn’t cared, for you needed to do more important things: Stopping Jax for example. 

“Hey, asshole!” Jax, said, walking past you and over the fat old man with office suit. He turned around and Jax could see he was pissed drunk, red eyes and sweaty face. “That’s my fucking girlfriend you spanked there.”

“Hey, man…” he said, stumping and walking over to you. None of his equally coworkers stepped in, watching Jax’s patches. “If she works here, she’s up for it.” You closed your eyes in shame and sighed, holding Jax by his kutte. He groaned before grabbing the mans collar and holding him up, ready to throw some punches.

“It’s a fucking strip club, not a whore house, you useless piece of shit.” Jax barked. 

“Jax…” You whispered, for you saw people started to gather around. You know they would call security. “Babe, c’mon…” 

Then he said it. The four letter word you’ve been hearing since you got into the business, the one that you hated and feared you the must.

“Not my fault your girl is such a slut.” Jax lost it. No one stepped in as your boyfriend knocked the costumer in one clean shot, but continued smashing his face in once he was on the floor. You were screaming his name, until your boss came, breaking apart the “fight” and asking Anthony, the chain man, to escort the two man outside. You locked eyes with him as he stepped out of the club and into the back. 

“Come back tomorrow. But he can’t come back in two months, alright?” You nodded at your boss when he gave you the green light to leave work early. You slipped into your baggy jeans and your black converse, along with a simple white shirt, grabbed your luggage and walked to the back on the club, where you saw Jax, leaning against a wall, smoking a cigarette, bloody knuckles.

You sighed as you walked next to him. “Hi…” you greeted. He looked back at you and frowned, you weren’t supposed to be out, you had 4 hours left. He spit at the ground and walked over to you. 

“What happened?”

“You ass got me out of work.” You smiled at him, placing your bags on the bike next to you. “Babe, you can’t do that. This is where i work; and he was drunk and an asshole. Tony would have kicked him out.” He shook his head and then nodded.

“I’m sorry. You know how i get. All the guys in there, i just want to watch them leave the place limping and bloody.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled. “You’re all mine.”

“And i’ll always be all yours, Jackson.” He smiled and pressed a hot open mouth kiss to your lips. You moaned against his mouth, breaking away the kiss. “You’re not allowed into the club for two months.” His smile faded a little, as you smiled back at him. “Sorry, but you going all gangster inside scared the girl outs.” 

He nodded. “I understand. He’s lucky to be breathing.”

“Oh, i think he knows that.” He grabbed your helmet and handed it to you and he put his own on. “How about cuddles and a movie now, huh?” You hoped on the bike as Jax drove you over to your house, while the sun was still no place near. 

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I'm lowkey annoyed because my crush still hasn't watched Wynonna Earp, even though I'm watching Buffy and GoT for her. But otherwise she's great. She's a nerd, intimidatingly hot, reads comics, VP of her school's queer group, and we first connected by talking for hours about Clexa and Carmilla and a4o. The only downside is she goes to a different college, but it's close. I just don't know if she likes me as much as I like her.

intimidatingly hot nerd nice. i cant tell you how much she likes you, but she seems like a cool person to know, even if she’s not watching wynonna earp like all us cool kids

huge thank you to @natbuck for tagging me! xx

name: gaby

gender: female

relationship status: single

zodiac sign: aries

siblings: younger brother

favorite color: i have like five: gold / purple / blue / white / black

pets: nope

wake up and sleep times: i usually sleep after midnight (2-3am) on the weekends or nights i don’t have tests the following day, but on the nights that i do, it’s usually still somewhere around 1am. on school days i wake up at 6am, but i wake up at 9am normally.

lemonade or iced tea: i’d honestly rather drink water lol im so boring

cats or dogs:

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day or night: night, definitely.

text or calls: text; i don’t like talking to people over the phone

makeup or natural: natural, but i like putting makeup on other people

met a celebrity: yep! i’m actually related to a filipino celebrity and my aunt is the vp of the “manila bulletin”

smile or eyes: eyes omg

light or dark hair: dark hair omg

intelligence or attraction: idk i’d say intelligence ???

chapstick or lipstick: lol i use eos

city or country: im so sorry but im a city girl

last song i listened to: “freedom” by beyonce

first language: tagalog

i tag @ororamonroe | @hhawkeyebishop | @civilwars | @queensofthemyscira | @blackcarany | @jeangreu | @steveogers | @steverogers | @sergeantbucky | @lolmarvel