vp victoria


Today me and my friends got suspended for fighting for what we believe in. We all got a 3 day suspension and we have been told we might not be able to walk the stage. Please share the injustice the still thrives here in San Antonio, Texas. Far left to right: Jocelyn Thomas is the designer and the leader of our movement and the clothes we are wearing are her designs. Victoria Hall is an inspiring artist looking forward to studying in Austin this Fall. Me, Daija Wilkes is attending school to be a filmmaker, and lastly Teylor Nelson is a high school freshman. In addition to the above punishments, Victoria, the VP of our class won’t be able to make her speech at graduation and I won’t be able to put on my musical that I have been working on for a year.

Please sign our petition !!! https://www.change.org/p/judson-indedpendent-school-district-principal-donald-stewart-jr-wagner-high-school-administration-wagner-high-drop-the-suspension-and-any-other-disciplinary-actions-against-the-wagner-four?recruiter=299487725&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive

Biffy T. Goldstein… What a naughty boy.

A few nights ago, Techie and I talked about an AU where Biffy has a puppy crush on VP Victoria that turns into VP taking advantage of the poor kid and it’s just generally pretty tragic.

So I doodled VP seducing Biffy like the femme fatale she is… I was gonna colour this but my scanner wasn’t working so you get a crappy webcam photo instead.