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I sometimes hang out in threads on /vp/ dedicated to fakemon designs, and one person was trying to work out a concept revolving around scales. Intrigued, I threw two sketches together but ended up liking the one of them better, hence why I fleshed it out further into what you can see above. Another kind anon suggested to give it rock knuckles to make its fists less bare, so thanks for that!

The monkey species used as a base is a mandrill, and probably parts gorilla by accident, while its huge fists are the weights on the scale that are too weak to move around by themselves and instead relies more on the upper body to shift their weight around and give its fists momentum. I can jump moderately high, but since it’d be awful at climbing, it’d prefer to just smash obstacles standing in its way. Also tried to give this fella a base stage, but I had difficulties finding a precursor for the scales concept, so I left it as is.

Name comes from Combat + Balance.

Notable moves: Dynamic Punch (a given), Superpower, Hammer Arm, Reversal, Bulp Up, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Heavy Slam, Knock Off, Gunk Shot, Pain Split, Swords Dance

TEG - Christmas Challenge 2016 - Entry One!

Title: Twelve Days of Christmas

Rating: T

Characters & Pairings: Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Prim Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, Finnick Odair, Everlark, Gale/Prim

Triggers: Talk of people who have died in the past.

Summary: Peeta, who runs food service for the Hawthorne Gaming and Sporting Goods corporate offices, has had a huge crush on Katniss, VP of design, for about as long as he’s run the cafeteria. On Christmas, he decides to admit his adoration with twelve days of goodies.

A/N: The Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas Day (Dec 25) and move on to the eve of Epiphany (Jan 5). I decided to do take the song and have Peeta show Katniss some attention every day in the best way Peeta can: with food. Thanks a million to fyeaheverlark for organizing this challenge. I hope everyone reading has/had an amazing holiday and a happy New Year! And best of luck to all other participants!


On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree.

Katniss stepped into the cafeteria in her ugly Christmas sweater and looked around nervously. She always found Gale and Prim in the crowd first and spent most of the evening with them until it was acceptable for her to leave. She walked toward the table and sat down the pot of beef stew she’d put together for the potluck.

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Fall may be in the air, but on October 29th at the Gramercy Hotel, spring was definitely on our minds. Bonobos hosted a small preview of what’s ahead for spring 2016, showcasing a few of the collection’s highlights. As for inspiration, here’s what our own VP of Design, Dwight Fenton, had to say about it:

The inspiration for our Spring ‘16 collection stemmed from an early 2015 trip to Tangier and Marrakesh. While in Tangier we visited Villa Mabrouka, Yves Saint Laurent’s home, it was easy to see why he felt so drawn to it and was so influenced by the culture. Inspiration oozes from every corner of the city. While the collection is not a literal translation of Moroccan style, its effects can be seen in subtle cues around the edges of the assortment; in the tile and geo prints, in the bold colors and in the use of textured fabrications like linens and slub cottons.

Yes, spring is still a long ways away, but stay tuned. Good things are on their way.

“I bought these shoes six years ago. i was interviewing with deborah lloyd for my dream job as the vp of design. i’m a great believer in buying something that speaks to you—especially shoes!—and I fell in love with the feminine mix of stripes and a pop of color. they’ll always bring back memories of a wonderful time in my life. —debs camplin, SVP of design #wornstories

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Bonobos Fall 2015

The other night, I was able to check out the Bonobos Fall 2015 collection. One word: dapper.

I’ve been a fan of Bonobos for a while and this just made me even more of a fan. VP of Design, Dwight Fenton, found inspiration in Mattson 2, an alternative jazz band. Bonobos flew them in for the event to play throughout the night.


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