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can i ask if you know something about AA S4? like i've seen people saying that stevetony will be over because they won't appear there is that true?

Sure thing. Marvel announced at SDCC that AA season 4 will be called Avengers: Secret Wars and will have an “all-new Avengers” team lead by Black Panther, and featuring Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, The Wasp and Vision, who get called together “when the original Avengers go missing”. So it sounds like Steve & Tony will probably disappear for a bit at the start of the season.

But don’t despair! Because I’m pretty sure that it will only be temporary. The VP of Marvel Animation said that “Black Panther ends up leading the Avengers at one point which suggests that he won’t be leading the team for the whole season (presumably because they get the original team back). Also, there’s was an image from next season’s Guardians of the Galaxy crossover episode released which has Tony right up front and Steve there too, so they must still be around in the animated universe next year.

I expect that Steve and Tony (and the rest of the team) will disappear for a few episodes and then come back. So no need stress about it :)