Day 279 - Hitodeman | ヒトデマン | Staryu (Shiny)

Hitodeman originated in space, brought to earth before modern humans evolved. The gem core emits radio waves that it uses to communicate with deep space. To whom it is speaking remains a mystery, if anyone at all.

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Day 280 - Kameil | カメール | Wartortle

Even though Kameil has a bushy tail, when it gets ready for evolution it becomes shorter and rougher. They redistribute within the shell and form together as cannon-like structures. 

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oh my god he looks so good

Day 290 - Subame | スバメ | Taillow

Subame has the tendency to soar above the clouds, racing other like-minded Pokémon. It has a brave personality, despite whining when it’s hungry. 

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Day 298 - Gachigoras | ガチゴラス | Tyrantrum (Shiny)

Gachigoras is the king of the prehistoric world. Modern day Gachigoras reside in rough, mountainous areas. In the winter, they hibernate to escape the chilly weather.

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Day 265 - Bassrao | バスラオ | Basculin (Blue Stripe)

Bassrao’s appearance depends on what sea you find it in. They are mostly the same but the blue striped ones have harder fins and a stronger jaw. They are very territorial but will open up to prolonged friendliness.

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