The exposure thing I’m talking about is basically the scene that’s super common where a trans woman takes off her clothes and reveals her body and it’s supposed to be this huge THAT’S A PENIS surprise and like, I feel like even that movie is sort of showing a little bit of that

The guy already knows she’s trans (I remember from the trailer they like grew up together or something) so it’s not that sort of reveal but it sort of approximates it?

Because she’s showing her body as a sort of “are you really sure you actually like me”, it’s still the trans reveal thing and I dunno there’s a really bad history to this sort of shit so I really don’t like seeing anything that even approximates it.

Not to mention the sort of voyeristic aspects of it, how objectifying it is for a trans woman character to put her body on display for approval essentially, esp of a man. 

It makes me troubled. Disquieted. Iffy.

I see so many ~progressive~ q%ueer comics trying to tell the rights and wrongs in relationships and politics end up having shitty/abusive creators (and not in a internet drama way)

It’s sadly the main reason why I’m so turned off by any content creator on here praising their own asses about how their comics and characters are “good representation”. I associate doing that with sleezy people, who view representation as a point system to promote themselves and treat real life folk in a weird voyeristic way, all justified cause they arnt a dreaded ~c%ishet n%eurotypical white guy~.