voyages de l'ame


A distant prayer, carried by the evening wind,
Enlivens leaves in their languid dance.
Hear the song of the old trees, singing for you,
For the dark, resting woods.
So many seasons have passed; they did not wait,
The golden leaves dying on the ground.
Will be reborn under bright skies,
As this weatherworn world remains the same,
And tomorrow, you and I will be gone.

a playlist for: something that feels kinda close to post-apocalyptic but isnt quite there yet. kinda adventurous, kinda scary, kinda sad

listen here!

1. m1 a1 -gorillaz 2. 2-1 -imogen heap 3. the captain -the knife 4. oya -ibeyi 5. germs -yeasayer 6. heaven knows -the pretty reckless 7. nameless world -skip the use 8. every planet we reach is dead -gorillaz 9. suburban war -arcade fire 10. all we have is now -the flaming lips 11. the execution of all things -rilo kiley 12. les voyages de l'ame -alcest