voyager power!

this might honestly be the best pic of all time

like honestly what is even going on

this is the most perfect summary of the relationship i’m sorry

Haruka: trying 2 be srs while getting in some physical contact Michiru: 2 fabulous 4 u

i like how usagi’s in the back just wtfing and Mamoru LOOKS SO JUdGEMENTAL LIKE “ARe U SRS RIGHT NOW” (but is clearly jealous he didn’t get to do it first

ELI5: How does the Voyager still have power after all the years it's been in space?

Take two pieces of metal and put them very close to one another. Then heat one of the pieces of metal. The resulting temperature difference between the two pieces of metal generates a very small electric current.

Voyager 1, 2, Cassini, Galileo, Curiosity, and New Horizons use a small pellet of Plutonium to create this heat difference. The radioactive decay is what generates the heat. It doesn’t provide very much electricity but is extremely long lasting.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

I’m very intrigued about the differences between TOS Bones & Spock and AOS Bones & Spock.

Like, in TOS so much of their relationship is about Bones wanting Spock to show his emotional self. He’s constantly berating the dude for having inappropriate reactions to things. Bones can’t let a day go by without implying that Spock has feelings he’s desperate not to show. It takes them years to get past this to a point where Bones realizes that Spock does have emotions, he just expresses them differently. That’s what makes Spock’s death and rebirth, and their hesitance in interacting with one another in Voyage Home so powerful. Spock has forgotten what it means to let his human half peek out.

But in AOS, Spock showed those feelings the first day they met. He got his planet obliterated and reacted in a fully emotional way. 

Which means every time they argue and Spock shuts Bones down with logic, Bones knows that it’s a cover. He isn’t guessing it’s a cover, or hoping it’s a cover, like it does in TOS. He knows. He knows that Spock is a seething ocean of violent emotion. He knows that Spock cares deeply, fully, and completely.

That makes the dialogue they have had over the years potentially very interesting. In TOS, they had to sort through their own shit to get to the point of being colleagues and then friends. In AOS, a lot of that shit got thrown out the window right away. 

Makes me wonder how much more open they can be with one another, since that thin veneer of logic has already been dealt with.

That light.
It’s more powerful than she can make alone.
He acts like… well, like a filament.
She pours her energy into him, and he heats it.
Then he sends it back to her just like a light bulb.
They create a kind of vacuum between them; that is the connection I am referring to.
It’s very special and rarely seen.
When they’re touching, nothing else exists outside the two of them.
All they are aware of is each other.
—  Colleen Houck, Tiger’s Voyage