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Voyager: The Emotional Journey Vol. 1

This post is about a key plot point (which also happens to be a huge part of why this is my favorite book in the series) so it’s very spoiler-y for anyone who hasn’t read the book so far so under the cut it goes. It was also getting a bit long, so I’ve broken my subject down further and will be posting it in chunks. 

Don’t worry. It’s nowhere near as dark or difficult a subject as my Claire’s Ordeal in A Breath of Snow and Ashes post.

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2x13 Dragonfly In Amber ~ Culloden Moor

Culloden Moor (Inverness, Scotland)

“Following the battle,” he read, “eighteen wounded Jacobite officers took refuge in the farmhouse near the moor. Here they lay in pain, their wounds untended, for two days. At the end of that time, they were taken out and shot. One man, a Fraser of the Master of Lovat’s regiment, escaped the slaughter.” ~ Voyager

Old Leanach Farmhouse (Culloden Moor, Scotland)

Kanej first kiss headcanon

One anon requested “Kaz and Inej kiss” and one anon requested “Kanej first kiss/sharing a bed” so i thought I’d combine them in one post since they are pretty much the same thing! I hope thats okay!

And there will probably be crooked kingdom spoilers in here, just a warning for anyone who hasn’t finished it yet!

- it takes a long time for them to kiss
- but thats expected
- when inej leaves on her first voyage to sea, kaz comes to say goodbye
- of course
- but they dont kiss
- they hold hands though
- ever since kaz took his gloves off and held hands with inej the first time, they hold hands a lot
- at this point, when theyre not ready to take it any further, thats enough

- when inej comes back to ketterdam after her first voyage, kaz watches her come off the boat
- he watches her as she throws her arms around jesper and wylan, as jesper kisses her cheek
- he feels a pang of jealously that she can touch them so freely
- but he knows that its pointless, that they’ll get there
- eventually
- she walks over to him after the others have finished greeting her
- “Kaz”
- “Wraith”
- “No, not anymore, just Inej”
- “Okay. Inej.”
- she smiles at him
- he tries not to smile back
- gently Inej takes his hand
- “ive missed you” she says
- “good”
- he wants to kiss her
- but he doesnt
- not yet

- the next time Inej comes back to ketterdam, jesper and wylan are away in novyi zem, visiting jespers dad
- so inej cant stay at their house like she normally does
- kaz says she can stay in the slat
- of course
- inej doesn’t want to
- not because she doesn’t want to be with kaz
- because she does
- but that place holds bad memories
- shes inej ghafa now, shes free
- but back in the barrel, shes still the wraith
- so kaz books her a hotel in the city, the best room he can get without it seeming suspicious
- and because she arrives late at night into the city, he insists on walking her there
- “kaz, i can defend myself, you dont need to act as my bodyguard”
- “i know” is all he says
- he carries on walking with her anyway though
- when they get to her hotel room, its late and its started raining, making kaz’s leg a lot worse
- but he doesn’t complain about it or anything
- inej notices though anyway
- of course 
- she asks for him to stay
- “it will only make your leg worse if you walk back” she says
- “where will I sleep?” he says simply
- “with me” she says, also simply
- she acts like it isn’t a big deal
- but they both know that its a huge deal
- Inej goes into the bathroom to change
- Kaz takes his shoes and coat of and hesitantly lies on top of the covers
- “you can lie under the covers you know” says Inej when she comes back in
- Kaz knows this
- but he stays on top of the covers anyway
- he knows that if he lies under the covers with Inej, the scent, the feel of her body next to his might be too much, and he wont be able to control himself
- and he knows that theyre not ready for anything more than holding hands yet
- “Goodnight Kaz”
- “Goodnight Inej” he whispers once he hears her breathing slow down next to him
- the rest of the nights during her stay, she sleeps alone, it would be impractical for Kaz to stay so far away from the Slat after all
- she’d be lying if she said she didn’t miss him being there though
- later that week, when she goes to the harbour to leave, kaz comes with her
- and just before she gets onto her boat, she turns round and hugs him
- for a moment kaz freezes
- then he slowly wraps his arms around her too
- after she pulls away and her boat is pulling out of the harbour, kaz realizes he is smiling

- its 8 months before they see each other again
- and when Inej does come back, she brings kaz with her
- jesper and wylan too
- ninas already on the ship, shes been sailing with inej for a couple of months now
- together they sail around, as a crew again
- and they are all happy
- one night kaz is stood by the railing, looking out across the waves
- everyone went to bed hours ago, but he cant sleep
- hes got too much on his mind
- and by too much, he mostly means inej
- suddenly he notices a presence beside him, he hadn’t noticed her walk over
- of course
- “hello wraith"
- “i told you not to call me that”
- “i know”
- theyre silent for a while, just looking out at the water
- inej turns to look at him
- “kaz?”
- “yes?” he says, still looking out to sea
- gently she places two fingers on his cheek and turns his face towards her
- “i miss you, when im out at sea” she says
- kaz is silent for a few minutes, not knowing how to reply
- “i miss you too” he says finally
- Inej looks at him intently
- then she leans forward and chastely presses her lips to his
- part of his brain panics at the contact
- but he ignores that
- and leans towards her and kisses her back, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close
- they stay together for the rest of the night, side by side, holding hands and occasionally kissing
- and kaz finally has everything he wants

- (bonus: jesper finds them kissing later and shouts “finally” so loudly that the entire ship wakes up. kaz doesn’t talk to him for a week.)

So this ended up being way longer than I planned and about way more than just them kissing (i also think it all seemed kinda cheesy and cliche… idk…) but never mind! I hope you liked it!

And as always, feel free to add to this if you want to!


“I haven’t been alive much longer than you have, but in that time I’ve traveled through the multiverse, met and interacted with countless beings, many of them beyond your comprehension, and in all that time, I only made one friend.” “Who?” Icheb asked, curious. “You, you idiot.” Q smirked. - Star Trek: Voyager: The Eternal Tide

anonymous asked:

Something's always irked me about Jamie's Geneva/Laoghaire/John reveal in Voyager. Jamie's presumably coming clean to Claire about it all, and there's no denying it's a beautiful passage, but...Why not come clean about Mary too? Why not just let it all out in 1 go? Was it maybe bc that incident happened on a more, 'emotional' level than the rest & he didn't want Claire to know? He only tell's her abt Mary yrs later & bc he feels has to.

While Jamie did have a more emotional connection to Mary MacNab at the time of his night with her than he did with Geneva and that night, there is no lingering connection beyond that night; with Geneva, he’s not connected to her emotionally but William––the result of that night––is definitely someone Jamie has a very personal emotional connection to and that isn’t a connection that’s going to go away with time or distance. There is also the possibility––however distant in Jamie’s mind––that Claire will be confronted with the fact of William from another source (which is precisely what happens when they run into Lord John and Lord John decides to tell her before Jamie has a chance to in his own time). I would argue that fewer people ever knew about Jamie/Mary (I think it was just Jamie and Mary), than would know/have figured out about Geneva because of William’s existence.

We also have to remember how much time has passed since Claire’s return and the state of their relationship/trust as they weave their lives back together. A large part of why Jamie waits so long to tell Claire about William is because of the reaction she had over Laoghaire and his fear that the next confession he makes could be the thing that pushes her too far and sends her away again. He’s been so used to keeping himself and his secrets hidden from anyone, it takes time and effort for him to become comfortable letting her in again. It’s something that must be done in steps. 

Now as for leaving that particular confession until A Breath of Snow and Ashes, I think that part of it is simply that Jamie doesn’t think about that night with Mary consciously or often. It’s a single night from a long period of his life he doesn’t necessarily want to remember or linger over. And since there is no other element at play in his present that’s tied to that night (like William), he can put it out of his mind easier. Even once’s he’s confident Claire would understand why he did it, telling her would only leave them both hurt; she might feel a little betrayed but probably she would feel worse about what Jamie was going through at that time, his loneliness and the fact that she wasn’t there for him when he needed her (not her fault, but they both still feel guilt and regret occasionally over that time they were separated). But I’m not confident he went out of his way to keep it from her; I really just think that it’s one of those things that simply isn’t as important as other things in their more immediate circumstances and so it falls by the wayside until something else makes it relevant. 

When he does finally tell her, the reason he feels he has to tell her is to underscore that trust and faith they have in each other, to show her that he can and will tell her everything whether it’s something that makes him proud or ashamed or nostalgic or guilty or anything. The circumstances are what bring the night with Mary to his conscious mind and when he remembers/thinks of it, it becomes natural for him to tell Claire. 

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Of the three women Jamie sleeps with we have to choose only one explicit scene, who do you chose?

Is “no one” an option? No? No? Ok. Since I’m a big spoilers fan I’ve already read parts of these three…. experiences and I choose Laoghaire. The devil you know, right? I’ve also read that we don’t actually read them doing anything so the show has the chance to be completely vague about it and/or make it a nice parallel to Frank and Claire.

First, let’s take a look at Shuu and her hotness

Next, Sayaka looking at Shuu

Then, Shuu looking at Sayaka

Outer family’s reaction to Shuu when she said she played Princess Serenity in her younger days

Back to Shuu and Sayaka looking at each other

Shuu looks at Sayaka while Sayaka is thinking

Finally she decides to pull Sayaka to her side


“An’ it suits ye, sir, I thought we’d take a wee sail down the loch-side to Urquhart Castle.”….“Yonder, that’s Urquhart Castle.” He pointed to a smooth-faced wall of stone, barely visible through the trees. “Or what’s left of it. ’Twas cursed by the witches of the Glen, and saw one unhappiness after another.” ~ Outlander

We camped the next night on the banks above Loch Ness. It gave me an odd feeling to see the place again; so little had changed. ~ Outlander

Roger rowed steadily on, toward the point of the loch where the grim bulk of the ruins of Castle Urquhart stood amid its pines. ~ Voyager

Loch Ness & Urquhart Castle (Drumnadrochit, Scotland)

so basically what happened w/ taehyung was
- he forgot his bag
- someone from the crew picked it up, without him knowing
- he was lowkey stressin and he told the group about it
- but they couldnt go back for it bc they had to get on the train!!
- one of the crew guys told namjoon that he had the bag, but they organised a joke or whatever and namjoon pretended to call the embassy
- namjoon’s fake phone call was flawless lmaO
- taehyung was looking deep.. and solemn… and sad…. AKSKDJXJ
- they were all kind of teasing him and got pretend-annoyed that they’d have to go make him a new passport and stuff (it went fAr)
- and eventually he got really mad and he was like FINE i’ll just leAVE
- and he walked off
- but turns out he previously had walked off to go to the bathroom probs and ran into the crew member and he was like,, bro,, halfway through i could see what they were doing
- “i dont have big eyes for no reason i can see everything they’re doing”
- so yeah from then he had known that his bag already was found
- so he got mad on purpose HAHA
- they all had a nice laugh afterwards