voya nui

I have to imagine that dismantling the Mata Nui robot was hard for the Matoran. It was their whole world for almost their entire lives, and many Matoran would take tokens from their old homes and regions to remember their old lives by.

Except for the Voya Nui Matoran who would probably dynamite their old island and throw a huge party afterward.

Voya Nui Imperialism

I never looked at it this way before, but might the Ignition plotline be a commentary on imperialism? The Piraka show up and are hailed as heroes by the native population. They force the villagers to build huge monuments to their own egos, and then enslave them all. When a group of similar individuals (the Toa Nuva) arrives with something of a savior complex, the villagers are distrustful; they have grown to fear all non-Matoran beings. And here’s the best bit…as it turns out, the Toa don’t actually care about the Matoran, they have a higher motive (the Kanohi Ignika). They’re using the villagers just as much as the Piraka did, under the guise of righteousness.

…isn’t that interesting?

Turaga Hordika

It’s canon that had the Toa Hordika not been cured, they could have still fulfilled their destiny and awakened the Matoran on Mata Nui. This would have turned them into Turaga Hordika, and that would have made for a very interesting alternate universe storyline.

The Matoran would have awoken and been quite confused to find the strange Turaga Hordika there to guide them. The Turaga, for their part, would hide the masks of power and do their best to help the Matoran settle and prepare for future attack by Makuta. As they did so, they would probably fall further and further into their bestial habits, eventually retreating into isolated spots in their Koro to prevent themselves from harming anyone.

The Matoran would learn to self-govern, much as the Voya and Mahri Nui Matoran did. In times of desperation, brave Matoran would be sent into the deep wilderness to call on their bestial elders for advice. Those Matoran who proved their courage, and provided a gift to sate their Turaga’s Hordika nature (food or shiny baubles) would be awarded a brief conference. Those Matoran who wavered in the slightest would be run off, seen as weak and perhaps as prey to the Turaga Hordika’s instincts.

At some point Takua would find the Toa stones and summon the Mata to the island. While the story would continue to parallel with the original canon, it would be awkward whenever the Toa had to seek advice or ask where to find their masks of power.

Jala: Here Toa Tahu, take this spare mask and head to the other side of the volcano. Toss the Turaga the mask, ask him your question, and get out. And whatever you do, don’t look him in the eye, he hates that.

Tahu: What happens if you look him in the eye?

Jala: The last time Keahi looked him in the eye, he went missing for three days. We found him on the slopes, half-buried in a ditch and covered in ash. He still won’t say what happened, he just shakes a lot when you ask him.

Nuju still uses birdspeak to communicate but only allows Matoro to get close to him. Matoro still spends most of his time happily translating for Nuju and living with him in the slopes of Ihu.

It’s honestly astounding how many times the Matoran have been faced to abandon their homes, their villages, everything their lives were. Abandoning Voya Nui, Karda Nui, Mahri Nui, Mata Nui, the whole damn universe. And yet they kept on going, rebuilding and starting new lives every time. That’s impressive as hell. Indomitable, that’s what the Matoran are. Honestly, that’s kinda inspiring.

BIONICLE Art Squad Challenge Week 26: Turaga Jovan by crunchbitenuva

“A very punk-rock looking Turaga, Turaga Jovan took an much more active role in leadership when it came to guiding the Matoran in the hostile island of Voya Nui. His magnetic abilities, however diminished, helped facilitate this role whether by assisting in tasks to amplifying his voice via magnets to communicate to Matoran afar to manipulating metal miniatures to tell the legend of the Great Spirit and the tales of the Toa.”

2006 BIONICLE AU where Umbra is the only one without roller skates. The Piraka are an actual skater gang and, instead of antidermis, they use Zamor paint spheres to graffiti tag the Voya Nui Matoran into submission. The Toa Inika arrive to an island covered in the Piraka’s tasteless, egotistic graffiti and don inline skates of their own to challenge the Piraka to an all-out, island-wide turf war for the Mask of Life.

Suva Roomies

In G1 canon, Toa Suva seem to be rather precious artifacts, and once destroyed are difficult if not impossible to replace. We know that the Suva on Voya Nui was destroyed, and possibly the Metru Nui Suva as well during the death of Teridax.

Tahu lost his Suva and all his Nuva masks when the Rahkshi attacked Ta-Koro, and was likewise never rebuilt. It’s unclear if this is because his Matoran lacked the resources or know-how to do so, or if there was no cause to do so because he had no more Nuva masks.

Perhaps the most convincing evidence that Suva can’t be replaced is that the remaining Suva were hauled from the remains of the GSR to Spherus Magna, no small feat when you consider how bulky and heavy, and (somewhat) delicate, those things must have been. It would have been far easier to just build new ones on-site.

With perhaps 50 Toa left alive, and no shortage of enemies, the advantage a Suva shrine could impart would be critical. And after Teridax’s reign and death, there simply would not be enough to go around. Suva shrines only seem to be able to transport masks for a single Toa, though it can store tools and supplies for many others.

After the migration to their new home, the Turaga and Nuparu would probably spend months reprogramming the remaining Suva to respond to multiple Toa. As Tahu can utilize regular Great masks since he was de-evolved, he can double up with another non-Nuva Toa. The Nuva could probably share a single suva, freeing up another 4 for other teams to use.

Since mask slots are limited, arguments probably break out about what masks are stored for use, and the designs of each mask. Likewise, scuffles break out over what equipment is stored in each Suva.

Kopaka throws fits over Lewa leaving snack bags in the equipment storage and occasionally replacing the stored masks with live Fikou. 

“Toa-Swap” AU

“Toa-Swap” AU where the matoran of the year and the toa of the year switch place. Making the Toa Mata, Hewkii, Jaller, Kongu, Macku, Matoro and Onepu.

This is interesting for several reasons, for example we get to see Ahkmou, Ehrye, Nuhrii, Orkahm, Tehutti and Vhisola will now be the turaga of 2001. 

Also new Kaita’s are always interesting, and the Toa Inika as the Voya Nui resistance team.

Also brings up interesting questions, one of which is, who would be Takua/Takanuva?