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Watch: Harry Styles does Carpool Karaoke, rejects toxic masculinity - Vox

Ever since James Corden announced that Carpool Karaoke would become its own Apple Music series, he’s held off on airing his most viral segment on The Late Late Show. But he made an exception Thursday night just to help Harry Styles promote his new album, Harry Styles. (And also because Apple Music has delayed the series premiere indefinitely, but shhhh.)

The segment gave Styles the chance to introduce his new, adult persona to an audience that still thinks of him as the floppy-haired moppet from One Direction, and he grabbed at it with both hands. Adult Harry Styles is down! Adult Harry Styles will have none of your toxic masculinity. Adult Harry Styles will break out surprisingly competent Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet impressions when asked, and he will cheerfully admit that his favorite movie is The Notebookand his go-to karaoke song is “Endless Love.”

The resulting clip is a seamless fit with his woke bae persona, the one that recently had Styles passionately defend his teenage girl fan base to Rolling Stone, saying, “Teenage-girl fans — they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act ‘too cool.’ They like you, and they tell you. Which is sick.“ In the same interview, Styles told Rolling Stone that wanted to name his eponymous album Pink, because "pink is the only true rock & roll color.” He’s a heartthrob beloved of young women across the world, and dammit, he wants you to know that he loves and respects women and femininity. He’s not quite at the gender-bending pyrotechnics of his heroes Bowie and Prince, but he’s on his way.

Okay, so my favorite Vox Machina height headcanons are tall!Keyleth and smol!twins. With how long I go on, I’m probably gonna make the smol!twins another post

Just thinking about gangly awkward Keyleth, who hasn’t quite gotten used to her height. Her antlers and giant blooming flowers (because she has to braid the best seasonal flowers into her hair and they seem to take weeks to wilt) getting caught on low doorways. Parts of Kraghammer were a nightmare. She can’t quite make the dwarf size beds comfortable, so she turns into Minxy and goes to cuddle up with Grog (she realizes the Goliath never complains about beds or anything else being too small for him, but everything must feel like it’s not made for him) 

Keyleth, who’s always been tall for her age, finally growing into it. She learns to stand tall, to hold her head up high. It takes time (sometimes she still feels a bit like a stumbling baby deer who’s just learned to walk) but she gets there. Grog tries to teach her how to loom over people (she trips half the time) 

People make weird comments out in the world about her height. Vax and Scanlan like to ask how the weather is up there (she always says that it’s lovely and it’s Pike who gently explains that they’re teasing her) Nobles at grand functions (who should really mind their own business actually) gently pat her hand and say it must be so hard for her to find a dance partner (the looks on their faces are priceless when Pike or Vex or Percy stride up to pull her onto the dance floor)

Though she’s not quite as tall as Grog, she’s found she can run almost as fast as him, even while carrying a gnome. Piggyback races become a regular event (when they’re not busy fighting dragons anyway) Scanlan’s (usually) a perfect gentleman when she lets him scramble up on her back, although she runs a little better with Pike cheering her on and laughing wildly as she tries to steer Keyleth by the antler woven into her hair

Being tall does make kissing a little awkward sometimes, but usually it’s even better. The twins up on tip toe to press matching kisses to her cheeks. Percy realizing the reach is a bit too much when he wants to surprise her, so he presses a gentle kiss to the back of her hand instead. Pike likes to take running leaps into her arms (Keyleth might like that best, when she catches Pike and spins her around) And calm, no nonsense Kashaw still always has to dip her dramatically when he plants one on her (actually it’s pretty hard to pick a favorite method)

Hugs are best though. She’s the perfect height to tuck Vex in close so she can rest her chin on beautiful dark hair. Just right for yanking Vax in to hold him tight for a moment before he disappears into the shadows. But she’s not too tall to fold herself into Grog’s chest (sometimes she just needs to hear his heartbeat against her ear after a fight that went too, too long)

Tall!Keyleth is great okay