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“May we raise our weapons, our glasses, and our children, who accept this future to rebuild. Raise to Vox Machina.”

Vox Machina: Death Count

How many time will they die?

Grog: 2 (K’Varn fight, soul sucked out by Craven Edge)

Vex: 2 (Deathwalker’s Ward trap, Raishan fight)

Percy: 2 (Ripley x2, one immediately reversed by Pike’s necklace)

Pike: 1 (Glabrezu, pre-stream)

Scanlan: 1 (Raishan fight)

Tiberius: 1 (Vorugal, permanent, off-stream)

Vax: 0 (How in the hell, lucky bastard)

Keyleth: 0 (Let’s keep it that way)

» bravado, terrible plans, and the importance of found family: a mix for Vox Machina

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  1. Invincible - Ok Go
    when they finally come to destroy the earth // they’ll have to go through you first // I bet they won’t be expecting that

  2. Comeback Kid - Sleigh Bells
    I know it’s hard but // you’ve gotta deal with it // why don’t you look around // show me what you’re made of

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Okay, so my favorite Vox Machina height headcanons are tall!Keyleth and smol!twins. With how long I go on, I’m probably gonna make the smol!twins another post

Just thinking about gangly awkward Keyleth, who hasn’t quite gotten used to her height. Her antlers and giant blooming flowers (because she has to braid the best seasonal flowers into her hair and they seem to take weeks to wilt) getting caught on low doorways. Parts of Kraghammer were a nightmare. She can’t quite make the dwarf size beds comfortable, so she turns into Minxy and goes to cuddle up with Grog (she realizes the Goliath never complains about beds or anything else being too small for him, but everything must feel like it’s not made for him) 

Keyleth, who’s always been tall for her age, finally growing into it. She learns to stand tall, to hold her head up high. It takes time (sometimes she still feels a bit like a stumbling baby deer who’s just learned to walk) but she gets there. Grog tries to teach her how to loom over people (she trips half the time) 

People make weird comments out in the world about her height. Vax and Scanlan like to ask how the weather is up there (she always says that it’s lovely and it’s Pike who gently explains that they’re teasing her) Nobles at grand functions (who should really mind their own business actually) gently pat her hand and say it must be so hard for her to find a dance partner (the looks on their faces are priceless when Pike or Vex or Percy stride up to pull her onto the dance floor)

Though she’s not quite as tall as Grog, she’s found she can run almost as fast as him, even while carrying a gnome. Piggyback races become a regular event (when they’re not busy fighting dragons anyway) Scanlan’s (usually) a perfect gentleman when she lets him scramble up on her back, although she runs a little better with Pike cheering her on and laughing wildly as she tries to steer Keyleth by the antler woven into her hair

Being tall does make kissing a little awkward sometimes, but usually it’s even better. The twins up on tip toe to press matching kisses to her cheeks. Percy realizing the reach is a bit too much when he wants to surprise her, so he presses a gentle kiss to the back of her hand instead. Pike likes to take running leaps into her arms (Keyleth might like that best, when she catches Pike and spins her around) And calm, no nonsense Kashaw still always has to dip her dramatically when he plants one on her (actually it’s pretty hard to pick a favorite method)

Hugs are best though. She’s the perfect height to tuck Vex in close so she can rest her chin on beautiful dark hair. Just right for yanking Vax in to hold him tight for a moment before he disappears into the shadows. But she’s not too tall to fold herself into Grog’s chest (sometimes she just needs to hear his heartbeat against her ear after a fight that went too, too long)

Tall!Keyleth is great okay

Critical Role Rewatch, Episode 44 - Part 2!

I know, I know, this part’s late, and it’s definitely not because of what happens at the end of it ooohhhhhh god.

  • The twins walk right into the weird Mud Circle, and immediately start sinking lmao
    • Grog just stands and watches. “Grog, you dickfuck!” “We’re slowly dying over here!”
  • Every time Zahra and Vex refer to each other as “dear” or “darling”, my heart grows three sizes ❤️
  • The moment Vax almost gets cut in half by two giant blades on pendulums ohhhhh dear.
    • Percy: “We get two tries each to disarm it, it’ll be great!” perCIVAL!!
  • Zahra reveals she has a cloak that lets her fly, Vex: You can fly?!? 😍😍😍
  • Vox Machina vs. Their Worst Enemy: Doors
    • “We should just leave.”
  • Literally all Grog needed to do was roll a 2 to hop across the hole lol
    • Grog and Trinket have a Mufasa and Scar moment, as Trinket keeps Grog from falling into the hole!
  • “Kima’s been very quiet about everything!” “You have nine people travelling with you, and a bear. You mass-travelling assholes!”
  • The Battle
    • The truly epic description of Kash’s flame strike: his eyes go pitch black, and as a single feather falls amidst the three fish people, it becomes almost made of shadow, and then - fire.
    • Everyone’s faces and reactions when the Beholder appears lmao
      • “Happy anniversary, you fucks!”
    • The added stress of having to try and figure out the Beholder’s no-magic space so casters aren’t in it when they attack :/
    • RIP Kima’s BAMF-ness, Beholder Fight #2 and taken out of action once again!
    • Sam: “Remember Laura, you can move a little bit faster now because you’re 30 Gold lighter!”
    • Beholder slime starts generating its own eyes and rays oh sweet lord. And then they start grabbing at people!
      • Kash gets fucking restrained by the stalks, and then hit by a petrification ray 😧
    • Kiki goes Earth Elemental, vanishes into a gap in the stone and starts wreaking havoc from behind the walls ❤️
    • “~~If you shoot him ri-i-ight! You’ll end his li-i-ife!~~”
    • Bigby’s Hand Fastball Special!!!
    • Matt’s rolls don’t bring up the interesting Beholder rays, and the party keeps rolling high saving throws - “I’m not bitter,” he says bitterly, with a bitter expression.
    • Zahra: “Nat 20!” Kash: “That’s my Zee! That’s my Zee right there!”
    • HDYWTDT for Zahra yay!!!!
  • Kash immediately walking over to heal Kima is a nice moment :)
  • JFC, I still cannot believe how ridiculously close The Moment was?!? If Vex’s check for traps had happened a second earlier, if Percy had waited to touch the armour a second later - it was just, fuck.
    • I rewatched it and the moment Percy says “I’m going to reach in a grab the armour” I shrieked NO!
    • The second Matt realises Vex rolled a Nat 1, his face just…drops. His eyes just flick back and forth between Laura and his notes.
    • The fact that Vax doesn’t even know for a moment? That he’s still climbing up the rope, cheerful and relieved - only to see his sister’s body, lifeless, lying on the ground. Fuck
    • Kash chooses the revive Vex, even though it could attract Vesh.
    • Percy using a symbol of his home to help bring Vex back :(
    • Zahra uses a symbol of her Old One, a symbol of the power that changed her life!
    • Vax - just. His vicious, fierce impassioned cry to the Raven Queen. “Take me instead, you Raven bitch!”
  • Vax tries to convince Vex that she only fell unconscious, Grog: “You fucking died!”
    • Honestly, Vax, did you really think that was going to work?
  • Keyleth to Vex: “You know, he loves you very very much.” 😭😭😭
  • Zahra to Vex: “I’m not sure what just happened, but I need you to know you’re very dear to me, though I’ve only known you a short period of time.” And then she gives Vex a fucking dragon-slaying arrow
    • Which, after that ep of Talks Machina revealing Percy’s arrows were flirting? Just further confirms my thoughts that Zahra has feeeelingggsss for Vex!
  • Kash: “I believe in life. That’s all I was raised to believe in. And when you’re married to death, that’s all you really have, life. And I didn’t believe in any person until I met Zahra…she started to teach me what it meant to have family.” OH GOD I’M CRYINGGG
  • “Between us we’ve had three kisses, I think we’ve done pretty well!” “Yeah, high five!” Kashleth are kind of unbearably cute in this moment?
  • Kima finds out Allura’s in Whitestone, immediately decides she’s going to go there lol.
  • “Helping out in Whitestone would be better than killing things here for cash! I don’t know, to each their own, it’s just a noble cause, helping your friends, whatever.” KIMA I LOVE YOU

thatlurkerguy  asked:

SO after Vox Machina kills the White Dragon, the group goes to the Stormwind House (maybe there are some clues for Vestiges) and they find a small painting of everyone posing in Tiberius's selfie in his room... and underneath is a farewell letter for them that Tibs hastily wrote before going to fight the dragon. Not that he expected to die... but you know Tiberius... can't walk into any situation without at least 10 backups

Vex searches afterwards, once the beast lies frozen upon the cold ground, its broken body one more among the countless dead. She combs through the wreckage and ruin with a singleminded focus.

“For treasure,” she says, but they know better; her hunt for mere gold would not be so desperate. They leave her to her mourning as they bandage their wounds and count their blessings.

But she is keen-eyed, a hunter born, and what she seeks she finds. It is little time before she calls them over.

Nothing remains of House Stormwind save shattered stone, but Vex kneels among the rubble and brushes dirt from something with reverent softness, and when they gather around there is a picture there, familiar and undimmed by time, hidden from the elements with careful precision.

(eight people stand together at the top of the docks, airship behind them, smiles wide and free and happy, unaware of troubles to come)

The dragonborn grins up at them, glasses perched upon his nose. His eyes seem to sparkle, a glitter that defies the still-painting nature of the image.

“He kept it,” says Vax, smile fond and heavy with grief.

“There’s more,” says Vex, and she shows them the letters.

They are a motley collection of yellowing pages bundled together and tucked away somewhere only hunter-keen eyes might find them. They are half-finished and crossed out, letters never sent, worn and creased by fretful hands.

They say:

My dear friends, I apologize for my abrupt exit, but there is much to be done and I am needed here for a time


Scanlan, I really must thank you for this circlet, it has been quite useful


Princess, I hope you are not getting into too much trouble


Pike, a cleric arrived yesterday who was nothing at all like you but I thought of you anyways


Percy, I had the most interesting idea about alchemy and electricity


Grog you can’t read this but I left some of my instruments in the Bag of Holding and I need them


Vax and Vex: I met a most fascinating elven butthole visiting the family the other day, you would have hated him

and they are all unfinished and abandoned save one, hastily-scrawled and ink-splattered and whole.

My friends, this one says, and Vex reads it aloud in a trembling voice.

Draconia is under attack.

The drakes came from the west, and I can only hope they have spared Emon. I hope you yet live. I hope this finds you.

I cannot stand idly by. I am Tiberius Stormwind, from Draconia. This is my home. I will not let it fall.

I hope I shall be able to tell you of this in person. I hope we may yet meet again. But I am no fool. If you are reading this, you know what has befallen me.

I would not have traded our time together for the world. You are true and steadfast companions, and I cherish each of you dearly.

Until we meet again, Vox Machina.
Tiberius Stormwind

“He was thinking about us the entire time,” Keyleth says, knuckles white where they curl around a precious scrap of cloth at her side.

“Of course he was,” says Pike, a hand on her shoulder.

Percy says, “We did right, burying him with his city,” and Scanlan replies, “It’s what he would have wanted.”

“We’ll miss him,” says Grog.

“Yeah, big guy,” says Vax. “Yeah we will.”

They are quiet for a long time. Those who remain straggle through the ruins, the rubble theirs to make what they will. The floating isles have fallen; to the weary survivors go the spoils.

“Alright,” says Vex, staring across the wasteland, picture in her hand, eight faces grinning up at her, free and happy and unaware of troubles to come. “Let’s go home.”

Ask the Admins 10.0

@genosha-meiuqer: This is to Admin M – Out of curiosity, do you drive anything like a War Boy?

M: Yes. That is actually a problem I have irl. I drive far too fast. Haven’t gotten pulled over yet though! (knock on wood)

Anon asked: Describe yourself in one adjective.

Chamomile: Talkative

M: Witty

Syren: Enthusiastic

Jynn: Resilient

Vox: Amiable

Anon asked: Do you have other sister blogs or affiliate blogs about writing? Or maybe you can rec us other writing blogs? Not that auideas is not awesome, loving this blog! Just, you know, want to follow other blog. Thanks! Loving your aus btw!

Chamomile: We have @nsfw-auideas​, which has been inactive for a while since I became uncomfortable running it and the other admins sort of dropped of….but for blogs that inspire me, I always love @writing-prompt-s​ because they give me ideas for prompts with their prompts (if that makes sense, lmao) and also from fanfiction/fanart. I get //so// much inspiration from fanfiction/fanart.

M: Yeah we have our NSFW blog, but that’s pretty much it, and I don’t really have a lot of time at the moment to look at other blogs, so this is definitely one for the other admins to answer.

Syren: I second what Chamomile mentioned, and I also get a lot of inspiration from @inell​ who is a writing machine in the Sterek fandom. It’s insane how many stories she churns out, and they often help me mindlessly brainstorm, if that makes any sense??

Jynn: I get a lot of inspiration from @otpprompts​!

Vox: @otpprompts​ and @writing-prompt-s​ are two other really great prompt blogs! ( ≧▽≦)

Anon asked: curious about the new assistant admins. mind doing information pages for them like you did for the admins?

Chamomile: Here’s all of our pages: Chamomile // M // Syren // Jynn // Vox

Anon asked: When I’m grown, a martyr I will never be. I won’t cry for you. I won’t suffer for the things you do. I won’t cry for you, see. Even though I understand you, Kankri.

Chamomile: this is a sin

M: get outta here

Syren: *Castiel voice* I don’t understand that reference.

Jynn: I had to actually go back and find this song again for Chamomile so I just have to say how dare you make me relive that.

Vox: This ask has 6een marked as triggera6le and will 6e taken d9wn by Kankri Vantas. (ง •̀_•́)ง

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•  daily reminder that dean was taught how to shoot before he was taught anything in school.
• daily reminder that dean  ( mostly )  taught himself how to read and write because john didn’t enroll him in school until the third grade.    
•  daily reminder that dean has read the entirety of the bible   &   maybe even used that to practice reading.    
•  daily reminder that dean is probably an actual genius but constantly downplays himself.