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"Plenty are buying it and anything to the contrary is being dismissed as crazy fangirl theories." Translated, does this mean shippers are now being dismissed as crazy fangirls? And how will that and the fact that Sam and Cait are part of the sell job effect this weekend? I'm thinking it might be best to crawl under a rock and avoid what might be a heaping helping of more disappointment at the con.

*looks around*

I was under the impression shippers have long been dismissed as the crazy, drunk aunts at the Thanksgiving table who spit the truth but are ignored because they keep having marriage vow renewal ceremonies for their dogs and inviting everybody.

As far as disappointment, I can’t help you there because I’m the exact opposite. I decide what the worst case scenario is and assume it will happen, then pat myself on the back and do a horribly uncoordinated white girl dance when it does and I’m right. It beats hoping for a change in a clearly established pattern and being bummed.

Big Announcement

Kyle: Hey, dudes. Cartman and I wanted to tell you guys about our anniversary so far. 

Eric: Now, before we start anything, just gonna let you guys know, that our wedding vow renewal ceremony is tomorrow. We used this day to make final adjustments to shit and we’re getting ready for all of that. But enough of that, Kyle and I have had an amazing anniversary so far.~ And to everyone’s probably, surprise, we only had sex twice. Fucking weird, right? But the kids were at school so we had the house to ourselves. It was hella romantic, we just spent the whole day being cute and gay. 

Kyle: It’s been really relaxing just to have a day to the two of us. But, we got something to tell you guys. 

Eric: Oh my god, you guys. Seriously, get ready. I can’t explain it. I’m hella happy right now. 

Kyle: Before Cartman explodes, 

Kyle: It’s confirmed. Rebecca’s pregnant. We’re having another kid! Before you guys say anything, yes, we did go to the doctor’s to confirm it too. WE’re not fucking around, this is real. Or else, Cartman wouldn’t be this emotional. 

Eric: Oh my god, so cute, I’m gonna be a dad again, you guys! I’m gonna have a new baby! 

Kyle: We’re gonna have a new baby, Cartman. You sound like you’re the one pregnant. 

Eric: I’m just having parent joy, Kyle. I’m so happy..*sniffle* 

Speechless | Rucas OneShot

Prompt: I was requested to write a fic where Riley and Lucas are secretly dating. I added my own twists to it and hopefully, you guys like it alright. xo
Word Count: 3,555

♡ ♡ ♡

Riley Matthews could count on one hand how many times she’s been speechless throughout her entire life.

Subtlety has never been her thing. When something happens she reacts, it’s just how it’s always been. But the few times she didn’t or rather couldn’t speak she remembered clearly.

The first time was when she was 7 years old. She had begged her parents to bring her to a book signing so she could meet the author of her favorite book. Unfortunately for her the mere sight of the woman who single handedly penned her favorite story rendered her speechless. She didn’t get to speak to her or tell her how much she loved her book but she did get an autograph and a genuine smile which was just as good.

The second time she remembered was seeing her grandmother Amy the day of her vow renewal ceremony. She was always used to seeing her dressed casually, usually in denim or some simple blouse but seeing her dressed in pearl white with diamonds around her neck was something out of this world. She remembered thinking no words could describe how beautiful her grandmother looked so she didn’t bother trying. Instead she offered her an encouraging smile and a tight hug.

Not all of her speechless memories were good though. Some, much to her dismay, were some of the saddest moments of her life. Like finding out the owner of her favorite bakery, who also happened to be her little brothers babysitter, had passed away. That was one time being speechless felt appropriate. She knew there was nothing she could say to heal the hearts of those around her. So she stayed silent, soaking in the sadness and for a moment she allowed herself to just be.

And then there are some moments that she wishes she were speechless for. The moments where she opens her mouth because she wants to say something but just can’t. Moments like now.

She stood there in shock, watching as her best friend asked out her boyfriend Lucas.

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Charles Xavier Request- Citizenship

Request: How about student reader is in love with professor x and one day he had to marry her for citizenship to save her from prison and after marriage she keeps trying to get close but Charles acts like he doesn’t want to but in the end he admits that he didn’t want her to feel obligated any affection because of pity and fluff! please write it Im gonna die! <3 

So sorry about how long it’s taken as well, but I’m getting back on my game, I swear! This one is also a longer imagine because I had to try to design the backstory in your imagine, but it was fun to write, like thank you so much for the request :) Anyways, Happy Reading!


It had been 2 months now since Charles and you had tied the knot, so to speak. You were an adult legally, but still a student at the school. You had travelled over seas just to get to study under the Professor. Your entire family knew only his school could help you understand your abilities. They knew only being there would give you the acceptance you deserved, so they raised the money and sent you. After a while though, your visa was running out with no chance of being renewed. You couldn’t get back home, you had no money for the flight back, but if your visa ran out you would surely be sent to prison… So it had been Charles’ idea to get married. He had come up to you, sat in his wheel chair and suggested it so quietly. “It wouldn’t be a real marriage,” he had argued hastily, “I mean, if you find someone you actually want to get married to, we can get divorced and you can marry them, I’ll pay for it all.” His voice had been so rushed, like he was desperately trying to not scare you off of the idea, trying to tell you you had your own freedom. It had been a plain ceremony, nothing more than a signing of certificates, but afterwards the other X-men threw you a ‘pseudo reception’ where you had cake and danced all evening with everyone, to celebrate your staying in the country and out of prison.
But there was one thing Charles didn’t know about your wedding…. You wanted to be married to him. Charles had this way of talking to you that didn’t make you feel different or stupid. It didn’t make you feel like a student either. You felt like an equal always. The two of you were close, regardless of the situation and regardless of how others viewed you. Charles always talked to you, told you interesting facts or stories… He was always so kind to you, but also to everybody, that you just…. it was inevitable that you would feel this way about him.
But lately he was distant. Whenever you would try to talk to him, he was flippant, dismissive. He talked about legal affairs mostly if needed but then kept to himself again. It was getting ridiculous.
It was early morning in the mansion and you went to the kitchen for some food. Charles was already there, mug of coffee in one hand and the newspaper in the other.
“Y/N…” he started in surprise. “What are you doing up?”
“I was hungry… my tummy wouldn’t stop rumbling and so I needed to quiet it” You murmured sleepily, giving your tummy a slight pat. You were just happy Charles had said more than 3 words to you.
“Oh… well, I can leave…” Charles said, putting down his coffee and newspaper to start rolling away.
“Don’t be ridiculous Charles, I don’t need to eat in private.” You fixed him with a look that said if he didn’t stay, he’d be offending you. He slowly picked up his coffee mug again in defeat.
“So how have you been lately? We haven’t talked properly in ages.” You turned to start making breakfast, hoping for once he’d actually give you a proper conversation.
“Y/n… you, you don’t have to, you know that, right?” You turned to look at him, dead in the eye, confusion written all over your face.
“Don’t have to what?”
“You don’t have to keep… keep trying to get close. You don’t have to be boxed in by our marriage, I mean, it’s only a piece of paper… You can feel free to live your life.” Charles voice wasn’t exasperated, nor was it angry, it was just firm and explanatory, as if it were the most simple facts in a biology text book he was explaining.
“Charles… had it ever occurred to you that actually maybe the reason I’m trying to get close to you is because I want to?” You asked, extremely annoyed.
“Please, y/n, you really don’t need to pity me. I have my wheels and I love everybody here and everything so I’ll be fine, you don’t need to feel obligated or anything, honestly.” He still had that textbook tone… you just wanted to slap it out of him so he could get it through his thick skull that you actually loved him. Truly and properly loved him.
“You are, on occasion… an absolute arse.” You told him. He looked at you, however this time it was his turn to be confused. “I don’t feel any of that. I don’t feel pity. I don’t feel obligated. I don’t feel boxed in by this marriage, in fact Charles, I’d go as far as to say I’d enjoy it if you would stop being so bloody distant! I have feelings for you, you stupid goose! Actual, real-live love feelings. You want me to live my life? This is how it starts, by telling the man I love that I love him!” By then you had run out of steam. The ramp up of emotions was suddenly gone and now you were left with nothing but the realisation of what you had said… though you were quite proud of yourself for telling him, regardless of wether he reciprocated or not.
“Y/n… I didn’t know….” He started.
“Well you should’ve done, you’re a blooming mind-reader after all.”
“I’d never read your mind, I value your privacy.”
“So you have no idea what I’m about to do?”
“No, none whatsoev….” by then you had walked up and kissed him. You had to lean down but you enjoyed it just the same. He kissed back, returning your passion equally.
“Sorry…” you said as you pulled away.”
“… Don’t be.” He told you, and pulled you back in for another kiss.
Exactly one week later, you had a vow renewal ceremony where you did things properly… the priest was surprised that you were renewing your vows so quickly and why everything was so very much like a first-time wedding, but it didn’t matter to the both of you. You were intrinsically, irrevocably happy.

Fandom's favourite 1988 moment

So I was thinking of running a bracket-style elimination tournament to discover fandom’s favourite 1988 moment. I thought it could be fun to have some of our favourite moments battle head to head. :)

Before I start it and discover that I accidentally forgot an important moment, I thought I’d check to see if people think I’m missing something. The tournament works best with 32 choices, so if you suggest something new could you also let me know which one below you’d recommend taking away?

1. The World Juniors jersey bet

2. “I love you Jonny, way to step up big!”

3. “No, no. Not until after Tazer does.”

4. Their memories of the Junior Flyers (ESPN interview)

5. Jonny wanted Dale Tallon to draft Kaner

6. Riding a cab to visit their parents before the Olympics (2010)

7. Flirting through the media by way of Phil Kessel (2014 Olympics)

8. 2015 Cup win moments (finding each other over and over on the ice)

9. Jonny manhandling Pat on stage at concerts (post-2015 Cup win)

10. 2010 Cup win intense hug

11. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews Conversation

12. Signing joint contracts and the press conference (vow renewal ceremony)

13. Dance-off / Kaner Shuffle #1

14. Dance-off / Kaner Shuffle #2

15. Jonny dreaming about Kaner winning the Conn Smythe / Kaner thinking about it when he won

16. The 2010 Cup parade

17. Opening the adjoining door between their hotel rooms

18. Nudging each other behind President Obama

19. 2015 All-Star Game flirting (hair ruffling, partners in crime, Jonny Hustle)

20. 2011 All-Star Game flirting (Would you pick me, making Tazer sweat)

21. Just heard “go Johnny go” on the radio. Wow, miss the UC.

22. Twitter drama: birthday wishes and follow requests

23. “We gotta fill this place up.”

24. Kane and Toews wanting to share the cover of NHL 16

25. Comforting each other post-losses (particularly 2009 and 2012 playoffs, 2014 Olympics)

26. Popsicle-eating contest

27. My Larmer is probably Tazer

28. Kaner said he wanted to play with Jonny during the lockout

29. We have our fun in the room.

30. Jonny letting go of the banner so that Kaner could touch it last

31. Congrats to @88PKane on 100 pts and an unbelievable season! #neversatisfied #stayhot

32. Calder Trophy (walking the red carpet together, the bet, thanking Jonny later)

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Prompt: Evelyn and Blip decide to renew their wedding vows and ask Ginny/Mike to be part of the ceremony. (Please tell me if I'm sending too many prompts!!!!)

“So favor.” Evelyn winced, setting aside her phone. “I need you to be my maid of honor.”

Ginny frowns, glancing up from the tattered paperback in her hands. “Forgive if I’m wrong but I was under the impression you were already married.”

Evelyn levelled the other woman with a look. “I am, ya smartass, but we’re doing a vow renewal service in a month and I need you.”

“Is there anyway I can get out of this?” She pursed her lips.

Evelyn grinned. “Nope.”


“So, the basics are, Lawson’s gonna be Blip’s best man and you can both give toasts but you don’t have too…”

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Trading one ‘Family’ for Another

The past six months had been like a dream for Killian, one he thought would only be made real during his sleep. But every night when he tucked Henry into bed and woke the next morning with Emma in his arms, Killian knew it was real. And he wanted to keep it that way. 

He and Emma had been discussing making things official. Everyone in town thought they were a perfectly married couple but there was still the one thing missing from their relationship. Killian had seen Emma looking at rings from time to time. While she said she loved the one she had Killian knew that she wanted something simpler, one that represented her. It took him weeks to find the perfect one and he had for almost a month now, hidden away with the weapons he no longer needed. 

Over the past couple of weeks he had been trying to find the perfect way to pop the question to Emma. He couldn’t decide if he wanted Henry there, if it should be done in public or alone at home. He knew Emma was not one for public displays of affection but he also did not want to make this a memory she would ever forget. Eventually he decided that a romantic proposal at the beach where they had their first date was best. No one would be around and that would create less of a headache explaining it to their friends. Sure the wedding would be just a vow renewal ceremony to everyone but them, but the proposal was something he wanted to keep private.  

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I feel you there, this summer is bad, I thought it would be so awesome and it started out really good with the Jonny-Kaner interaction via Twitter at first...but then, nothing but one disappointment after another. The Convention was my last hope, well, look how that turned out. And did they even shoot the last Bauer commercial together? It seemed they have been on different dates there and the pics then have been but next to each other. Have they been to Toronto together or met up there?

To me, this summer isn’t necessarily bad, but it possibly just feels worse than it is because of what I’ve been conditioned to receive in the past. Maybe this is just what a normal summer is supposed to be…they might not publicly interact that much.

I became a fan of the Hawks (Kane/Toews) in May 2014 (after a lifetime of supporting the Leafs :P).

I was really spoiled for summer 2014 because it was the summer when Pat and Jonny renewed their vows with each other and the city of Chicago. ;) We had the dance-off sequel and the #Ask1988 videos and so many wonderful moments.

In 2015 they had an extra two months of hockey which ended with a Cup win. So there were two additional months of Kane/Toews interactions and cellies, and then all the moments after they won the Cup and seemed to gravitate to each other on the ice, in the locker room and at concerts.

So perhaps this is why a more normal summer, like what possibly/probably occurred in the past when I wasn’t around for it, feels like a comparative disappointment.

For Bauer, they had different dates for different product lines which is why they didn’t shoot together.

We can still assume that they communicate privately.

You can choose whether or not to believe this (I was a bit skeptical but others accept it), but someone who had the opportunity to be at a small gathering of friends/neighbours, which happened to include Patrick, in July 2015 said that Pat “did show me his cell phone when Toews was texting and i thought that was sick lol. Im excited easily i guess…” So according to one source they keep in touch.

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Prompt: Amy and Jake talking about their future after the Rosa/Pimento (cancelled) wedding

Thank you so much for the lovely prompt, Anon! I hope this fits the bill.

“The wedding looked amazing, babe,” Jake says as he rinses his toothbrush. “I’m sorry it didn’t get used on an actual wedding, though.”

“It’s about the journey, not the destination,” Amy says. One of her many talents is her ability to quote motivational posters with conviction. Jake doesn’t quite know whether it’s genuine or she does it to mess with him. “Besides, I took pictures, and I kept the vision board.”

“Hmmm, there’s a 50/50 chance you kept it for sentimentality versus practicality—no wait, don’t tell me—”

“Both,” says Amy. At Jake’s raised eyebrows, she goes on primly, “Well, the Captain has mentioned a vow renewal ceremony a couple times, and there’s Charles and Genevieve. You never know when these things are about to happen.”

“That’s true,” Jake says. He hesitates—eyes closed, head first, can’t lose. “What about for yourself? Too much Nancy Meyers and not enough Amy?”

“There was a lot of it that I liked. But my wedding won’t look quite like this one, because the groom has a say, too, and he might not have the same aesthetic in mind. Probably more blue in the color scheme, don’t you think?” Amy says with a smile and a pat to his chest.

Jake nods, or he thinks he does. He’s not sure if his brain is still in his body.

“I can understand the urge, though,” Jake says when they’ve settled into bed.

Amy props herself up on her elbow to look at him. “What, to sabotage your own wedding?”

“No. To propose way too soon.”

“Oh,” Amy says, settling back against him. “Well, I understood where Rosa was coming from, too. But I’m glad we got through to them in time.”

Jake hums in agreement and kisses the crown of her head. His thoughts are just getting to that nonsensical stage that means he’s falling asleep when Amy says quietly, “For the record, 19 months is not too soon.”

Before he can open his mouth, Amy says, “Good night!”, pulls the covers up to her chin, and curls up theatrically.

Jake knows to take a cue when she gives him one, but he also knows if he doesn’t acknowledge her somehow, she might stay awake worrying. He finds her shoulder blade under the covers.

10-4, he traces.

Margaery sat applying the finishing touches to her makeup in her hotel room in Oldtown, her hands shaking slightly in anticipation for what was to come. Her grandfather had allowed her, Robb, and their children to stay in one of the suites at his hotel during their time attending the Westerosi Business Awards and their vow renewal ceremony. The Stark girls and boys had been tucked into bed by their Grandmother Alerie who volunteered to watch them for a night. Everything seemed to be in place apart from her own nerves; she was more than happy to be in her old college town with her husband, but she couldn’t help but get the jitters thinking about the award that she and Robb could potentially win.

“Are you nearly ready, baby?” she called out softly, tucking a curl behind her ear, “I could use your help getting zipped up.”

Crowding Fans


They swarmed around you as you try to make you’re way in to the venue Luke was current having sound check in. They had all been lined up, waiting to get in the doors of the place, but as soon as you arrived, late as it was, one fan recognized you, and one became five, and five became twenty, and it all got out of hand quickly. And it should bother you, it really should, seeing as it bothers all the other boy’s girlfriends, but not you. You really didn’t care. If they wanted to scream and push and ask strange questions, let them. You just wanted to make your way inside so you could see Luke and maybe catch the last part of sound check. The crowd wasn’t even that big, due to a large majority of the fans not wanting too lose their place in line, but there was a good hundred fans or so surround the door you were trying to get to. One girl in particular tucked gently on your hand, capturing your attention. “Can I have a picture, please?” You looked at her confused, why would she ever want a picture with you. You check your phone which was in the other hand quickly. You were meant to be at the venue over two hours ago, but you slept in by accident, what would a few more minutes really hurt. Shrugging, you gave her a small smile, nodding. She whipped out a camera as you leaned over as best you could in the crowd, looking in the camera. A few more fans stopped you, asking for a picture or for your signature, it was all really weird. When you finally made it inside, security waving you through, the boys had just finished their last song of sound check, and you quietly made your way down to the row of seats the other girls were sitting. “Damn girl, where the hell have you been? Luke almost had a freaking complex earlier when you didn’t show.” Michael girlfriend spook from the seat farthest from yours. “I slept through my alarm, and the second, and third. I just woke up about an hour ago. I would have been here a half hour ago but the fans crowded outside the door, and a bunch stopped me for pictures and what not.” You shrugged, and Calum’s girlfriends jaw dropped. “Shouldn’t you be more shaken up or something?” She asked, before Michael’s girl piped in again, “Yeah, they can get pretty rowdy.” You just shrugged, before Luke came up behind you, hugging you. “Now now, where the hell have you been?” He asked, kissing you.


They seemed to show up out of no where, it was crazy. You and one of your close friends sat in the grass a few feet from the band, as they set up in the middle of a random park for a pop up acoustic show. Ashton had tweeted a mere five minutes ago, and now, tens, if not hundreds of fans now milled around, waiting for them to start. Calum looked over at you worried, knowing that sometimes they made you overwhelmed. But you had come for a reason, and you had a friend, you just wanted them to get on with the show that way this could all be over, and you could go grab a bite to eat after. Luke asked the crowd, which had grown even more, to quite down, as Michael started to strum the strings of his guitar, making sure it was in tune. Luke tuned his too, before Ashton started to play, and Calum started off singing. It wasn’t long before fans started pressing forward, slowly inching towards the boys, and you felt anxiety creeping over you, claustrophobia washing over you. But you held steady, your friends arm looped through yours giving you some sense of security. The set was soon over, the boys packing up their guitars, and some fans dissipated, while others milled around, asking the boys for pictures and autographs and random questions. You and your friend waited on the side line, chatting about everything and anything, when Calum nodded over at you, signaling that they were leaving. You made you way over, and when you were with in arms reach, he threw an arm around your shoulders and pulled you in. “How bad was it?” You shrugged, assuring him that it wasn’t too bad, before leading him off to the Starbucks you saw on the way over, desperately wanted coffee and to be away from the crowds of fans still lingering behind.


They swarmed around your car. You and Michael had just pulled into the parking lot of a music festival, one that you had been looking forward to for month, and both of you had retweeted things about it, so it was no surprise when you pulled up to find hoards of girls waiting for your appearance. “Jeez, there’s so many, if you want, I’m sure I can call head of security and see if they can get down here ASAP.” He spoke into your ear, keeping you close in the crowd, not wanting to lose you. You shook your head in response. There was no way they could ever get here anytime soon, with all the traffic getting to the venue. Plus there was no use, what would be the point. You shook you head. “Let’s just brave the crowd, once were inside the gates I’m sure we can just get lost in the crowd, and if not what’s a few autographs here and there, yeah?” He looked at you a little skeptically, but shrugged in the end, agreeing. “Okay, but wait till I come open your door to get out, I don’t wanna lose you in this, understand?” He gave you a pointed look, knowing that you weren’t partial to listening to what others tell you to do. You nodded, and watched as he took a deep breath, almost like he was prepping himself, before he pushed to car door open quickly, and closed just as fast, rushing around the hood to get to your door. He opened it swiftly, ushering you in front of him, before wrapping and arm around you, all while still smiling at fans, waving at some. None of the fans asked for him to stop for pictures really, just a few here and there, and the trip through the crowd was relatively quick. “See,” you said turning to Michael, “no security needed.” You whispered, turning back to meet his eyes. He laughed, leaning down to peck your lips quickly, something that had fans in the distance screaming about.


You peaked outside the church window, just barely pushing the curtain an inch to the right, curious about how big the crowd had grown, which turned out to be quite big. You couldn’t believe it, you knew they were devoted, but this, this was crossing the line. Turning around, you sighed, watching Ashton pace back and forth, muttering curses under his breath. You walked up to him, and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Babe, no one knew this was gunna happen. How they found out where it was being held, no one knows, but this is not your fault, so please stop blaming yourself, this is supposed to be a happy day.” Your said softly, not wanting to make him more frustrated than he already was. He turned to you, and you could literally see the disappointment in his eyes. “How is it not my fault that hundreds of my fans crashed my parents vow renewal ceremony. For gods sake my mom is probably down stairs freaking out. This isn’t how it was supposed to go but I had to go and ruin it and-” he started to go off on yet another rant before you cut him off. “Just stop Ashton, seriously, if you keep blaming yourself you’re never going to get over it. You’ll always be beating your self up over the fact that you ruined your parents special day. Why don’t you just go down stairs and talk to your mom, I’m sure she’d want to talk. Don’t shut us all out just cause you think you’ve ruined today.” You had been trying to convince him to go see his mom or dad ever since the first few fans arrived outside the church, but he refused, and just kept pacing around, blaming himself. He looked at you, and unbuttoned his suit jacket, loosened his tie, and sat down on a bench, before dropping his head to his hands. “I just don’t get how they could have found us. I mean yeah, I tweeted about it happening today, but no one ever said what church it was being held at. And out of the hundreds of churches around, they just happen to find us.” He groaned at the end, rubbing his eyes in frustration. “Just go see your family, okay, there’s still an hour or so before the ceremony is supposed to happen, just go talk to them please, I’ll wait out here and if more of them come I’ll call the cops and see if we can get someone out here to clear them out, okay?” He raised his head and looked at you for a minute before he nodded and got up, walking over to you and placing a kiss in your hair, then walking off to to see his mom.

I’m not really sure what this is I had an awesome idea for one if the boys and the rest I just pulled out of no where so sorry if this is complete and udder crap
Play Pretend

Chapter 13: Epilogue

Word Count: 3,055/59,344 words
Summary: Kurt has spent the better part of the last five years half in love with his best friend Blaine. What will happen when Blaine has to get married in order to inherit his grandparents money?
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

On the day of their first wedding anniversary, Kurt woke up to sunlight creeping around the edges of their shades, and the sound of Blaine singing in the kitchen.

Kurt stretched, yawning, before he picked up his phone.

Kurt: Come back to bed

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