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Son! I was just told my vovo has prostate cancer :(. They think they caught it at an early stage but idk if he will be fine because my bloodline has a history of dying from cancer. ~mom that wants to know how many grandbabies i have in total but can wait because she is currently having an existential crisis.

oh no i am so sorry to hear that…i wish you and everyone around you a lot of strength and hope and that this will turn out okay in the end


Feliz aniversário para a mulher mais linda do mundo ❤!! Mesmo sendo seu aniversário quem ganha o presente sou eu, pois Deus lhe deu capacidade para amar, cuidar, educar e ser o coração da  nossa família.

Obrigada pelos conselhos, pelos puxões de orelhas, pelas risadas, histórias, merendas 😂❤ e claro, pela mãe que a senhora me deu. (SE FOR VÓ PATERNA É SÓ VOCÊ ALTERAR) 

Espero que hoje sinta a presença de Deus em sua vida, trazendo muita saúde, paz e felicidade. Todo o esforço para criar seus filhos e cuidar dos netos certamente será muito bem recompensado, você merece ser ainda muito mais abençoada. Que você nunca perca essa alegria de viver e permaneça entre nós por muitos e muitos anos ainda.

Nunca se esqueça que Deus fez de você uma grande mulher, e lhe deu capacidade e fé de cuidar de toda nossa família, sendo um exemplo de mãe, esposa, avó e mulher. Eu tenho certeza que quero passar tudo para meus filhos e netos o que aprendi com a senhora. 

Feliz aniversário vovó ❤ TE AMO PARA SEMPRE!!!! 

bios 1d *ventos teatrais*

oi bebes eu to aqui na vovo superrrrr entediada entao eu falei vo mudar meu fc ai eu fiz tudo e depois fui preocurar bios ne dai eu pensei aaa vo fazer essa bagaça porque eu nunca fiz etc,,,, grande historia nekfdks pois bem ta ai

they changed my life

i will love 1d the rest of my days

onE dIrEcTIon ONE DIRECTION one DIReCtiON one DIRECTION,,,,..ONED!!..!,,! ONE DIReCTION oNe DiReCtIoN oNe…,,DIRECTIon!!!!!!!1,,!!11..

vc acha q aqui nesse fc eu falo sobre niall comendo bios???? meu amor ele pode ate sentir fome mas ele nao consegue comer coisas virtuais.,,,eu acho,,

EXAUSTA de one praguinha direction na minhs vida

eu sofro, voto, compro as coisas deles e nem pra eles me seguir….francamentw

eh na sola da bota harry styles na mao

ate falaria que one direction me faz sofrer mas se eu gosto eu nao to sofrendo

niall horan is the reason of my smile

harry styles eh um cu odeio esse garoto to exausta

niall horan mais conhecido como deuso grego

louis is my reason for each day

louis adora da o cuzinho

zayn malik eh uma praga mesmo eu posso estar morta de raiva dele ai sai today e eu percebo o quanto eu amo ele puts preciso sair dessa vida

zayn is my little sweetheart

liam payne eh a prova viva que de fato se pode amar uma baleia

liam payne is everything, he’s so beautiful and generous oh my god i want to die

se pegar da like ou @direception é isso ai flw amizades

Real life Australian gothic

So last week I was driving through rural Victoria (Australia for you international folks) to check out some locations for a new film I’m producing
And my petrol light turns on when I’m about to go through some middle of nowhere ‘town’ called Streatham (the term one-horse town applies here except they didn’t even have one horse that I could see)
So I stop and run into the General Store (thats what it was called, like this was the Olden Days and I was coming in to get a pennyworth of taffy or some shit)
and this old terrifying woman like the woman from American Gothic is behind the counter staring at me except instead of a pitchfork and a creepy husband she’s surrounded by day-old sausage rolls and meat pies and outdated packets of iced vovos (this is true Straya Country)
so I say “I’m about to run out of petrol, I’m running on empty, where’s the nearest petrol station?”
And she stares at me for ages and then goes “25 k’s.”
And I’m kind of going to cry because I don’t want to run out of petrol here because it might possibly be the creepy town from House of Wax and this woman is probably a serial killer
“I don’t have 25 k’s.” I say.
And she just stares at me for a while and then says “You coming or going?”
and I say “I’m going to Hamilton.”
And she says “Oh you can fill up at Lake Bolac”
and I’m like “Great where’s Lake Bolac?”
And she stares at me for ages and then goes “25 k’s.”
So it’s obvious now that Ivan Milat’s wife here isn’t going to help me and thinks I’m just another City Girl in my signature Melbourne Black Turtleneck
so I go back to my car and I think 
OK I’ll call the RACV but FIRST I want to see how far I can get to Lake Bolac when my petrol light is on.
So I get in the car and I start driving and I’m a little terrified.
A few minutes down the road and I notice SMOKE coming up from my PASSENGER SEAT and the NEW PHONE CHARGER is BURNING A HOLE IN MY SEAT
So I rip it out and throw it on the floor of the car and then everything is ok but I don’t stop because I don’t know if I have enough petrol to start the car again so I just keep going
So now my phone is fritzed out and dead because the phone charger burned a fucking hole in it, so now I’m on rural roads at least ten kilometres in every director from civilisation and Wolf Creek is practically about to happen or Jeepers Creepers at the very least.

But anyway I keep on driving because I have an amazing mix CD and ‘Take On Me’ is playing and I think if I can just keep this up for another 15 kilometres I will get to Lake Bolac and I’ll be OK and Everything Will Be Fine

Suddenly the petrol light starts FLASHING at me and the needle has dropped below zero (which logically makes no sense, I can’t have negative petrol in my tank, liquids don’t work that way)
And I think This Is It and This Is The End and also I’m Going To Be Stuck On A Rural Highway and also I’m Probably Going To Die Out Here and also I Don’t Even Have Any Fucking Cigarettes On Me So This Is Going To Suck
So I’m powering down the highway at 120 ks and this petrol light is flashing at me very angrily but the car Keeps Going and there are SIGNS for Lake Bolac!
So I drive into the town and I spot the green BP sign and I’m so relieved and THEN
and i’m thinking oh god oh god no baby just a little further just a little further
And the car is slowing down and making a funny sound and I’m slowly approaching the BP
And getting slower and slower
And then AFRICA by TOTO comes on my mix CD

So I do what anyone would do in this situation and I turn the volume up full blast and I put down my windows and I ROLL into the Lake Bolac BP at absolute snail’s pace with Africa by Toto blasting out for the whole fucking town to hear

and that was why you should always fill up before you leave for road trips. and also buy proper phone chargers and not cheapo ones from the checkout at Officeworks.


More dergs????

A [preliminary] plush comission for teatimeisteatime of her lovely Vovo! He’s Iridescent/Shimmer/Crackle. I’m happy with how the genes came out, especially the crackle. He also has wire in his wings so they stand up on their own.

If anyone else is interested in commissions I’ll make a post about them soon. You can also make your own using the pattern below.

Pattern | More Plushies