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The City of Love


PAIRING: John x Reader
THEME: Wanderlust
PARTNERS: @faegal04, @ruuuuuskimychica, @waywardlullabies
WARNINGS: AU, FLUFF (seriously, might go into a sugar coma after this one), smut, tiny bit of angst there at the end.
WORD COUNT: 6180 (WOW, this one got away from me.)
SUMMARY: You’ve been with John for a while now, but he’s still able to show you that he is full of surprises. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: First off, let me apologize for posting this late. It’s because of who I am as a person. Second, I have not been to Paris (yet) but it’s on the list. Anything here has been fact-checked by Google, and seriously, thank God for the Google Translate app. Like the reader, I do not speak French, so if you do, I apologize for butchering your language. Like I said, I’ve never been to Paris, so just pretend all these things are in walking distance from each other, okay? :)

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“Just give me a hint.”

A low chuckle was the only answer you received. You glanced over your shoulder, eyes narrowing as you took in the tall, dark, and handsome man across the room. He lifted his eyes to you and gave you a wink, and you rolled your eyes. You climbed onto the bed, sitting on your knees, and when he walked over, you laid your hands on his shoulders. His hands went to your waist, and he lifted his head, already anticipating what you were going to say.

“I’m not telling you where we’re going.”

He laughed, kissing your forehead, then walking back to his closet. You crossed your arms over your chest.

“How am I supposed to know what to pack if you don’t tell me where we’re going?”
“I’ve told you what to pack.”

You rolled your eyes.

“You said, ‘it’s cool there.’ That could mean a multitude of places, John. And just in case you haven’t noticed, your definition of ‘cool’ is a lot different than mine, you human space heater.”

John threw his head back and laughed, then walked back to the bed and took your face in his hands, kissing your lips. You gave a soft whimper, arms wrapping around him, and when he leaned back, you looked up into his dark eyes. He smiled, moving one hand to brush the hair off your forehead.

“Trust me?”
“You know I do.”
“Then know I wouldn’t do you wrong. I’m not going to let you freeze. Think autumn, and that’s all I’m going to say.”

He kissed your forehead, then walked away, back to his closet. You let out a sigh, then moved to stretch out on the bed.

“Is it New England? Are you finally taking me to see the leaves change?”
“Pack, woman. Flight leaves early in the morning.”

You grumbled nonsense words under your breath, then sat up, shaking your hair over your shoulders.

“At least I know to dress for an airplane ride.”

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Elizabeth was a fan of the show she was now a part of, though she knew watching it now would be weird and she was going to avoid that, unless old habits kicked in and she had nothing else to watch but she was sure she’d find something else to fill her time. The perk to watching the show was that she’d be able to find her way around, or so she hoped. Yet here she was, unable to find the kitchen. “Merde” She muttered to herself, glancing around. She’d found her room but now she couldn’t find the kitchen, which was an important room. “Savez-vous où est la cuisine?” She asked before she blinked realizing that most of the girls here probably didn’t know French, “Sorry, I meant to say, do you know where the kitchen is?”


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Author: Assbutt

Character: Sam… Sorta?

Reader gender: female

Warnings: cussing, almost smut

The boys had left for the day, gathering supplies. So you thought you might clean up the bunker a bit.

“Dégoûtant! (Disgusting!)” You spat out as you looked at how much dust had collected along shelves and tables.

You had almost finished cleaning for the day until you got to the bedrooms. You had already gone through your room and Sam’s room. Now for Dean’s room.

“Tellement linge sale. (So much dirty laundry.)” You sighed.

Practicing your French was fun, especially if you really had no one to talk to.

“Hey!” Dean said, suddenly in his doorway, Sam standing behind him.

“Ah! Vous m’avez fait peur! Uh, I mean, you scared me! Ha.” You turned around and accidentally spoke French, it had now become a habit for the day.

“French. Did you just speak French?” Sam gave you a devilish grin.

“Haha bonjour mademoiselle.” Dean laughed.

“Very funny.” You sighed, now totally embarrassed.

“It’s kinda-” Sam started but Dean cut him off, “Cute.” They both smiled.

“Say something else.” Dean smiled, both of them were now in the room.

“Vous êtes tous deux très attrayant. Je ne l’admettre parce que vous n’avez aucune idée de ce que je dis. (Both of you are very attractive. I am only admitting this because you have no idea what I’m saying.)” You pushed a couple long sentences out and they both grinned like idiots. “I don’t see why me speaking French is so… Amusing. Or cute or whatever.”

“It’s just different.” They both agreed.

“Alright. Well. I’m gonna go take a nap. I cleaned the whole bunker, you’re welcome by the way, and I’m tired as hell.”

“Thanks! Au revoir! (Goodbye!)” Sam and Dean said in unison as you left the room. Something was up with them.


The next day, Dean randomly brought home a big thing of French fries for you along with a baguette and a barrette. What the hell? You all laughed about it later and you sat down in a comfy chair with a book for research.

Dean had gone to bed just moments ago and you felt someone come up behind you.

Sam leaned over, tucking hair behind your ear and whispering “Parler sale pour moi. (Talk dirty to me.)”

Your eyes widened at his words and looked at him with surprise to see a mischievous look in his eyes and smile. He probably just looked that up on google translate. So how would he know what you’re saying?

“Le chien sent mauvais. (The dog smells bad.)” Your warm breath washed over his neck as you whispered.

He sighed. “J’ai pris le cours de français à l’école secondaire. N’essayez pas de me tromper. (I took French class in high school. Don’t try to fool me.)”

You looked at him, mouth agape and eyes in complete shock. He knew what you said yesterday. Shit. Oh god, this was the end.

“Merde. (Shit.)” you squeezed your eyes shut.


“I’m not falling for any of this Winchester. We are not compromising the good relationship we have.”

He pulled you into a kiss before you could say another word. He pulled you out of the chair and fell back into the couch so that you were straddling him. His kisses moved down your neck-

You sat up quickly, being tossed from your dream. Your wonderful, wet dream. Yesterday was real, they knew you spoke French and thought it was cute, but you never got it on with Sam.

You spoke to yourself, “Ça va être une longue nuit. (It’s going to be a long night.)”

can't control it any longer.


“I can’t believe you still have these!” Larry gasped, holding up the Jordan’s he’d bought me 8 years ago. “They look good too. Almost like you never wear them.”

“I’m not rough on my shoes like you and Lau,” I declared with a smirk.

He playfully cut his eyes at me. “You don’t dance like me and Lau either.”

Vrai,” I murmured, tilting my head and sighing as I eyed the shoes. They were the first of many shoes Larry bought me. Somehow after seeing how much I appreciated the first pair, he roped me into his world of sneakers. Even after we’d broken up, I’d think of him each time I purchased a pair. He, Lau and I spent entirely too much time in Foot Locker – them, trying on shoes and me, complaining.

I glanced away from him with a sigh and forced my eyes back to my pending issue. My article that was due in two days. Bee had already emailed asking if I needed an extension. She, like myself was surprised by the fact that I’d yet to submit anything. It was unlike me. I assured her that I would have the article ready by the deadline but now as I stared at the sparse document, I felt regret trickle down my skin. I should have taken her up on the extension.

My eyes shifted to the notes I’d jotted in my phone sometime yesterday. Between voice notes, scribbles on random sheets of paper and thoughts in my notes app, I was all over the place. I had enough material to complete my article but now I had to tie those pieces together.

My fingers moved to the keyboard and I tapped around for a bit before developing a quick pattern. My pace quickened as I poured my thoughts into the document, pausing only to glance down at my phone.

“Gi,” Larry called, nearing the edge of my bed.

“Not now,” I murmured. I was finally getting somewhere and couldn’t allow him to distract me. The sound of him kissing his teeth made me grin but I didn’t bother looking up at him.

Larry had shown up early this morning to my surprise. I’d entered the kitchen, wiping crust from the corners of my eyes only to find him perched at the kitchen island with my mom. He was cracking eggs and she was typing fiercely in her laptop.

Shock was an understatement and I’d instantly whipped around, not wanting him to see me in my tattered Tinkerbell nightie. My efforts were fruitless because he caught sight of me before I could fully flee. His laughter followed me down the hall as I ripped rollers out of my hair, dropping a few along the way.

I reminded myself that it was just Larry and he’d seen me in every way possible but that didn’t stop my frantic pacing. I wanted to look cute – for him. A steel ball of nerves had latched to my intestines as I removed the gossamer gown that had seen better days. With the nightie now on the floor and the cool air running over my skin, I rushed to my suitcase that I’d yet to fully unpack, pulling out a pair of black leggings.

Minutes later I was moving down the hall again. Except this time my mouth was minty fresh, my hair was sans rollers and I wasn’t wearing a raggedy gown but leggings and a tank. Larry offered me a knowing smirk but said nothing as he pulled me into his arms.

I’d spent the morning enjoying my two favorite people. Larry prepared an amazing breakfast and afterwards we sat talking about any and everything. My mom had brought her work to the table but Larry had been adamant about me not bringing mine. I complied, warning him that I had to focus solely on my article later.

And now it was later and he was still trying to grip my attention in a death grip. He was such a handful.

Though I complained, I loved that he was greedy for my attention. It made my stomach bubble with a warmth that I couldn’t describe. He could have been anywhere in Paris. His family was here, he had tons of friends here yet, he was with me, watching me work and drawing distracting patterns with his fingers on the backs of my thighs.

Time slid by and eventually I finished up, edited and emailed Bee the article. A sigh left myself lips as I shut my laptop and I wiped tiredly at my eyes. My neck ached and shoulders were sore but I said nothing as I turned to look back at Larry. He was on his back with his head resting on my ass and his laptop resting on his stomach. Bulky headphones were over his ears and concentration was weaved throughout it face. I watched him for a bit until the position began to irritate my already aching muscles. My movements must’ve jarred him from whatever he was doing because seconds later his voice poured into the room.

Avez-vous terminé?” (You done)

Ouais,” I sang and he instantly closed his Mac, set it on the floor and crawled over my frame.

“I heavy?” He asked, resting on me. He used his arms for leverage as not to distribute too much weight on me.

“Please,” I scoffed. “You weight like 90 pounds.” I didn’t have to see him to know that he frowned.

“Yeah, my dick do.” I gasped and he laughed.

“You’re so gross.” I felt his shrug then sighed when he rolled away from me, pinning himself between my body and the wall my bed was pushed up against. I instantly looked over at him, finding his smirking face. “What’s funny?”

“Nothing,” He shrugged. “I feel happy, I guess.” And because he felt his words hadn’t stabbed at my heart enough, he went on. “You make me happy.”

“You make me happy too.”

“I want to take you for a date tonight.” He said next and my eyes widened in surprise.

“A date?”

“Yes,” His eyes trailed over my face in amusement. “Why you say like you surprised?” I shrugged. “I want you to stay at hotel with me after.” I swallowed as my mouth went completely barren.

“Okay,” I whispered.


My shoes clacked nosily against the stone flooring of the foyer, marking my presence. A zing of electricity coursed through my frame as soon as I spotted him. He was leaned against the wall, speaking to my mom. His body was cloaked in black. He looked amazing. A single gold medallion chain hung from his neck, contrasting greatly against his black button down. The chain was equally as obnoxious as it was appealing and after a few seconds, I decided that I liked it.

My heart vaulted forward when he looked up, allowing his warm eyes to fall upon me. His stare instantly made me hot. It was intense – more intense than I’d ever known it to be – and it curved around my body, constricting over my nerves. I willed myself to breathe and walk but his gaze made it hard. I could still hear my mom’s voice in the distance as she spoke to him. It sounded muffled and distant despite the fact that I was growing nearer and nearer. Feet became inches as I approached the pair, smiling nervously. My insides were rattling and shaking. I was nervous beyond belief and frankly, I was clueless as to why. I was acting like a teen going on prom. I was acting like this was my very first date.

“Gi,” He breathed, as I approached. My steps eased to a stop as Larry’s eyes moved over the length of me. His stare was on my bare shoulders, then the dip of my neckline and the small amount of cleavage it offered. I shifted, nervously fingering the thin strap. His eyes followed the gesture and I instantly dropped my hand to my side, jarring the hem of my dress. I shivered as the hem waved against my thighs before finally coming to a stop.

“Hi Larry,” I whispered back. My voice trickled into the air and as soon as I heard it I regretted how breathless I sounded. But I was just that – breathless. My lungs were constricting into small pockets and my heart was pacing towards the doors of a myocardial infarction. His stare didn’t make things better. Hickory eyes that resembled pools of syrup grazed my every surface before penetrating past every barrier to my soul.

“You look gorgeous,” His voice was silky and low, it matched his stare. I gulped as his eyes continued to drink in my frame. I smoothed my dress, not because it needed to be smoothed but because I was pinned under the weight of anxiety.

“Thank you.” My reply was whispered and I cursed myself again. Get it together Giselle, it’s only Larry, I told myself. Yet, even as I attempted to calm down, I realized that it was impossible to use the adverb only when it came to Larry.

Finally I was able to shake myself out of my Larry-induced haze and acknowledge my mother’s presence. Her face was dressed in a knowing expression. Her lips curled upward with a serpentine quality and her eyes glowed with excitement.

“You look beautiful, baby,” I nodded my thanks, offering her a shaky smile. I couldn’t articulate why it was on my face. Nor could I express the tightness in my heart and the diminishing of my lungs. If I tried, it wouldn’t be eloquent enough. It was be a mere composition of words that made no sense. “Have fun,” She added.

She and Larry exchanged a few more words before she made herself sparse. My current state of nervousness had rendered me not only speechless, but incapable of hearing. In fact, I hadn’t even heard Larry calling my name. It wasn’t until his heated fingertips met the silken skin of my back that I was shoved into the ice water of reality. My body melted under his touch and my eyes jumped to his.

“Ready?” He asked. Instead of him removing his hand from me once he gained my attention, he inflicted more torture, running his fingers down the length of my spine. I cursed and praised the bare back of this dress at the very same time.

I nodded, and then decided to put my voice to use. “Yep.” The word was used to display ease but instead of flowing from my lips normally, it came out in what resembled a squeak. I instantly flushed as Larry smiled.

Once in the car, I almost melted into the leather bucket seats. His masculine aroma lingered in the air and mixed in was the unmistakable scent of leather. His cologne was sweet and fresh and powdery, all at the same time, rendering me breathless. I could feel my core quivering to life as I became dizzy with lust.

My head met the headrest with a muffled thump as Larry pulled off, speeding down the streets. I glanced at him, taking in his profile. The slight curve of his nose, the extension of his forehead, the pucker of his lips kept me enthralled as he drove. The car was dark but the red glow of the dashboard illuminated his features, creating a feast for my eyes to devour. I willed myself to look away, to stop staring but I couldn’t. I knew he was aware of the way my eyes were latched to him but he’d yet to say anything about it. Him not calling me out on my long stares was totally unlike him. Larry lived to put me on the spot. Making me squirm was his hobby. I wondered what he was thinking. I watched his fingers drum over the steering wheel. I watched him tilt his head and tuck his plush bottom lip into his mouth. I watched him maneuver through the streets of Paris with an ease that filled me with insane amounts of nostalgia. And by the time I finally willed myself to stop watching him, he was maneuvering the car to a smooth stop.

When his eyes landed on mine I smiled because I didn’t know what else to do or say. There was a heaviness in the pit of my stomach. I wanted to ignore it but I couldn’t. Something about tonight was different but I couldn’t place my finger on it. I’d spent months with Larry, fighting him off, pretending I didn’t want him, ignoring my need for him and now I was closing that chapter. But for some reason, I lingered. I didn’t flip the page to the new chapter because I was petrified. I’d jumped but instead of landing, I wavered mid-air. I floated between where I used to be and where I wanted to be. I was stagnant. Yet, something told me that tonight would quell my floating. Tonight I would land and be exactly where I wanted to be, where I needed to be. And that scared me more than anything.

Within seconds, my hand was in Larry’s as he helped me from the low car. I wanted to mention how flashy the white car was but refrained. I was sure he’d have a smartass remark anyway.

Hand in hand, we entered the restaurant. L’Avenue was a Parisian hotspot and I silently wondered how Larry had gotten reservations. “I heard this place was good,” I spoke as soon as we were seated. He looked up at me, a smile spreading across his face.

“I think you never speak.” I grinned sheepishly, dropping my eyes from his. “Can I know what you’re thinking?”

I paused, relishing on his question in silence. I tried to group my thoughts together but then I remembered his words from yesterday, stop think for what you say and just say it.

“Well,” I cleared my throat, gazing at him. “I’m nervous. I’m driving myself crazy even though I’m telling myself not to, even though I’m telling myself it’s just you.” I shrugged. The move was jerky and caused the slim strap of my dress to slip down my shoulder. Larry’s eyes followed the delicate fabric and I took my time putting it back in place. “What are you thinking?”

He sighed and leaned back in his chair. It was as though he hadn’t expected me to ask the question. His eyes shifted back and forth before fluttering closed as his tilted his head back.

I was surprised when he stood a few seconds later and even more surprised when he rounded the table, reaching for my hand.

“What are you doing?’ I quizzed, bewildered when he lightly tugged at my arm.

“Dance with me?” His eyes were wide and warm. They were innocent and honest.

“Dance?” I quickly looked around the restaurant. “Um, Larry this isn’t that type of place.”

“They play music… where there’s music there’s dance.” I nearly laughed at him but I was too shocked by the bold request to do so. “Please, baby, dance with me?”

I was standing on weak knees before I even had the chance to address how embarrassing this would be. I quickly glanced around the restaurant, wondering what people would think. I knew we looked dumb and the thought made my skin burn.

“Focus on me,” His soft voice quickly snatched my attention. “Only me,” He added as though he knew I needed more coaxing. I nodded, gazing into his eyes, swooning as his hands moved down the length of my back before settling just above my rear.

The music was soft and slow. Pianos and strings dictated our movements. I nearly smiled at the fact that I was able to recognize the instruments straightaway. Larry and Lau had taught me so much about instruments and musicality. I sometimes found myself hearing songs and listening to the beat before I even paid attention to the words. Small things like that made me happy. Larry impacted my life in so many ways. I wondered if he realized.

“What I think about,” He started as his stare wrapped around my features. “I think about us together… in the future. I see us happy. I want to make you happy, I want to wake every morning and see you smile.” My ability to breathe went out of the window as his fingers danced over my skin and words embedded in my heart. The music married with the soft whisper of his voice. He spoke words designed only for me. He told me of his goals and how he wanted to set new ones with me. He told me about his fears and regrets. He told me about the life he wanted – with me.

I felt like I was frozen in time. A warmth I couldn’t describe oozed down to my bones. I could feel the rapid thump of his heart due to our close proximity. My eyes roamed his face, taking in prominent cheekbones and sensuous eyes. As he peered down at me, speaking words his heart delivered, my eyes glassed with tears. I didn’t want to cry – not here, not now – but his ramblings and husky voice proved to be the greatest poem I’d ever heard.

My hands eased away from his broad shoulders and moved up to cradle his cheeks. His stare never wavered as I placed a lingering kiss on his chin. It was the only area I could reach. A prolonged sigh his left his lips when I moved down to his neck, placing a delicate kiss there too. His Adams apple jumped in reaction and his grip on me tightened.

“I need you Larry,” I blinked as the words left my lips. For years I’d denied needing him and I’d rejected wanting him. I’d built this idea in my head that needing a man made me weak. I’d always loved the concept of being an independent woman, one who thrived on her own, one who didn’t need a man. That’s the way I viewed my mother, and because she was such a strong figure in my life I wanted to be just like her. But we were different. I couldn’t be her and I would never be her. It was something I was just now accepting.

After things went sour with Larry, I viewed love with a connotation of negativity. After all, it was the poison that ran through my veins even as I attempted to detox. I viewed the love I harbored for him as a weakness, as something to be ashamed of. It made me feel pitiful and pathetic. For so long, I felt like an idiot for loving him all this time. I would question why. I would wonder if my adoration for him, which clung to my soul, was going to hinder me meeting the one. Was I holding myself back from something amazing by remaining in the clutches of Larry?

I searched for a magic sign, billboard, glowing orb that led me to the one. I searched high and low for signs. But there was no signs – no physical ones at least. Funny thing was, I was looking for something I’d already had. They very thing I wanted the most was what I fought off with all my might.

Larry made me want to be a better person. There was a light in him – a goodness – that radiated from within. It affected everyone around him, including me. He had a way of making people feel good. Whether he was gazing at you with round brown eyes full of innocence, smiling a bucktoothed smile or making an inappropriate joke, he was affecting you. And sadly it was something one didn’t realize until they were no longer basking in that light.

When he was happy I was happy. It was a simple concept but a complex feeling. I was so deeply connected to Larry – it didn’t make sense. I could remember hearing the twins rave about the connection they had with each other. I was always in awe, maybe even a bit jealous. I was an only child and had never connected to anyone on the level that they had. It brought me joy to know that no matter what, they would always have each other – no matter how near or far. But the same thing that brought happiness also brought envy. I wanted that. I wanted it so badly and for years I overlooked the fact that I had it. I felt Larry. I was connected to him. His emotions were mine – his joy, his sadness, his indifference – I felt all of it when he did. It was faint. It left my body heated. It was an energy. It was love.

I loved him with terror, anger, regret, and pride. I loved him fully and completely, so much so that I feared for the future. I feared trying to contain all my adoration as time passed. I knew it would grow.

Larry touched me in ways that I couldn’t even begin to express. He was like the dream that I had, one that affected me and dictated my thoughts throughout the day. One that I nor google could explain. The way he made me feel was enigmatic and frankly I was tired of looking for a definition to describe it. I was tired of trying to box up what we had in a pretty little package, covered in labels.

“I want you.”

I was sure when his lips met mine I felt a spark. In fact, my entire body tingled from the zing of electricity. His tongue moved into my mouth and his hands roamed across my back. I shuddered in his embrace, enraptured by his touch, lost in the experience – of him. My moans were small but met his lips, creating small, vibrations that made my heart rate double.

I could feel the intricate design of his fingerprints searing my skin. I was melting in his grasp. My body felt tingly and hot. Goosebumps were caressing my skin and anticipation was lining my core. I could barely breathe but still I buried my fingers in the soft hairs at the nape of Larry’s neck, pulling him close. He was my life source but at the same time he was depleting me. It was impossible. It was something only Larry could manage.

“Let’s go,” The husky tone of his voice was enough to make me quiver. His coal-like eyes met mine, doing a sinful dance. The promise, longing and love they had nearly had me on my knees. “Come on,” He whispered, parting from me.

I watched him throw a few bills on the table. We’d yet to even be greeted by a waiter, let alone eat but I don’t think he cared that he was wasting money. If he felt half of what I felt right now it would be impossible to care.

The ride was a blur. Larry sped the entire way and I stared out of the window, watching as we whizzed by buildings. By the time we arrived to the hotel I was breathless. Anticipation had me shifting in my seat to quell the build of arousal. Anxiety had my heart racing. And remembrance had me combing through memories, relishing on how we used to be and what we used to do…

The lobby was a blur of muted neutrals and mirrors. During the elevator ride, I found myself on one side while Larry took the other. I watched him watch me. Our stares went uninterrupted until the sound of the feminine voice alerted us that we were on our floor.

I don’t remember much about the trek down the long hall or how long it took for Larry to get the door open. I do remember the way his lips met the back of my neck as he pushed me through the threshold. His arms had snaked around my waist and he used his foot to shut the door. The door closed with a click, cloaking us in darkness. But I didn’t need to see him because I felt him – My god, I felt him.

“Giselle,” A husked whisper drifted into the quiet of the room as I grinded into his hardness. My head dropped forward as he treated my neck with hot kisses, fiery licks and ravenous bites. I knew there would be marks in the morning but I didn’t care.

My constant writhing landed Larry into a wall. His hands tugged at the hem of my dress as his lips serenaded the skin of my neck. I was surprised when light suddenly washed into the room. It took all of a millisecond to realize that Larry’s shoulder had hit the switch.

Curiosity got the best of me and I glanced up, moaning as Larry’s lips moved down to the curve between my neck and shoulders. The room was vast – well, actually it was a suite. A big beautiful suite that reeked of opulence.

My neck craned up, taking in the ceiling. Intricate designs that screamed ‘Paris’ carved its way through the surface, leading to a dramatic chandelier.

“What?” Larry quizzed, noticing that I’d slipped from his hold but not his grasp. I grinned, shaking my head.  

My eyes roamed over the luxe curtains cascading along the wall. They were heavy yet, they looked light – ethereal.  They were a bright white but it wasn’t stark enough to offend the eyes. The curtains added a crispness to the opulent room. The endless yards of fabric added a sense of normalcy to the grandeur space. I briefly wondered how they kept them so clean. My curtains back home were light-colored and despite the fact that it was only me living there, I still found mysterious spots and splotches.

“Tell me?” He urged, lingering behind me. I caught our reflection in one of the many mirrors. He towered over me, even with the added height of my heels. The hem of my dress danced around my calves as I shifted, aroused under his stare.

“I was just thinking about the first time we entered a hotel room together.” His smile was immediate and his laughter soon followed. It was light and grew in volume with every passing second. “Larry, there was nothing funny about that night.” I sighed, taking a step away from his heat. When I was a good ten feet away, I turned to face him, finding his eyes already on me. A smile lingered around his full lips and his eyes glowed, flickering over my frame. I shifted under his gaze and the slow drag of my heels against the wood floors worked to fill the void our voices left.

“When I think about it now, is very funny to me.” To prove his point, he cackled.

I rolled my eyes, glancing away from him as my gaze flickered over the room – one of the rooms. We were standing in a livingroom area. The couches were leather and the color of marshmallows. The pillows were tan like the sweet crust of crème brûle. The tables were glass and some mirrored. They were covered with fresh flowers – white hydrangeas and high glossed lamps. I was in awe. This place was magnificent and everywhere I looked confirmed that it came with a hefty price tag. This was a far cry from the tiny room at the Mandrin Oriental we once occupied.

“Funny to you, not to me.” I frowned, pulling my eyes away from the blush colored walls with a slight grimace.

“You were so angry.” He chuckled. “And right now you getting pissed at me for laughing.” Though he acknowledged the plight he could see morphing my features he never stopped laughing.

“Shut up Larry,”

“Don’t look like that,” He sang.

“You’re annoying me,”

“How?! I do nothing!” He insisted however, he was unable to hold onto his serious expression and doubled over in laughter.

“You’re an ass,” I groaned even as my lips curved into a grin. I wanted to look back on the situation and laugh but I couldn’t get over the embarrassment I felt that night.

“It was a good night,” He moved closer to me.

“There was nothing good about that night.” I shook my head.

The air around me became thick as he invaded my space, stopping mere centimeters in front of me. His sweet scent wafted under my nose and the energy that radiated around him, moved over me, raising the hairs on my skin. My head dropped back slightly to accommodate his height. I resisted the urge to step away. My old habits of running still affected my instincts though I was working to reprogram myself.

“There was so much things good about that night.” He stepped even closer, forcing our bodies to touch. His arms weaved around my waist and his hands rested at my lower back.

“We must be talking about different nights.” I managed to breathe out. I searched his face, wondering what he was thinking. What he was feeling. However, his face was a mask of neutral. He gave nothing away and that irritated me. My insides were a hop, skip and a jump away from completely disintegrating and he was as cool as a cucumber.

“No,” He shook his head. “I talk about the night you wear a blue dress.”

“I had a lot of blue dresses.”

“Not like this one.” He smirked. “This dress come with black animal stripes and it fit you tight. It move up you thighs when you walk,” His tongue created a trail over his lips. “Remember?” I nodded weakly. “I never forget that night.”

“I don’t know why you want to remember it.” My curiosity was weaved in the statement but as soon as I saw his eyes glaze with mischief, I regretted that statement.

Larry loved getting me like this – wound up. He lived to make me uncomfortable. His major goal was always to make me squirm under his bold disposition. He was a tease and had no qualms about that. On top of that, he was arrogant with it. Smugness was always creased in the corners of his features each time that he crippled me. He was bad but oh so good. He was the extra slice of cake that I often indulged in. I knew it was bad for me but boy did I enjoy it. Bite after bite after bite…

A smirk pulled his lips upward as his eyes roamed my face and his fingers roamed my bare back. I froze under his touch only to shudder to life seconds later. “That’s the night I taste you for the first time. I never want to forget.”

“Larry,” His name fell off my lips. It was a mixture of a moan and a sigh. It made it apparent that I was under his spell. His chin hefted upwards in response to my voice. To my plea. But I said nothing and he knew I wouldn’t. He’d purposefully drained my power to speak away. Words were my main defense and without them I was vulnerable. By the time he finished with me I would be writhing from desire – from his words alone.

“Is also the night to teach me about l’heure bleu,” He smirked and dragged his finger down my spine.

I didn’t respond. Instead, I moved away from him, heading into another part of the massive suite. A short hall led me to a bedroom that was bigger than mine back home. Decadence was weaved through this room as well. My eyes lingered on the bed. The headboard was huge – and mirrored. I tried to ignore the way my breathing hitched at the concept. In the end, I had to force myself to look away from it. When I did I was met with Larry’s tall frame, lingering in the doorway.

I stepped out of my shoes, losing inches of my height and kicked them to the side. Next, I reached to the side of my dress, undoing the zipper that held the garment together. Larry was frozen but his eyes moved, watching as my straps slid from my shoulder, resting along my triceps. My movements were slow and measured but because there wasn’t much dress it wasn’t long before the fabric pooled at my ankles, leaving me completely bare in front of him.

Larry slowly dragged his tongue over his lips and ran his eyes down my body, lingering on several parts that made me shiver. I nearly turned to dust when he pulled his shirt over his head. I took in his golden brown skin with a greed that surprised me. I feasted on his smooth chest before moving down to the sleek abdominal muscles that cut through his stomach. My heart rate quickened as he moved to undo his pants. His almond shapes eyes had yet to leave me as he removed his belt and undid the button with a dexterity that spoke volumes about how long he’d been wearing his pants like this.

I drug a hefty wad of air into my lungs when he kicked his jeans and shoes off, leaving him in a pair of grey boxer briefs that were clearly made just for his body. The words on the band were blurry – in fact, everything was blurry except for the very apparent bulge in his shorts. My mouth watered and so did my pussy.

I wasn’t ready when he moved towards me and I certainly wasn’t ready when he stood before me, winding his arms around my waist. The feel of his naked skin to mine was sublime. His was hot and hard in all the right places but soft at the same time. I wanted to take my time reacquainting myself with every inch of his body but I knew he wouldn’t allow me to. I could see it in his eyes – the burning desire to be inside of me.

I watched him as his soft touch trailed from my neck, over my collarbone and down my chest until it was cupping the small globe of my breast. I shrank back due to the sensitivity I felt. He smirked, knowing my plight. He was excited about it. I moaned when he replaced his hand with his mouth. It started as light kisses then transitioned to searing licks but my knees buckled when he began to suckle the flesh. His tongue made dizzying circles around my nipple but never quite touched it. I knew he was doing it on purpose. The circles grew tighter and tighter and each time I thought he would take me out of my misery he switched to the next breast.

“Larry… please.” I breathed, annoyed and aroused at the same time. I felt his smirk press into my skin. It made me want to slap him. I pushed my chest out, hoping he’d grab on to the hint. But he didn’t. He continued his teasing, dragging me to the very edge of my patience. And just as I opened my mouth to protest, his teeth sunk into the tight nub, sending jolts of pleasure through my body.

“God,” I cried as a long, wet lick followed, soothing the throbbing ache. My head dropped back as Larry continued his assault. I wavered between speechlessness and constant moaning. I relished in the fact that he still remembered what I liked. But at the same time he was doing new things that made me weak in the knees.

I blinked, growing lightheaded due to the ache between my thighs. A throb was expanded through my body. Vibrations were shooting beyond my core and sending my entire being into a blissful shock. For a second I was sure I would cum from his ministrations and he’d yet to even touch me where I ached most.

My knees hit the back of the bed just as my body was ready to completely cave in. I basked in the feel of the luxury fabric against my bare skin but not for long. I was unable to focus because what I wanted – needed the most was right in front of me. Without a seconds delay, I traced the outline of his dick as it strained behind the thin fabric. My eyes found his as he jerked forward in reaction. I gripped the waistband of his briefs, tugging them down until they were no longer on his hips but resting on his muscled thighs. My eyes dropped from his as he stepped out of the shorts, kicking them to the side. His erection moved with him, bobbing against his stomach before going still as he paused in front of me, mere inches from my mouth. Elation wasn’t the word to describe what I felt right now. There was no word.

I leaned forward, feathering the area under his navel with light kisses. Again, he jerked. It was his spot – one of them. Larry had many areas all over his body that made him tick – under his navel, his thighs, the cove of his neck, his nipples…

My kisses continued to move down as his breathing hitched. But like Larry had done me, I surpassed where he wanted my mouth most and moved down to his toned thighs, kissing and licking the soft flesh that resided there. I looked up, seeing the desperation in his eyes. I saw the fight and the need he felt to hang on, to remain strong. I wanted to break it.

My fingers traced down his inner thighs, feeling the jerk of his quads. He breathed a sigh that morphed into a grunt when my tongue eased up to the juncture of his thigh. My eyes drifted over to his dick and I took in the smooth texture, the even complexion, the vein that whirled angrily around the rod and the soft thatch of hair. But his eyes were too expressive to miss out on, so I dragged my gaze back up to his, hissing when I saw the lust that resided there.

My own body was throbbing. As I teased him I realized I was doing myself a disservice. My inner thighs tingled and my core ached. It was the best form of torture. I smirked before licking my lips and placing them at the base of his shaft. The groan that left his mouth was the sweetest harmony I’d ever heard and it played over and over as I moved my moistened lips up the underside of his shaft. When I reached the tip, I licked around the head before covering him with my mouth.

“Giselle,” He breathed and I moaned my response. Nothing was better than hearing my name fall off his lips.

His hands were in my hair and he loosened the messy bun that rested at the nape of my neck. I shivered at the feel of my hair falling over my shoulders and back. I groaned when he gripped a fistful, tugging it lightly. I followed his silent plea, taking more of him into my mouth, watching as his head dropped back and mouth fell open. Smugness danced in my heated belly as a string of breathless moans left his lips.

His hips moved in accordance with my mouth, tucking him as deep as he could physically go. His cries of pleasure married with the slurping sounds of my mouth, creating an erotic soundtrack that flowed through the suite. My mouth moved up and down his length and my fingers traced along his balls, causing him to jerk. His sensitivity only pushed me to go further as I transitioned from soft caresses to a full on massage.

His eyes sought mine out. They blazed with passion, lust and desperation. His pulsing shaft felt like heaven in my wet mouth. He began to pull my hair harder and move his hips faster. His breathing quickened and abdominal muscles jerked. He was close. And hell, I felt close too.

Arrêtez,” (stop) He groaned, tugging my hair away from him. I instantly protested, ignoring the throb of my scalp. “Please,” He begged when my mouth clenched onto him and tongue swirled over his frenulum. A groan grumbled in his chest before easing out of his mouth as he stared at me. I saw his astonishment, I saw his lust and I saw his pleasure. “Gis –“ A shudder cut his words off but it didn’t take him long to attempt again. “I don’t wanna cum right now, stop baby.”

I was sure my protest showed in my eyes just as his plea showed in his. He tugged my hair again but this time I actually complied, letting him fall from my mouth with a pop. He stumbled back and doubled over, resting his clenched fists at his knees.

I watched him, silently patting myself on the back. Having Larry beg was an accomplishment that I never thought I would achieve. I could remember a time where he – my thoughts were sliced in half by his laser-like eyes. He stared at me with an intensity that made me gulp down any residual smugness I was experiencing. It was a look of warning, a look of promise.

“Lay back,” My head grew light and body trembled as I slid up against the covers, laying down per his instruction. I was shuddering with anticipation and made no attempts to hide it.

He gripped my ankle, kissing the underside of my food before moving up along my calf and to my inner thigh where he stopped. His eyes were dark and heated like amber. They narrowed under the fan of his lashes as he leaned forward, inhaling. I crumpled to nothingness as a cry left my lips.

“You know how much I miss this pussy, Giselle?” His finger traced along the juncture of my thigh. “My pussy.” He amended as his brows rose. He leaned down and his teeth sunk into the meaty flesh of my inner thigh. His name fell easily from my lips. “I missed it so much.”

“Show me?” I urged, feeling a sudden surge of boldness. His lips rose in a smirk but he didn’t look at my face. Instead, his eyes rested on my sex. I felt myself throbbing, pulsing and quivering. I knew he saw it. The way his teeth sank into his lip, draining the flesh of its pink tone, made it evident.

My heart thundered in my chest as he leaned closer. His eyes fluttered shut and I nearly cried at the sight. Knowing a single part of my body could make him react in such a way made me blush. It made me feel powerful.

Despite the fact that his head had been between my thighs and his face was mere inches from my sex, I was unprepared when his tongue lashed out, sweeping across my flesh. Our simultaneous moans married together, bursting into the air.

I groaned as he pushed my thighs apart, pressing them flat against the bed. The position added strain to my not-so-agile muscles but I didn’t care. I would deal with the aching in the morning – if I survived.

His tongue moved to my clit, swirling around the tiny bud. A breathy gasp rattled from my chest, pouring into the room. I silently thanked the heavens that Larry was no tease when it came to cunnilingus. He got straight to it. When it came to oral, he was two things: thorough and greedy. I was forever grateful.

My fingers weaved through his twists. They were freshly done and shun with moisture but I knew after tonight they would look at though they’d been in his head for weeks.

My fevered moans and frantic touches fueled him, pushing him to torment me further. There was a puddle between my thighs. One that formed due to the fountain my body had become and soaked through the expensive duvet. My fingers moved from his hair and curled into the sheets. I knew that if I tugged at his head any harder I would begin to detach twists. I was sure my freshly manicured nails would break off into the fabric but I didn’t care. I needed to grip reality, sanity. I needed to grip anything that would keep me from being swept up into a tornado of bliss.

My cries eased into the room, becoming a permanent feature as Larry alternated between fast flicks and lingering licks. He was driving me beyond the edge of crazy. I looked down and I wasn’t at all surprised to find his eyes riveted on me. He loved watching me react. Yet, still I flushed and grew hotter. He groaned against my flesh, watching my skin tinge with pink.

He drew lazy circles around my steadily swelling clit, pooling my center with wetness from his tongue. I quivered, digging myself into the mattress as heat began to clench my womb. His tongue moved down to my opening and he collected the juices that formed there before stroking right back up to my clit. His lips puckered against me as he sucked while strumming the tingling button at the same time. I was delirious.

And as though he hadn’t put me through enough, his finger glided over my wetness before moving down to tease my opening. I felt the flesh pucker and heard him groan. His finger traced dizzying circles as I grew even wetter. He pressed into me, letting his finger go in an inch before sliding it back out. He repeated this gesture while maintaining consistency on my clit. My screams had gone to a new high and they wouldn’t stop. My entire body was shuddering. My eyes were rolling. My spirit was burning. I was so close.

“Giselle,” He groaned and my crazed eyes sought him out. “You trust me?” The question was odd and totally inappropriate for the occasion. It annoyed me. Actually, it wasn’t really the question that irked me. It was the fact that he had to remove his mouth to ask it. Still, his finger continued to twirl over the textural flesh of my entrance, keeping me on the edge of pleasure. He was calculated in that way and I hated him for it.

“Wh-what?” I asked breathlessly. My upper body raised and I rested my weight on my elbows.

“Do you trust me?” I relished on the question. I let it wash over me.

Trust had always been an issue for us – an issue for me. I never really admitted aloud but I didn’t really trust him. I often said I did but it never showed in my actions. But now as I stared at him – between my quivering thighs – I realized I did trust him. I was ready to put my heart in his hands despite the fact that he’d smashed it before.

“Why?” I expected him to frown but he didn’t. I wondered why he was asking now. Was he asking if I trusted him generally? Or sexually?

“Do you?”

I nodded, it was shaky. “I do. I do trust you.” The admission made his eyes glow but I didn’t have long to bask in the sight because they went dark with mystery before he lowered himself back to my pussy, stroking my clit with his tongue. I frowned at his weirdness then moaned at his tenderness.

His finger dipped completely into my heat and I gasped out only to frown when he removed it. Long licks were a momentarily distraction. However, nothing could distract me from the trail of wetness he was tracing along my body. I froze as his finger neared my ass, circling the tight entrance.

“Larry!” My voice was filled with panic.

“You trust me, no?” The words were muffled into my heat and I nodded hurriedly.

“But –“ He used the trail of wetness, easing into a space that had never been explored before. The strings of pleasure in my womb that he had been strumming for what seemed like forever all snapped simultaneously, sending me over the edge. I rocked into him and pulled away from him at the first same time. My body went completely numb before being impaled with a million needles of pleasure. My scream was something I didn’t hear but I felt it. I felt it scorching my throat and ripping my chest in half.

Larry’s tongue continued to stroke me despite the fact that I was screaming my head off. Despite the fact that I was shuddering and shaking and quivering. Despite the fact that my juices were gushing all over his lips.

“I came!” I screamed, positive that he wasn’t aware since he kept going.

His finger was moving in and out of the tight space with a fluidity that lifted me off the bed. Tears rained from my eyes as pleasure replaced the blood in my veins. Pleasure was an understatement to what I was feeling right now.

“Cum again.” He commanded and in my head I glared at him, externally I whimpered and fell back into the plush duvet that was wrinkled under my writhing body. His tongue moved at a fast pace, showing no signs of stopping. His finger curled inside of me and his thumb pressed against my wet entrance. I was on a first class trip to death.

The wet sounds of his mouth moving against me mixed with my breathy moans filled the room. My thighs, that were no longer under his hold, tightened around his head as I felt another climax nearing. My back arched as my spine liquefied. Words I couldn’t comprehend left my lips as Larry slowed down, savoring me. Nails of pleasure raked over my flesh as I came undone, squirming across the bed.

My hands moved to his head and I pushed him away with shaky hands. He went without a fight, peering up at me. His eyes lazily trailed my vibrating frame as used the back of his hand to wipes my juices from his lips. His eyes narrowed as his licked the residual nectar and I whimpered.

His body covered mine and he raised me effortlessly, sliding me to the top of the bed. Plush pillows filled my peripheral as I stared up at him, matching his intense gaze. My lips fell open as I prepared to tell him how I’d never experienced pleasure like that, how glad I was it was with him.

But it was his words that crumbled mine to bits. “I love you, Giselle.” His forehead met mine as his eyes morphed to daggers.

I swallowed, grabbing his head and pulling it down to mine. Our lips met in passionate kiss. It was one that twisted my heart and shattered my soul. Energy coursed between us, coiling us together, binding us like we’d never been bound before. When we finally separated, the both of us were breathless and playing catch up with our lungs.

“I love you too, Larry.” Appreciation and relief flashed in his eyes before he kneeled down, kissing me again. I was so distracted by his searing kisses that I failed to notice him spreading me.

His teeth sunk into my lip just as he moved forward, imbedded in length within my core. I whimpered and he hissed as he stretched me. The intrusion rendered me breathless and speechless. It was such a tight fit yet, my body welcomed him, quivering around his shaft. With a hard thrust, he pushed deep inside my body then withdrew marginally before thrusting again.

“Fuck, Gi.” He hissed, gripping my hips in a tight hold. His twists fanned in front of his face and I pushed them back, needing to see his face. His eyes sought mine out and a sexy grin curled his lips as he moved forward again, forcing a moan to rumble in my chest before pouring from my lips.

Dear God, how had I forgotten this feeling, I wondered as his hips glided deftly between my parted thighs. I could write a twenty page paper on his hips movements alone. Him being a skilled dancer was the greatest gift and it forced me to thank the heavens above over and over and over again.

Larry was tall, skinny and lean but he possessed the strength of a weightlifter. He moved me to his liking, lifting and pulling, with hardly any effort at all. It turned me on. His power and need to possess sent me into a tornado of lust time and time again. The hard plains of his body and defined cuts of muscle moving against the fleshy curves and soft contours of my body was the greatest reminder that he could easily overpower me. And that fact instilled a heat so immense in my body that I was sure my muscles would melt away from my bones.

He was aggressive and gentle at the same time. He was hard and graceful. He was attentive and watched my every reaction with eager eyes. My every moan prompted him to go faster. My whimpers whispered to him to slow down. He knew exactly how I liked it but he didn’t get too arrogant. He’d pioneered my pleasure but he was also well aware of the fact that someone else could have shifted the blueprint.

“I love you,” The words tumbled from my mouth and I didn’t bother trying to stop them. I wanted him to know, I needed him to know, that I loved him and frankly, I’d never stopped.

Je t’aime aussi,” He rasped, staring deep into my eyes.

It was impossible to love a human this much. It was impossible to love anything with this much conviction but I did. My love for him was desperate and unwavering and I knew it would remain until the moment I took my very last breath.

My fingers moved down his defined back to the firm globes of his ass where they rested. His skin was slick with sweat and hot. His breathing remained steady, reminding me of the stamina he’d gained from dancing. His movements jarred my body and my hands fell, leaving my fingertips to curve into the twin dimples that etched a space on the sides of his ass.

“Larry, Larry, Larry.” I cried. My entire vocabulary had been erased – all three languages. I’d now been watered down to a crazed woman who only knew one word. It didn’t matter. His name was the only thing that counted.

“Gi,’ He groaned as my body clenched him in a tight hold before releasing him with a shudder. I could feel myself growing wetter and tighter. I could feel my body building with pressure that would only result in another explosion.

I was stunned when he pulled away from me and nearly cried when he left my body. My eyes shifted down to his member, finding it glistening with my juices. The sight made my mouth water and body clench.

“Turn over,” He commanded but because he was impatient, he flipped me, not waiting for me to act on my own. I was instantly met with a view of myself. My skin was flushed. The black liner that once rimmed my eyes was now smudged. My once sleek hair had morphed into the physical embodiment of a mess. My lips were swollen. My eyes glassed. I looked like a woman who knew pleasure. My eyes then flickered up a bit and I jumped finding Larry watching me through the reflection. His hands moved over my ass as his eyes rested on mine. There was a primal quality to his eyes. It was enough to make me shiver.

He patted my ass, motioning for me to come up and I acted immediately, arching like he liked. A whisper of breath left him as he watched me spread and I smirked, quirking a brow at him through the mirror.

I groaned as he eased forward, entering me from behind. My body craned forward and his face twisted in pleasure. His twists were wild and his face was flushed. He looked beyond sexy. And knowing he looked this way because of me made me lightheaded.

My eyes slammed shut as he gripped my hair, pistoning forward into my body. “Look at me.” He demanded and I pried my eyes open, whimpering at the sight before me.

I cried out, rocking my hips to the rhythm we’d created. I met his every thrust with a whimper and gripped the sheets when his pace increased. He was fucking me with an intent to kill. Or maybe he was just reminding me who I belonged to but I hadn’t forgotten. It was impossible to.

He angled his body and rolled his hips, threatening to end me. His eyes were locked on mine the entire time. His stare seemed to darken with every thrust. His lips quivered and to stop it he bit them.

“Harder!” I cried, dropping my face into a pillow only to have it yanked up seconds later. “I can’t,” I whimpered. It was impossible for me to maintain my sanity while watching him fuck me. I wasn’t strong enough for that.

“You can’t take it?” He asked slowing down. His thrusts were still hard and powerful. They still jostled my body forward, threatening to push me into the other side of the mirror. “You can’t take what I give you, Gi?”

I nodded wildly. I wasn’t sure if I’d answered yes or no but I nodded. Something flickered in his eyes as he watched me struggle. He loved me undone and he loved knowing that he was responsible for cutting all the thread that held me together.

“I can take it,” I finally managed in a voice that was ragged and breathy.

“Show me,” He smirked, loving this. However, when I pushed myself onto his length, clamping my heat around him, his smirk fell and his lips flew open as a groan thrashed from him. It was my turn to smirk as he gripped my hips, steading himself. Lust and astonishment blazed in his eyes and he bent placing a lingering kiss in the middle of my back.

When he rose up his face was a mask of determination that made my heart race and belly quiver. He reared back before slamming into me. My scream eased into the air as my body creamed. A pair of hooded, lust-filled eyes met mine and he winced as I tightened around him again.

Tugging my hair, he pulled me up and sat back on his haunches. My damp back pressed to his front and I groaned at the contact. His heated breath fanned over my neck and shoulders. I hissed as he moved my hair to the side, licking a trail from my ear to my shoulder.

He began to move, circling his hips under mine as our eyes connected. My hands eased up my front to my breasts as his eased down between my thighs. I pinched and he strummed and together we both moaned as we neared the culmination of pleasure.

Sharp screams and silky moans fell heatedly from my lips as he sped his pace. My pleasure was building to a point where it was unbearable. Every single fiber of my being was throbbing. I was losing myself as my body began to convulse and my core began to quiver.

“Oh my… Larrrrrrrrrrry.” The choked cry pushed past my lips as my body was greeted with unbridled ecstasy. My body exploded and leaked and shuddered. I could feel juices dripping down my thighs as Larry continued to move under me, moaning as my pussy spasmed over him. His fingers dug into my hips but the ache was dulled by the aftershocks of my orgasm. His eyes rolled to a close as he relished in pleasure.

“Look at me.” I demanded breathlessly as he’d done me earlier. His eyes flew open, blazing with fire. His brow ticked and lips curled before he dropped down to my neck, peppering kisses there. His moans muffled into my flesh and his hands moved up to my breasts, squeezing. Larry’s gaze glossed over and darkened as I grinded over his length. I flinched and then moaned when his teeth sunk into my shoulder. His body morphed into steel, marking his release.

He fell backwards with a sigh, pulling me with him. I went easily, relishing in the way his hard frame felt under mine. We laid there for what seemed like forever, under the mask of bliss. At some point I grew eager to see his face and flipped over with his assistance.

His eyes were low and hooded. His twists created a fan under his head and his lips were curled in a satisfied grin. “Gi… I love you.” He rasped.

I smirked, trailing a finger over his chin. “You only say that because you’re very, very happy right now.”

He scoffed. “No, I say that long ago. Way back when you scared of dick.” I flushed.

“Don’t say that,” I chastised, rolling my eyes.

“Is true.”

“But,” I stressed. “This is a beautiful moment. Don’t ruin it being nasty.”

His eyes widened in disbelief as amusement sizzled to life. “Gi, you just cum in my mouth,” I gasped. “How you mean no be nasty?!” His laughter followed and I covered my face. “Why you shy? You gotta get used to me again?”

“No,” My voice was muffled behind my hands.

“I think you do.” An evil smirk was already on his lips. “No worry for that.”

“Wh-what do you mean?” I quizzed as he pulled my hands down from my face. I was instantly greeted with his toothy smile and glowing eyes.

“Come,” He spoke. “Sit on my face. I get you used to me in no time.”


it’s such a beautiful thing, the way that we be doing our thing, when we be doing it..