Clean and Simple Questions part1

A. What makes life worth it?
B. Hidden talents?
C. Last book you read?
D. Are you seeing anyone?
E. What color do you look best in?
F. Favorite place to nap?
G. Last film you saw?
H. Best advice you’ve given?
I. How many languages can you say hello in?
J. How often do you nap?
K. Favorite fast food?
L. Piano or drums?
M. First thing you ate today?
N. Best Birthday party you’ve attended?
O. What’s your typical Tuesday?
P. Celeb you’d most like to meet?
Q. Weirdest phone call you’ve had?
R. Favorite memory?
S. Who gives the best hugs?
T. Sitting on laps or piggy back rides?
U. Best holiday song?
V. Last shoes you bought?
W. What’s your skin care routine?
X. Coolest thing about your best friend?
Y. What’d you have for lunch two nights ago?
Z. Something kind you’ve done recently?

To me it is still that perfect world you can run to, you can get lost in. Just like it was for me as a kid in my basement with the sitcom Laverne and Shirley. It still to this day makes me feel like an exploring kid, like I’m in a dream. I’m sure each and everyone of us, going back to that snow and the tree’s and that Stars Hollow sky, experienced a moment of profound wonder.
—  Lauren Graham [x]  Vanity Fair Italia