“She’s the best version of herself I’ve ever known. She’s healthy and that’s obviously something a lot of the world knows now, but she’s gotten over [the really hard part]. I know a lot of friends who’ve gone through similar things and it’s when you have to live with your new self for a few years — that comes with a lot of struggle. And being a pop star on top of that, that’s a lot of pressure, but she’s amazing at speaking truth to what she believes. I wish I could have a bit more of that. Excuse my language, but she doesn’t give a f—. She goes out there and says, “This is who I am.” Considering what we’ve all come from, it’s not always easy. We feel like we have to be cautious.”  - Joe Jonas (2016) [x]

i hurt myself today, to see if i still feel. i focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real. the needle tears a hole. the old familiar sting. try to kill it all away, but i remember everything. what have i become, my sweetest friend? everyone i know goes away in the end. and you can have it all. my empire of dirt. i will let you down. i will make you hurt.

lookin rad feelin sad ☮

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Kendall Jenner does not deserve to be on the cover of September Vouge and I’m not just saying that to be mean. Take away her famous family, social media popularity, and money and she would be no where near as successful in the fashion world as she is currently. She has a forgettable face, stiff runway walk, and she always gives the camera dead eyes. It is a shame that the fashion world is being taken over by celebrity worship culture especially when there are so many talented up-and-coming real models who deserve it just as much if not more.