votive candle offerings

A Simple Beginning Ritual

So I’ve seen this pop up a couple of times in the tags and on Ask a Kemetic so I thought I’d chuck in my own 2 cents. Now this is KO influenced a bit, but hey, there are rituals in “kemetic” beginners books that read like the zombie of Gerald Gardner wrote em so who says influence is all bad? So here we go, super beginners and casual, no worries the Noof has got you.

What You’ll Need

- a flat surface. A bed is flat enough just not like an exercise ball or something. Floor is ok just maybe give it a good clean first or put down a cloth (yes a nice clean towel works)

-A light source. Candle, LED candle, even a flashlight if that’s what you’ve got

-Some good smelling stuff. Incense,oil warmer, those meltly wax cubes, or have your light source do double duty and have it be scented like a scented candle. A spritz of perfume even is ok.

- Water. If you can get nice purified kind that’s aces, but if tap is what you got go with that.

- Offerings. This can be bread, some of your pizza, gems, just something you want to give to  (the) Netjer that is from your heart. You can even make a votive offering by drawing the thing you want to offer, from bread to an iphone, if you can draw it or print it out and it’s from your heart then it’s a go. 

- An icon of the specific Netjer you are trying to say hi too. You can draw this, write out their name in hieroglyphs. If you just want to do a “Hey all ya’ll “ you can just use the sign for God/Netjer 

(From “conceptions of god in ancient egypt by Erik Hornung) you can use this lil fellow too:

We aren’t going to worry about stuff like Natron quite yet, so just go wash up as best you can and put on some clean clothes. If you are bleeding from a wound, clean that and redress it with fresh dressings. Menstrual taboo stuff I live up to each person. If you feel up to it ok go ahead, if you wanna wait it out ok. Unless you join an organized temple like KO it’s between you and your gods. 

So you’re all cleaned up and have set up your stuff so it looks nice to you, so have a seat if you want.You could do this all standing, or even laying down if you are bed bound, just don’t get so comfy you fall asleep. Take a second to count your breaths, center yourself. This can be hard, you might be nervous, or giddy or any other number of things.Just try and be as calm as you can get in that moment. Take your time. 

Turn on/light your light source and say 

“ Hail to you Netjer! Shining ones! Lover’s of Ma’at and haters of isfet!

I (your name goes here) call out to you, pure of heart and true of voice!

Please come and guide me so I may have a good life, doing ma’at, loving you and pass into the west.”

You can add on to this if you want. 

Pick up your water and hold it up a bit, presenting it to your icon and say;

“ I offer this water to you so you may be cooled and your love flow into me”

Put that down and pick up your good smelling thing/spritz it/waft it round and say:

“Oh Netjer! May this scent please and harold your coming into my life! May you give me life and breath!”

Take up your offerings and say 

“May this offering of -blank- please and sustain you as you sustain me”

You can use this time to make personal prayers, read from a book, meditate, do some divination it’s up to you. When you feel that you’re done, turn off/snuff out your light source, thank Netjer for being with you and generally clean up.

Trouble Shooting:

1: I want to work with a specific god.

In that case, do a little bit of research first, find out what they like in terms of offerings, for example Amun loves Myrrh, so you might want to offer some of that as a chunk or incense. You generally can’t go wrong with bread and water though. Then in the spoken portions where it says “Netjer” just insert the specific deity’s name.  

2: I didn’t feel anything! It was boring!

That happens. It is perfectly normal and ok. Not every ritual is going to be a magical mystery tour of spiritual elation. Sometimes you are going to be bored and feel silly sitting there talking to a picture. It’s part of this path just as much as visions and ka embraces. You can repeat this ritual again the next day if you want to, you can wait and look for signs, dreams, divination’s or go try another ritual by someone else or make up your own. Sometimes the netjer are busy and so you might get the proverbial “answering machine”. Don’t get to down on yourself. It happens. Keep at it. You can also shoot me an ask or message.

3: That was too casual and just what? Nothing like the ancients! Iphone votive offerings?! LED candles? Non-canon prayers!? What is this crap!?

Sorry there friend. This is what I did pre-KO and it got me a good response, Netjer hasn’t struck me dead yet so it seems to be ok. If you don’t like it, you’re free to not do it, go find one you like or make up your own one. *shrug emoji*


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Hello, Devotees!  Your Mod at Home, Hearth, and Heart is giving away four premade altar set-ups in celebration of reaching 600 followers.  Here is the fourth and last one!

Altar Details:  "Sicilian Summer”

It’s late August, and the bees are buzzing lazily in the meadows.  Wheat waves in a breeze from off the coast, and in the distance, you can just make out the green shadows of vineyards, grapes dark purple-black and ready to be picked.  Sit down to an early afternoon siesta with a nice cup of coffee or a glass of Nero d'Avola and listen to the sounds of an island summer in your own forgotten corner of the world.

This altar setup features the following items:

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  • One 3"-tall glass candle-holder, silver-gold antiqued finish, suitable for holding tea lights, votive candles, or liquid offerings.
  • One 6.5"-diameter ceramic trivet with blue, green, red, and white floral design.  Made in Turkey; useable as a flat offering-dish or decorative/meditative focus.
  • One unscented 8" white pillar candle.
  • One string of indoor-outdoor lights that look like white and purple grapes.  Extension cord not included.  Fits across most windows.

Giveaway Details

  • This comes as a set, not as individual pieces.  If you win it, what you do with those individual pieces is entirely up to you.
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