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DL (Plushie Outfits) - Collection I / Master List

Just want to review how many outfits I have made~ so far total I have 8 outfits. \(Ow<)

Let’s play a little voting game, please tell me the one you like the most~! \(>o<)/

I label each outfit’s name!!! If you want to see each’s full article you can lick the URLs:


Character Song (Shu):

Lost Eden (Shu):

Character song (Subaru):

Rejet Fes 2017/ Snow Prince(Subaru):

Lost Eden (Subaru):

Chaos Lineage (Orange):

Pirate (Subaru):


My next plans are Chaos Lineage’s Scarlet and Violet outfits~ but I will take a little break for now~ Making clothes is a job I have to be 100% concentrate and sit for a long time~ Everytime my shoulder is so tight I cannot even move, and my back is like ouch…(=w=|||)


Thank you all for voting in Louis’ 2016 outfit survey. If one universal truth emerges from this year, it’s the beauty of Louis in suede. You sneaky people chose three amazing looks featuring Louis in suede outerwear. Here’s to more in 2017! Details for each outfit are below.

#1 - June 16 - Out for coffee - Los Angeles

White tee • Valstar slim-fit washed suede bomber in chocolate • blue skinny jeans • Golden Goose Deluxe Brand “Super Star” sneakers

This look received 17.5% of the votes.

#2 - February 15 - GQ Grammy’s Party - Los Angeles

Black polo tee • Burberry XO Barney’s suede moto jacket • black skinny jeans

This look received 11.3% of the votes.

#3 - October 25 - Lottie’s Matchbox Launch - London

White tee • AllSaints Takeo suede biker jacket • black skinny jeans • Hudson Cooke suede laced boots in beige

This look received 9.9% of the votes.

Finished coloring Skater Punk! Oikawa! Although he only really looks “punk” in the last one lol. I was gonna do six outfits (kind of like I did for Skirt!Makki) but I got impatient. :P

Any thoughts on who you’d like to see next? Holla at me!

Jared’s best outfits of 2016

Thank you for choosing Jared’s best outfits of 2016 by voting on Twitter

The results were as we expected , everyone were pretty excited about Gilmore Girls’ stylist appreciating Jared’s body and Sam Winchester’s LA based outfit ! Of course Jared’s sexy and classy look ( Olive Jacket and ultra skinny jeans ) at his NY programs was a winner too !

1st place : Jared in John Varvatos Moleskin Denim Style Jacket (Photo Credit)

2nd Place : Jared in John Varvatos Cotton-Blend 4-Pocket Jacket

3rd place : Jared in Hugo Boss Black Coxtan Wool Cashmere Coat


Thank you to everyone who voted for your favorite outfits from Another Man. Considering these editorials gave us over 33 individual looks, I know it was an agonizing choice for us all. Details for each outfit are below. Styling for the shoot was done by Alister Mackie.

#1 - from ‘Anyplace is Paradise’ by Ryan McGinley

Gosha Rubchinsky striped sweatshirt • Lanvin shoelace 

This outfit received 21.4% of the vote.

#2 - from ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ by Willy Vanderperre

Custom Edward Sexton suit • Fleet Ilya collar • Harry’s own pink converse

This outfit received 11.8% of the vote.

#3 - from ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ by Willy Vanderperre

Gucci Heritage floral check print suit • Harry’s own pink converse • Fleet Ilya collar • Alexander McQueen skull coin ring

This outfit received 11.7% of the vote.

Additionally, we can share that the distribution between the shoots was fairly even:

Third Editorial ‘Anyplace is Paradise’ - 39% of votes

First Editorial ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ - 34% of votes

Second Editorial ‘Tomorrow is a Long Time’ - 29% of votes


Thank you all for voting in Niall’s year end outfit survey. We’ve got three very different looks at the top of the list, but they’re also a great representation of Niall’s style in 2016. From Oliver Spencer casual wear to Paul Smith suits, these three outfits are 100% Niall. Details for each look are below.

#1 - November 20 - American Music Awards - Los Angeles

Paul Smith Soho checked wool suit in grey • Paul Smith white shirt • Paul Smith Atkins leather monk-strap shoes • black and orange fade eyeglasses

This look received 13.5% of the votes.

#2 - November 20 - On Snapchat - Los Angeles

Kapital slim-fit appliquéd and embroidered denim shirt • skinny jeans • burgundy and tan suede laced shoes

This look received 9.9% of the votes.

#3 - March 11 - On Instagram - Los Angeles

Oliver Spencer Kobe long sleeve pocket tee in indigo • Oliver Spencer Kobe shorts in indigo • Dior Homme Blacktie 220S sunglasses • Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers in white and green

This look received 8.7% of the votes.

anonymous asked:

You should do polls so we can vote our favourite outfit, lets say the brits and we can see what look was everyones favourite just based on the clothes.

Yup, we was thinking about doing polls.


Vote for your favorite Larme Look!

To vote for which outfits you want to see in my next Larme Lookbook video, go to my instagram and like and comment on your favorite outfits! The three outfits with the most likes and comments will make it onto my next lookbook video. Voting ends in two days!

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