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Thigh-high socks, a floral shirt, dangling earrings

forbidden ds9 au in which vic fountaine is the simulation of a soulful indie singer from 2010s and the crew takes breaks from war horrors at coachella every weekend - for @reflectedeve

Let’s start with the Stage Two!!

I’m going to post some pictures with different combinations for the children’s appearance and you have to choose the one you like the most! I made them based of how the ship’s outfits would combine and also based on some personal preferences. These outfits may change since they’re sketches. Their official reference sheets will come when I finish the final designs.

How to choose/vote for the one you want:

Each outfit and pinprick colour will have a number/Letter. You just have to comment which one you want! Here’re some examples:

“For RottenBerry, I want the outfit #1, the eye A and the bone colour one”

“I choose #2, A and three for Errornight”

“RottenBerry: 3, A, one. ErrorNight: 1, B, four”

As long as you put the number/letter, it’s fine! And if you want the whole style, you just have to comment something like this: “I want the combination number 1”

I hope I explained it well ;o;

Here are the pictures!


This outfit won’t change

I made some changes for the outfits


Note: I’ll explain the meaning of their desings later! The ErrorNight one is based in two things:  Nightmare’s original outfit and the fact that he calls himself “King” so, his child must have a “Prince” aura.

Hope you like them and choose the ones you want to be used for them!

DL (Plushie Outfits) - Collection I / Master List

Just want to review how many outfits I have made~ so far total I have 8 outfits. \(Ow<)

Let’s play a little voting game, please tell me the one you like the most~! \(>o<)/

I label each outfit’s name!!! If you want to see each’s full article you can lick the URLs:


Character Song (Shu):

Lost Eden (Shu):

Character song (Subaru):

Rejet Fes 2017/ Snow Prince(Subaru):

Lost Eden (Subaru):

Chaos Lineage (Orange):

Pirate (Subaru):


My next plans are Chaos Lineage’s Scarlet and Violet outfits~ but I will take a little break for now~ Making clothes is a job I have to be 100% concentrate and sit for a long time~ Everytime my shoulder is so tight I cannot even move, and my back is like ouch…(=w=|||)

Cheritz: We put up a poll so you can vote which character should get new merchandise! Who will win?

Literally every single person in the fandom no matter who they voted for: 


Work in progress shots of this year’s Hetavision project. If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Youtube you already know that, this year was the FIRST year EVER that I had to redraw characters. I’m so mad it’s not even funny.

The album covers will be released on April 1st as usual, however this year will include a poll, for fans to vote for their favorite ESC songs of 2017!

Voted on by patrons, Peach in her Mario Kart biker outfit!

$5 patrons now receive HD files of everything I draw. $15 gets you the psd! Check out the patreon if you’re interested!

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Character polls results

Hello everyone! The results of the first character voting polls are finally out!!(≧∀≦●)/


Best hero outfit:

  • 1#Bakugou Katsuki☆
  • 2#Uraraka Ochako
  • 3#Asui Tsuyu

Best quirk:

  • 1#Todoroki Shouto☆
  • 2#Yaoyorozu Momo
  • 3#Tokoyami Fumikage

Best pro hero

  • 1#Eraserhead☆
  • 2#All Might
  • 3#Recovery Girl

Funniest character

  • 1#Kaminari Denki☆
  • 2#All Might
  • 3#Iida Tenya

Best female character

  • 1#Uraraka Ochako☆
  • 2#Asui Tsuyu
  • 3#Yaoyorozu Momo

We will be making edits for the number 1# winners! Most of us didn’t expect to get this many votes!! We got around 2k+ votes for each category, it’s crazy! Thank you so much to everyone who voted, it really means a lot! And we hope you guys enjoyed it!! It was fun making the poll, we might do another one later ;) Have a lovely day ♡♡♡

(Also reminding you that we changed url from fybnhas to fyeahbnha since we still see people tagging edits with fybnhas! ^^)

Finished coloring Skater Punk! Oikawa! Although he only really looks “punk” in the last one lol. I was gonna do six outfits (kind of like I did for Skirt!Makki) but I got impatient. :P

Any thoughts on who you’d like to see next? Holla at me!