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Didn’t have any finished art to post this weekend, so have a FE9 scribble.


Thigh-high socks, a floral shirt, dangling earrings

forbidden ds9 au in which vic fountaine is the simulation of a soulful indie singer from 2010s and the crew takes breaks from war horrors at coachella every weekend - for @reflectedeve

DL (Plushie Outfits) - Collection I / Master List

Just want to review how many outfits I have made~ so far total I have 8 outfits. \(Ow<)

Let’s play a little voting game, please tell me the one you like the most~! \(>o<)/

I label each outfit’s name!!! If you want to see each’s full article you can lick the URLs:


Character Song (Shu):

Lost Eden (Shu):

Character song (Subaru):

Rejet Fes 2017/ Snow Prince(Subaru):

Lost Eden (Subaru):

Chaos Lineage (Orange):

Pirate (Subaru):


My next plans are Chaos Lineage’s Scarlet and Violet outfits~ but I will take a little break for now~ Making clothes is a job I have to be 100% concentrate and sit for a long time~ Everytime my shoulder is so tight I cannot even move, and my back is like ouch…(=w=|||)

Let’s start with the Stage Two!!

I’m going to post some pictures with different combinations for the children’s appearance and you have to choose the one you like the most! I made them based of how the ship’s outfits would combine and also based on some personal preferences. These outfits may change since they’re sketches. Their official reference sheets will come when I finish the final designs.

How to choose/vote for the one you want:

Each outfit and pinprick colour will have a number/Letter. You just have to comment which one you want! Here’re some examples:

“For RottenBerry, I want the outfit #1, the eye A and the bone colour one”

“I choose #2, A and three for Errornight”

“RottenBerry: 3, A, one. ErrorNight: 1, B, four”

As long as you put the number/letter, it’s fine! And if you want the whole style, you just have to comment something like this: “I want the combination number 1”

I hope I explained it well ;o;

Here are the pictures!


This outfit won’t change

I made some changes for the outfits


Note: I’ll explain the meaning of their desings later! The ErrorNight one is based in two things:  Nightmare’s original outfit and the fact that he calls himself “King” so, his child must have a “Prince” aura.

Hope you like them and choose the ones you want to be used for them!


Work in progress shots of this year’s Hetavision project. If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Youtube you already know that, this year was the FIRST year EVER that I had to redraw characters. I’m so mad it’s not even funny.

The album covers will be released on April 1st as usual, however this year will include a poll, for fans to vote for their favorite ESC songs of 2017!

The Heart - Part Two - Roman Godfrey

(Nerd!Reader X Roman Godfrey)

Part One

“I’ll see you at six, nerd,” he said, giving you a playful grin. You rolled your eyes as he walked off, people gawking at you as you turned back to your locker. Like always, you didn’t care that they stared. You could care less. All you were thinking about was what to wear.

After tutoring Roman, with a degree of success, it was time to complete the deal you made. It was time for your date.

A/N: Thank you for all the kind words on the first part! Roman is hella smooth btw (sorry for the horrible ending.)

Originally posted by eternalmikaelson

You studied your reflection in the bathroom mirror, making sure your outfit was orderly. Your hair was fixed up, after what felt like hours of manipulating it. For once in your life, you felt that you looked great. The outfit you changed into after school was comfortable; dark pants and a light tee shirt that paired well with the jacket you had resting over your shoulder.

Maybe it was too simple. The nerves you had felt during the school day returned. You could still hear Roman’s voice in your ear telling you to “wear something nice.” This outfit wasn’t nice enough, you thought to yourself. You rushed back into your bedroom, throwing clothes everywhere in the search of just the right outfit. You settled on a soft sweater, voting to keep the dark pants you already had on.

Making your way back to the bathroom, you felt more content with your wardrobe choice. It was a bulky sweater, making you look small and keeping you warm. It’s soft, colored hue made your eyes pop. Much better. You fixed your hair again, repairing the damage you had done when you changed into the sweater.

You had started walking down the stairs of your home when you heard a honk. You leaned over a chair and peered out of the window. You saw a small, old-fashion car in the driveway. It’s top was down and you could see Roman waiting for you in the driver’s seat.

Nearly tripping out of the door, you made your way to Roman’s car. He was now standing outside of the car, waiting for you so he could open the passenger side door. When his eyes fell on you, his lips parted for a moment.

“Hi,” you said, your shyness showing through. You brushed a hand through your hair and Roman smiled softly down at you.

“Hey, you ready to go?” He pushed himself off his car, which he was leaning against. You took in his attire; dark pants and a navy blue button up. His hair looked styled, up more than down. The most attractive feature however, was his soft, close lipped smile.

“Yeah,” you said and Roman opened the car door. Before you sat down, Roman leaned towards you, his breath tickling your neck.

“You look great,” he whispered lowly. You blushed and smiled at him, hoping that you seemed even the slightest bit confident.

“So do you,” you replied, surprised your voice didn’t falter. Roman grinned and bit his bottom lip as you sat down in his car. He shut the door and walked back over to the drivers side. “So what do you have planned?” You asked, trying to remain calm.

“You’ll see,” Roman said with a smirk. He started the car and backed up and out of your driveway. He put on the radio, tuning it to a light rock station at low volume. The now sunset colored sky of Hemlock Grove soared above you as Roman drove through town.

“You did great on your test,” you said, turning to face Roman. “I’m proud of you,” your words brought a wide smile to his face.

“I have you to thank for that grade,” he said, his hands tightening around the steering wheel as he spoke. “I would’ve failed without you.” You blushed at his statement, turning to look outside the car. You were on a country road, at least it looked like one. Towering trees loomed over the road ahead of you, spicing the air with the scent of pine.

The rest of the car ride went on without a hitch. You did your best to deal with awkward silences and Roman was just Roman. He was flirtatious and, or so it seemed to you, happy.

“So you’re not going to tell me where you’re taking me?” You asked as the terrain around you seemed to grow more unfamiliar by the second.

“Nope,” Roman said, popping the ‘p’. You turned to look at him, brows furrowed but saw that he was grinning at the road before the car.

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Voted on by patrons, Peach in her Mario Kart biker outfit!

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penguings-and-sherlock  asked:

Could you please do 4 and 10 with Bucky from your Drabble list?

4. “I’m trying really hard to hate you right now”

10. “You look so sexy when you’re ignoring me”

Requested by @penguings-and-sherlock​, thank you again to @bucky-plums-barnes​ for helping me brainstorm!! 

Even though Halloween came around every year Tony always insisted on having a pre-halloween party so people could ‘warm up’ to the idea of a costume party. Granted that he did it in the middle of summer, it was more an excuse to hold a glorified costume pool party if anything else. But all that meant for you was the stress of trying to find not one, but two costumes that were suitable to your standards. Flopping down on the couch phone in hand you started the tedious task of eliminating costume ideas and texting Nat about what costume she had decided on. The frustrated grunt falling from your lips was loud enough to alert your boyfriend of your mood. 

“Tony’s party?” Bucky questioned falling down next to you, wrapping his flesh arm around your shoulder. You nodded in reply, your fingers flicking across your screen as you mentally voted no to the many skimpy outfits. The next costume made you pause briefly, it was a two piece sailor costume with high waisted navy blue shorts. A crop top with white and red stripes across the bra with a blue bolt of fabric below tied with a red bow between the cleavage. looked more like swim bathers, paired with the iconic white sailor hat and red heels it certainly tied in with the pool aspect of the party. Still in two minds about the costume, metal fingers suddenly shot out to hold you from flicking it away. Looking up at your boyfriends face you were surprised to see the dark look in his eyes. 

“Have a thing for Sailors, Sarge?” you teased as Bucky blinked furiously grumbling something about Steve wanting to train together as he made his hasty retreat…

You knew you were in trouble, from the moment you locked eyes with Bucky wearing *that* outfit you could see his hand grip the bottle of beer ever so tightly as his chest paused on it’s intake of breathe before exhaling deeply. Innocently you skipped towards him, you were very aware of the others watching you planted a kiss to his cheek. Leaving a perfect lipstick mark on his cheek you grinned. 

“I’m trying really hard to hate you right now” You giggled as Bucky grumbled in your ear. 

“Aw come on baby, you know you love it” winking you didn’t have time to hear his reply as Nat whisked you away to the bar. 

For the rest of the night Bucky kept is distance, every time you looked over, he would look away. But that didn’t stop Nat from telling you when his eyes wandered over your ass when your back was turned to him. The final straw for your brooding boyfriend came when you and Steve were dancing, no matter how innocent it was between you and the Captain. The sight of Steve’s hands all over his girl made the ex assassin see red, in a matter of seconds you could feel Bucky pressed up against you. Pressing his hips flush against your as you swallowed as moan as you felt exactly how riled up Bucky really was. 

“You know, you look so sexy when you’re ignoring me” your voice shuddered as you backed up into him, eyes fluttering closed. But you had no time to relish in the feel of your boyfriend before he was pulling you to the elevator not caring that you stumbled behind him in your heels. 

“Oh no, I’m done ignoring you. Now, I’m going to punish you baby girl”