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Magnus and Alec are officially competing against the unexpected powerhouse of Isak and Even from Skam in the final round of our TV’s Top Couple tournament, and we are currently losing. So come on Malec fans lets vote and get Malec over the line.

When ~

  • Los Angeles (PST): noon, March 6th
  • New York (EST): 3 pm, March 6th
  • London (GMT): 8 pm, March 6th
  • Sydney (AEST): 7 am, March 7th

How long ~
the voting party will go on for approx one hour, but please keep voting afterward.

vote here

power voting tips

voting ends March 6th, 5 pm PST 

*please vote before and after the voting party, vote vote VOTE!


Blizzard day: truman burbank, veggie bacon & it was also voting day. The town Hayes & I live in is getting 3 new schools, while my hometown where my rents still live isn’t even getting a new elementary school, wicked sad. But I am very proud of my parents for creating 3 articles to vote on to keep their town rural & they all passed! They stood out in the blizzard all day to tell residents to vote for their articles- bottom middle photo in green & purple; also my brothers in the middle photo.