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French expats voted en masse yesterday throughout Canada, from Montreal (pictures 1 and 2) to Vancouver (pictures 3 and 4). 

People. Friends. Listen to me. Please. Help me to help my country.

I live in Peru. And we’re having our presidential election tomorrow, sunday 5th. We’re having election for the next 5 years. Friends. Help us.

Do you know who the woman in the picture is?

Her name is Keiko Fujimori. She’s the daughter of Alberto Fujimori, ex president of Peru, currently in jail for corruption and human rights’ violations. Guys, that family -yes, the whole family- destroyed my country. With the excuse of stop the terrorism we were suffering, Alberto ordered the military to kill millions of people, acussing them of being terrorist without any solid proof -men, women and children. We’re still looking for the people they took away and never came back. Fujimori ordered the sterilization of millions of poor women from the hightlands. He closed the congress and ilegally reelect himself -yes, he’s a dictator. He stole millions of soles (our officially coin) from us. And with everything done, he ran away and happily send his goodbye via fax.

Guys, Keiko Fujimori is the daugther of that man. And she was part of his government: she took the place of his mother, Alberto’s wife, when she was send away after being tortured for order of his own husband… Guess why? Because she reported that Alberto and his brothers and sisters (Keiko’s aunts and uncles) were ilegally taking the donations that other countries send us. All with Keiko’s knowledge and consent. The aunts and uncles ran away too, by the way. We’re still trying to put them in jail. Keiko is not helping.

Because, Keiko has been a congresswoman for some years now. The people of my country voted for her. Yes, lots of people voted for her, because there’s a lot of people in my country who still see Alberto as their hero for stopping the terrorism (what he actually didn’t do, but that’s another, and long, story), and don’t care about our dead because “surely they were terrorist” and don’t care about our sterilized women because “they were having too many children anyway”. As a congresswoman, Keiko did nothing. She was absent from the congress for 500 days and was paid anyway, we’re still waiting to listen a reason, a real reason, for that. And let’s not start with his brother, Kenji Fujimori, who is a congressman too, and who has being involved in an scandal with drugs some years ago, and also in a scandal for sexually abusing his dog. Keiko did nothing. Said nothing.

Our presidential election is tomorrow, sunday 5th. And the polls say that Keiko Fujimori is about to be elected as Peru’s next president.

Guys. We, the people who remember, are doing everything we can. We went to protest. We made campaigns to inform people. But the majority of my country is still voting for Keiko and we don’t know what else to do. They just don’t listen. They call us “ungrateful”, “resentful”… “Terrorist”. Keiko is working with the same people who worked with his father during the dictatorship, 5 of the people who are in his team (and who are also elected congressman and congresswoman now) are currently being processed, and recently it was revealed that the principal financer of his political campaign is connected with drug traffic. Let’s not start with the audio manipulation, made to help her, which was recently discovered too. Some weeks ago, Keiko even made an alliance to certain religious groups, and publicly promise to stop any kind of iniciative to respect LGBT rights by supporting at least the civil union because “the real family is composed by man and woman”.

Maybe you live away from here. Maybe you can’t help us tomorrow -we’re going to check the votation, because Fujimorism (yes, that’s a term now) is known for fraud and we won’t put things even easier for Keiko. But you can talk about this. You can share this. So please, spread the word. Let the world know what is happening here. Let them know that the daughter of the dictator, of the criminal, is about to be elected as Peru’s next president. As the first female president in the story of my country -yes. Even after all the sterilized women, there’s still people who think that Keiko represent the women and the mothers of Peru.

And if you know any peruvian in your country, or in any other country abroad… Please talk to them about this. Tell them about this. Please tell them to vote for the other candidate, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, even if they don’t like him, because right now we need to be together and put an stop to Fujimorism. Please tell them to not vote in blank and not invalid their vote, because that votes -because of our elections system- help the candidate with more votes, who is currently Keiko Fujimori.

We don’t have much time, but we have hope. Kuczynski is going up in the new polls and Keiko is going down… But Keiko is still the one with more votes, and I’m not sure if we will be able to change that until tomorrow (the blank and invalid votes are the ones we’re fighting for, those and the votes from abroad could give us a chance). So please, friends, spread the word. Even if we don’t have much time, please help me to help my country. Fujimorism can’t return to the government. And until the last hour, the last minute, we will fight.
Sanders crushes Clinton among Democrats abroad
Bernie Sanders has won a primary of American expatriates whom Democrats invite to participate in the party's presidential nominating process.

Bernie Sanders has won a primary of American Democrats living abroad, according to a press release.

The group Democrats Abroad, which held a “Global Presidential Primary” earlier this month, announced the results on Monday: Sanders won 69 percent of the vote, compared to just 31 percent for Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic National Committee grants Democrats Abroad 13 pledged delegates, who will be allocated according to the results: 9 for Sanders, and 4 for Clinton.

According to Democrats Abroad, three of the group’s eight superdelegates are committed to Clinton, while one is committed to Sanders.

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geekyhobbies  asked:

American living aborad, here. Also, for any others living abroad, it is super easy to register to vote. I personally signed up for email absentee voting. You need to do this NOW, 'cause you also need to send in your actual signiature via snail mail to your home COUNTY of origin. EX: I lived in Erie County, NY so I sent to there. Google how to vote abroad, and you will be directed to the website. (Tumblr doesnt like links.) Took me 10 min tops. The site well tell u the address to send ur papers.

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Clinton acquiescers undo so much progress regarding people’s increased cynicism towards electoral politics. So many people are actively /fed up/ with the prospect of neoliberalism offering us two shitty options, neither of which will do much beyond greasing the wheels for capital accumulation by elites. Like, vote for Clinton if you want, but don’t actively defend her; don’t defend this corrupt setup that breeds ungodly resource inequality, systemic racism and sexism, and imperialist violence abroad. Vote for her if you want, but don’t act like she’s salvation, or even anything beyond a center-right status quo that consolidates power at the top; oppose her wherever possible, even if you “do your civic duty” and vote for her to oppose Trump and his proto-fascist brigade.

Clinton and the liberal Democrat establishment are not your friends – they are enemies who only seek to preserve the privileged position of the capitalist class (and debatably the upper-middle class). The people will never be in control as long as elites control the means of production in top-down fashion and as long as the state acts to maintain that economic injustice. We need a systemic push towards more democracy, not going about business-as-usual with its defanged and hollowed-out brand of “democracy”. Democracy means actively building and shaping society, not acquiescing to options hand-picked by elites; it means the people being in control of the wealth they produce, not allowing the grand majority of it to flow upward, away from individual workers and communities.

Capitalism is the enemy and Clinton is not “in the right direction” – she is the status quo in all of its oppressive glory.

Danish political party throws Trump under the bus


Over 7,500 kilometers away from the American election a Danish party takes a stand with a single bus advertisement and urges Americans living abroad to vote. In Denmark alone 8,714 Americans are able to vote and the Danish Socialist People’s Party have their eyes literally rolling at one of the candidates.  

This year’s American election has a large impact on a country such as Denmark and when the election turns into a circus the Danish party sees it as an opportunity to provide a tongue-in-cheek comment from across the Atlantic.

Leader of SF, Pia Olsen Dyhr, says:

The ad is obviously done with a sense of humor, but we actually do take the US election very seriously. It has a huge impact on us all, even in tiny Denmark. Mr. Trump’s political views are very far from ours and I find it rather scary to think of him sitting in the oval office. I hope that we can influence some of the Americans living in Denmark and make them vote. Every vote counts.


The ad, created by creative agency Uncle Grey, leads people to a website called Here they can find out where and how to vote from abroad. The bus, and Donald Trumps eyes, will continue to spin around the streets of Copenhagen, and the Internet, until Election Day.

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Paris, London, Vienna, Chisinau, all major cities in Italy, Barcelona, Stuttgart, München: again it’s hard for Romanians abroad to vote for a bright future for Romania. It is outrageous. Is this democracy? I ask the EU to examine the course of events, if the outcome appears fatal. This is democrazy!