votes for me

Barack Obama masked  the failure of the Democratic Party. Since 2010, the Spineless Dems lost over 1000 seats nationwide in State Legislatures and Congress.

Chuck Schumer and the Spineless Dems would rather lose to the ReTHUGlicans then let the Progressive Democrats take over their corporate gravy train. 

The Spineless Dems move to the Right, causing the ReTHUGlicans to move further to the Right and they continue to win elections. Why pretend to be ReTHUGlican when voters can have the real thing?

“Play nice with others”, they say. You know what that gets you?

Donald Trump for President

Wiped out in the Senate

Wiped out in the House

Wiped out in governorships

Wiped out in State Legislatures

Nice job, Spineless Dems. And you wonder why the working class abandoned you to vote for Trump. They saw through your BS and knew you had no intention of representing them. So when Trump said, “Vote for me. What have you got to lose?”, they said, “Yeah, What DO we have to lose?”


Here is the Episode of My Brother My Brother and Me (MBMaM) on Seeso that premiered tonight (12/15) on Facebook Live! I have no idea if its chronologically the first one, but it sure is a great way to kick things off. You don’t have to had listened to the podcast before to enjoy the episode, I promise! If you are arachnophobic I highly recommend you do NOT watch this episode.