Sanders crushes Clinton among Democrats abroad

Bernie Sanders has won a primary of American Democrats living abroad, according to a press release.

The group Democrats Abroad, which held a “Global Presidential Primary” earlier this month, announced the results on Monday: Sanders won 69 percent of the vote, compared to just 31 percent for Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic National Committee grants Democrats Abroad 13 pledged delegates, who will be allocated according to the results: 9 for Sanders, and 4 for Clinton.

According to Democrats Abroad, three of the group’s eight superdelegates are committed to Clinton, while one is committed to Sanders.

The primary was open to all Americans living abroad who pre-registered with Democrats Abroad to participate. Total turnout was 34,570 voters.

The group says it hosted more than 150 in-person voting events from March 1-8, beginning at midnight local time on March 1 at a bar in Wellington, New Zealand. Americans could also vote by mail, fax or email attachment.

Unlike their Democratic counterparts, Republicans do not allow expats to vote in their nominating process.