What frustrates me about politics is that when we find evidence of wrongdoing, they keep moving forward. Evidence of voter fraud? We’ll get them next time. Evidence of collusion with the party against Bernie? Just have one person retire and then they promise they won’t ever do it again.

I’m not going to split my vote, but I’m frustrated in this idea that when shit is broken that there is this attitude of “We’ll get it later.” Well, a lot of good that does for us in this election. I promise I’ll hold my breath for the next four years to make sure you don’t pull the same shit.

The only thing this tells me is that as long as you don’t get caught until after the vote is cast, we’ll just run with the results anyway. We’ll definitely make sure it doesn’t happen next election. You can trust us.

I’m not voting for someone who only got the nomination as president due to a rigged primary. That isn’t democracy. Stealing an election and committing voter fraud isn’t democracy. No Clinton. No Trump. Fuck both of these candidates. People are only bernie or bust because the establishment is no longer for the American people- it’s for political insiders and billionaires. I’ll write in Bernie Sanders on the ballot and all of yall can suck my dick 

“Are you watching the convention?”

No mother.

“Well they’re doing the roll call. I know you don’t like Hillary but it’s the first time a woman will be the democratic nominee. You might wanna tell your daughter about it?”

ah yes my child - let me tell you the tale of the one time a crooked ass cheater was nominated for president because the DNC LIED and prevented the man who would change the whole fuckin world from being president. listen to the story of how fucking hard my generation fought for someone that would have made the world better only to get cheated and lied to. listen up cuz I’m about tell you how we had the first presidential nominee under fbi investigation and how our first black president was the first president to endorse someone under fbi investigation!! how the DNC so badly wanted her to become president that they committed voter fraud and MILLIONS of votes for bernie sanders went uncounted and left to the wayside.

but you’re right mom. very important. very historic.

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Kajuanaaaaa, I'm from the UK, wtf happened to Bernie sanders?? I wanted him to win where is he

The primaries were rigged from the beginning. The DNC wanted Hilary to win and guess what she won. With all the voter fraud and media not taking Bernie’s campaign seriously there was no chance but whatevs that’s America for ya




DNC Doing a “Twitter take over” which uses surrogate Twitter accounts to get hashtags trending

Buzzfeed and DNC connection

Jeff Weaver commentary being pulled on CNN

DNC writes an article for the AP and then AP passes it off as their own

Reuters correspondent making fun of Carly Fiorina

DNC Discussing framing narratives and how to talk about Trump

Checking in on news story, voter fraud helping Democrats win elections

The Guardian reporter, Luaren Gambino, discussing swaying red states to Democrat this year

DNC’s Luis Miranda working with MSNBC’s Morning Joe to ‘clear up misperceptions’

DNC doesnt use the word “leaders” because it makes them sound elitist

DWS: “This is a good story. Did we get them the info near the bottom?"Discussing MSNBC story about Sanders

Reporter feeding talking points to dnc before interview

"Daily political guidance”.


“… it appears that the DNC is benefiting from money raised under false pretenses. Is the party comforable with that?”

“It doesn’t matter where the money is coming from, just that it came in.”
Julie Scardiglia calling Debbie Wasserman Schultz as corrupt as $hillary, “Fuck you”.

(.DOCX Attachment) Proof of how out of touch the DNC is with millenials

DNC Saying Martin O'Malley is a joke. Debate time is up to the networks not them

Being on the platform drafting committee is different than the platform. Israel talk

MSNBC’s Brzezinski says DWS should step down 3 months prior to her actually doing so

DNC members discussing their accusations of money laundering.

“Off the record, you didn’t get this from me.”

DNC Discussing Sander’s supporter’s frustration and acts of violence, directing his narrative toward Clinton victory.

Ted Cruz delegate “threats” emails being reviewed by DNC members.

DNC Narrative on Clinton email server.

DNC Trying to twist Trump’s words to 'clarify’ that he is provably dangerous.

DNC Scouting out Trump and Christie donation sources.

“One of the problems we have is that we don’t have fully bilingual staff … no budget for translations.” LOL

Requests to be taken off DNC list. Indian dude gets a shitty response from DNC.

DNC Discussing racist roots of voting policies.

DNC mentions Rand Paul talking about Black Lives Matter needs to realise things cost money.

DNC talks about BLM DeRay McKesson, leader of the BLM group.

DNC talks about George Zimmerman auctioning gun and gender discrimination in Hollywood.


Making fun of local reporters “reporters seem to be thrilled to be at the convention lmfaooooo”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a “dummy account”.


DNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with reuters.

Trump swindling (((Pritzkers))) since 1980s.

Contrasting the RNC and DNC talking points, in addition to plans to attack Trump

Megyn Kelly a bimbo, Clintons get off their culos and get Hispanic professionals, Trump is a “thug”.

(.JPG Attachment) Low energy Trump name calling brainstorm notepad. EPIC MATERIAL.

The DNC’s Jordan Kaplan telling Clayton Cox he is waiting for “the Donald” to call him.

Obama plans ICE find, arrest, deport illegal immigrant mothers, children for month to build narrative against Trump.

Trump framing document.

Talking points and more racism about Trump.

DNC Talks about teachers union blaming Trump for making kids racist in schools now.

DNC Thinks calling Trump Hitler and spamming it is amazing.


(Clinton Emails not DNC Emails) Hillary calls Omar Abu Jariban a “Sand nigger”.

(Clinton Emails not DNC Emails) Clinton owns, “penance” to Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Hillary Victory Fund is shady. Coordinating with Hillary campaign to get the same story for a politico story

DWS wants to release gif of Christie’s wife giving eye roll. Hillary is not a democrat?

Clinton Campaign is a mess


“.. fuck off Debbie along with your bitch Hilary. FEEL THE Bern BITCHES!”

DNC Referring to Sanders as an “insurgency”

“Hillary will be hard pressed to win unless Bernie’s supporters vote for her.”


(.MP3 Voicemail Attachment) lol golden oldie pissed at the DNC

“Pablo fuck off.”

DNC, “shut it down”

“[Line up of diverse little people] You were part of a community of millions …”

“The asshole from fox emailed us again.”

“If he’s a good gay, he’ll love that this pic is with Kathy griffin.”

DNC Calling their donors clowns

“The salad with chicken asshole.”

$100,000 from Schoenberg.
DNC chairwoman will not speak at, preside over convention: report
By Rebecca Savransky

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not be speaking at nor presiding over the Democratic National Convention this week, CNN reportedWasserman Schultz’s position as the convention chairwoman was rescinded Saturday by the DNC Rules Committee, according to the network.

Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) will instead assume the role of permanent chair of the convention.


Beautiful. The Dem’s shining star taking lessons from history at least. Every oppressed people were kept in place with ignorance. We are no different. The educated are dangerous to their prerogatives. Fight the fog.

If you’re not down to write in Bernie, look into Jill Stein! I don’t agree with her on some issues, but her platform is consistent in many areas to Bernie’s. I am writing in Bernie but if you’re not, check her out!
DNC Primary Election Fraud Caught On Camera In San Diego
Evidence of election fraud in the Democratic primaries continues to surface, with officials in San Diego capturing footage of tampered Bernie Sanders ballots.

Evidence of widespread election fraud in the California Democratic primary continues to surface, with citizen election monitors in San Diego capturing footage of tampered Bernie Sanders provisional ballots.

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Except you fail to mention the numerous accounts of voter suppression, voter fraud, uncounted votes, general election fraud, manipulation of attention, finances and timing by the DNC and the media blackout on Bernie, but y'know, that's none of my business.

The DNC is a mess – and it is your business – but this whole idea of a media blackout on Bernie Sanders is ridiculous. A media blackout is a media BLACKOUT. That means you wouldn’t see the guy anywhere. We need to remember that the words we use have meanings, and a “media blackout” means what it actually is. That’s not what happened. If there was a concerted effort to keep Bernie Sanders off of mainstream cable news networks, it was a really shitty effort because his campaign lasted until June and he raised $235 million.
Top DNC Official Apologizes for 'Insensitive' Email After Leak
The email asks questions about faith, in an apparent reference to Bernie Sanders while Sanders was still battling Clinton in the primaries.

The article says that, “Some Sanders supporters have claimed that the DNC was biased against the Sanders campaign, and that Wasserman Schultz tried to influence the outcome. Wasserman Schultz has denied the claims.“

No, we are stating as a fact that the emails clearly show not that she “tried to influence the outcome,” but that she and other party officials chose Clinton as the nominee before the first vote was cast, and that DNC officials successfully colluded with media outlets to ensure Clinton as the nominee.

We see the bullshit spin narrative you’re weaving, and it isn’t going to work.

We make these “claims,” as you call them, because voter fraud is clearly caught on video, because the person in charge of a caucus recount in Iowa ADMITTED that instead of actually doing a full recount, she based the final tallies on assumption, because in Nevada, the DNC broke its own rules to deny a recount. And those are just a couple of incidents we know about. Who knows how much we didn’t catch?

We “claim” these things because, again, the emails clearly show that Clinton was chosen as nominee before the first vote was cast, and because they clearly show the DNC colluding with major cable networks to play down Sanders’ campaign, and we all saw how, despite drawing larger crowds than Trump or Clinton, Sanders was continuously treated by big media as a “fringe” candidate. Hell, we saw a major cable network completely snub a Sanders speech because they were waiting for comments by a candidate who drew only a small fraction of the crowd Sanders had drawn that night.

EDIT: Also, let’s not forget that although the Clinton campaign admitted that DNC representatives disenfranchised Arizona voters–and just coincidentally, many of whom were Bernie supporters –the campaign still accepted the “win.”

Also, note the use of the word “claimed” in the article. “Claim” is what we as writers call a “weasel word” used to subtly influence perceptions. If you write that someone “says,” or “states” something, it is neutral, while if they “claim” something, it is implied that what they said should not be taken quite so seriously. No, really. Try it yourself; take a book in which people are making factual statements, substitute “claimed” for “said,” and notice the difference.

For example, “Biologists say that fish breathe water,” versus, “Some biologists claim that fish breathe water.”

Another technique they’re using in the spin is to acknowledge a part of the evidence, but ignore the rest, thus giving the impression to anyone who doesn’t do their own checking that only the part they reference is factual, and that the rest is merely conjecture.

And again, we are not “claiming” that Wasserman “tried to influence the outcome.” No, we are stating, as a fact, based on the evidence in leaked emails, and based on what we have seen with our own eyes, that Wasserman and other DNC officials, along with certain cable networks, conspired to, and did indeed, ensure that Clinton would win the primary.

If these results stand, Harvard was right. We are no longer living in a democracy, but in an oligarchy, in which rule is not by the people, but by a small, self-selected elite, who have arrogated themselves to the position of choosing our leaders for us, and who will resort to any amount of skullduggery to make sure we shut up, sit down, and do as we are told.

And before you go, look below the cut and check out some of these links–to both the Wikileaks database, and to various articles discussing individual email chains. (Hopefully these articles haven’t been edited to fit the spin narrative by the time you see them.)

Keep reading
Californians Call for a Grand Jury Investigation of the Primary
"It was like a stab to the heart," said Donna Tarr, "to see the presidential vote being crossed out."

Tarr is one of the citizen observers who watched as a Los Angeles county worker remade a “snagged” Democrat ballot onto a fresh, clean No Party Preference ballot, effectively wiping out their presidential vote. (To find out what happened, see this story.)

Problems like these raise serious question as to whether the vote in California has been counted correctly.

“A Civil Grand Jury is a lot faster than a lawsuit,” said Kelly Mordecai of “We hope their investigation and immediate report or presentment will call for a more uniform, more reliable voting process, proper training of poll workers, and no tampering with people’s registration.”

To start a Civil Grand Jury investigation, voters may file a complaint with their county. Both the complaints and WatchtheVoteUSA’s declarations will present the details of an election gone horribly wrong.


This whole primary season, I’ve been bullied on social media sites to “get in line” and support Hillary Clinton rather than Bernie Sanders. I’ve been told it’s my duty as a Democrat, a woman, a liberal, and a human being. In the light of the #DNCLeak, I expected this bullying to turn to apologies or at least silence. But instead, it’s ramped up, and I can’t—I WON’T—be silent. The hypocrisy alone compels me to speak.

Bernie Sanders and his supporters said (and in many cases, gave evidence) over and over again during the primaries that the DNC and mainstream media were showing favoritism to HRC and that voter fraud and suppression were disenfranchising voters. In response to these concerns, party members and the media called us paranoid, misinformed, bitter, sore losers…take your pick. Many were happy to turn their heads because they felt they had no other choice than to vote for HRC.

When the DNCLeak exploded (thank you, Wikileaks, and all whistleblowers), it provided irrefutable proof that even in the Democratic Party, the party that prides itself on equality and fairness and progressive change, the system is rigged. (WE TOLD YOU SO). No longer able to cover up or evade the corruption, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz announced her resignation. And after destroying a campaign run on unprecedented integrity, the DNC issued a weak, sad apology to Bernie Sanders.

Meanwhile, the corrupt and disgraced DWS was brought into the Clinton campaign. Clinton, once again ignoring the cry of outrage from disenfranchised and ENGAGED voters, chose to embrace the corrupt instead of distancing herself from a figure of division. While HRC and her supporters call for unity in a broken party, HRC seems determined to do everything to divide. Instead of listening to and showing respect for young voters, she has condescended to, mocked, and dismissed them. When that didn’t bring them around, HRC’s cronies moved forward to accuse female non-supporters of betraying their sex and only becoming involved to chase after boys. HRC has refused to make her platform more progressive, something a large chunk of party members young and old are demanding. She has refused to cut ties with Wall Street as income inequality crushes America’s and the world’s potential. She picked a VP candidate that is not only out of touch with what voters want, but is actually a step backward. And then she embraced the disgraced DWS. She could write the book on How to Lose Votes and Alienate Voters. And then HRC and her supporters have the nerve to call for unity and to speak of outraged Bernie supporters like they’re grade school kids that got a scuffed knee on the playground and just need to calm down before coming around? Ha ha ha ha ha!

And the DNC has made a bigger joke of itself. Instead of respecting the one-of-a-kind candidate that was showing a unique ability to engage young voters, unite Republicans and Democrats, and bring out the vote, the DNC held on to their preferred corrupt, unpopular candidate. When a large chunk of party members said it’s time to actually address global warming, income inequality, student loan debt, etc. and rallied around a candidate with a strong, refreshing plan to do so, the DNC chose to ignore those voters and instead, made moves to manipulate them into compliance around a status quo candidate by controlling mainstream media, planting insiders within the Sanders campaign, and—I can’t say it enough—good, old-fashioned bullying.

After HRC sidestepped charges over her private email server usage (because gee, it would be just too hard to prosecute), after she picked a VP that’s a big dull dud, and after corruption on the part of the DNC was revealed, I would expect her supporters to step back and ask, “How much are we going to let her get away with before we say enough is enough?” Instead of conceding that she wasn’t the proper candidate, that the DNC made a mistake in not treating Sanders (a candidate who could reunite the party, bring thousands of new members into the party, and bring the largest voter turnout in US history) fairly, many HRC supporters are doubling down with the excuse that ANYONE is better than Trump. Ironically, as HRC plummets in the polls, that anyone is Sanders.

As the #DNCLeak flooded Twitter, one person said if I don’t vote for HRC, I might as well vote for Trump, and here is a little of what I told that person. If you want to play the blame game, stop deflecting it. Put the blame where it’s due. Instead of bullying Sanders supporters, blame Trump voters. Instead of blaming #NeverHillary or #BernieorBust, blame the DNC for choosing a corrupt candidate who just can’t carry the vote. Better yet, blame the DNC for alienating voters with their corrupt actions and driving young voters forever away from the party. Finally, blame yourselves for your armchair citizenry. I’ve heard from childhood on that tired, defeatist logic—or rather, conditioning—that to vote third party is to waste your vote. Why do you think that is? It’s because of people unwilling to break from this belief, who vote as their party tells them to do no matter what the party is guilty of, who go for the easy vote because they see the right vote as just too damn hard. Change doesn’t come from voting for the status quo, and HRC couldn’t be more status quo.

Change is a leap of faith; it happens when one person or two people or a few see what is right, see the cost of achieving it, and still jump out into the blue, hoping there are others who see the same thing there to catch them. All those young voters crippled by student loan debt and no worthy job prospects have decided that’s a leap worth taking. Bernie supporters have shown the timid, the status quo hangers on, that the votes for a brighter future are there, that the leap doesn’t have to be scary or fatal. If the candidate is right, we’ll storm those polls. If the candidate is right, we’ll march and protest. If the candidate is right, you’ll get your unity. To all you who sneer at third parties and dismiss the young: You should be inspired by the youth engagement, the youth you always complain are smartphone zombies. Instead of bullying them. Instead of silencing them. Instead of mocking them. The time for complacent voting has long past. It was complacency that gave rise to Trump.

And what’s disgusting is when I hear his tone in the mouths of Democrats, Democrats who stoop to anything so they can continue to believe their party is a shining jewel on a pedestal. Blaming Bernie supporters for Trump’s popularity and possible win is nothing more than a victim blaming mentality in a self-righteous cape. The DNC abused voters, mocked voters, and disenfranchised voters. And now they’re trying to blame those voters for the outcome. Pathetic.

What inspires me is that so many Americans—Republican, Democrats, and independents—have finally come to an agreement that the establishment is damaging the American people and the world, and they’re trying everything they can to change that establishment. I, for one, will leave the Democratic Party as soon as the election is over, and I will never go back. I will be voting for Jill Stein. Because the DNC has shown that the Democratic Party is corrupt. The Republican Party is wrong. It’s time for a third party; it’s time for voters to be heard again; it’s time to get back to “we the people.” It’s time for actual equality, not a pseudo equality and pseudo patriotism and pseudo unity.

Voting for HRC is voting for the DNC; it’s a vote that says, “I’m okay with your corruption, your manipulation of my vote, your takeover of mainstream media, and your abandonment of your moral compass.” You can bully me all you want about my choice to vote for Jill Stein, but one of the great things about Millennials is that we refuse to tolerate bullies. We see you for what you are: cowards. Your propaganda doesn’t sway us. We know that if you don’t have integrity when the pressure’s on, you never had it. As so many have said before, a vote for the lesser evil is still voting for evil. Fight on Bernie supporters.