voter registration in florida

Judge extends Florida’s voter registration deadline to Wednesday

A U.S. district court judge has given potential voters in Florida an extra day, pushing the deadline to Wednesday, Oct. 11, CNN reported. The deadline was originally Tuesday. Gov. Rick Scott originally refused to extend the deadline with some pretty dubious reasons.


Hurricane Matthew could have huge effects on the election in Florida

Hurricane Matthew is just beginning to make landfall along in Florida, but there’s already no shortage of speculation about how the storm could affect the upcoming election in one of the country’s most crucial battleground states. Of the most immediate concern is voter registration, which could sway the results to one candidate.
Voter Intimidation

😡Just got off the phone with my mom. My mother lives in Florida, a crucial swing state. This morning she went to her polling station in Volusia County to vote. She presented her driver’s license and the officials turned her away. They told her they could not find her registration in the voting log. She was “unknown”.

Well, they picked the wrong Puerto Rican woman to attempt to suppress. She immediately drew the line in the sand and said,“I’m not leaving here until I vote.” She presented her driver’s license again, this time with her voter’s registration card. She informed them she voted months ago in the primary so they need to look harder to find her. After a tense few minutes, phone calls and computer searches, guess what happened? Her registration suddenly reappeared. She was now allowed to #vote.

Immediately after casting her vote, she put them on notice and called the Democratic Party to complain of attempted voter suppression. My mother, a senior, said there were many other seniors, Hispanic and Caucasian, being turned away. I question how many of them will fight and return? Is this the rigged election that Mr Trump has been threatening?

If you discover your right to vote is being obstructed, you’re being intimidated, report it. If necessary call the police. Don’t let anyone steal your voice in the democratic process.