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BOOM! Supreme Court upholds Wisconsin’s voter ID law

Today marked a big victory for sanity and the rule of law.  The Obama administration has been fighting tooth and nail to invalidate voter ID laws across the country (with the President and the Attorney General both calling them “voter suppression laws”).  

For the Supreme Court the decision was so easy, they didn’t even bother hearing oral arguments, instead upholding a decision from the lower court approving of Wisconsin’s voter ID law. 

from Reuters:

The law would require voters to present one of a handful of forms of photo ID such as a Wisconsin driver’s license, a passport, a military ID or an ID card from a Wisconsin university or college.

In October, the high court temporarily blocked the Wisconsin law. It did not explain its reasoning, but it was most likely because the statute was being implemented so close to the November election, which could have caused confusion and disruption.

The Supreme Court has previously upheld the constitutionality of such voter ID laws.

A federal judge blocked the state’s voter ID law in March 2012 soon after it took effect and entered a permanent injunction in April, finding the measure would deter or prevent a substantial number of voters who lack photo identification from casting ballots, and place an unnecessary burden on the poor and minorities.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the decision and subsequently ruled in October that the law was constitutional. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court upheld the voter ID law in a separate ruling.

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The Obama administration’s position against voter ID laws is untenable. Paired with their complete disregard for immigration law, it is clear that their ulterior motive is to pack the election booths with votes, regardless of their legality.  

Voter ID laws do not suppress anyone’s right to vote.  The only thing they do is prevent felons and non-citizens from illegally swinging elections.