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Also filed under:  THINGS THAT ARE NOT GUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION (except the gun one ::eyeroll::), while the right to vote is laid out five times.  Idiots.

Funny how any and all legislation that affects buying a gun is immediately pounced upon as infringing on the rights of American citizens, but putting roadblocks in the path of voters to correct an issue of voter fraud that has never been a problem in the history of this country is just fine.

So lets assume that voter fraud literally never happens.

Lets just assume that. 

Why shouldn’t citizens have to present a form of ID when they vote anyway?

Citizens needs an ID to work, drive a car, buy alcohol or cigarettes, to open a bank account, to travel on airplanes, and so on.

But they shouldn’t need an ID in order to vote because it’s “discriminatory”? How is it discriminatory to just have a law that says everyone must present a form of ID when they vote?

Especially when most minorities actually support voter ID laws in the first place.


— Colin Jost, Punchlines.

Modern Jim Crow laws exist — and they’re targeting completely innocent minority voters 

Jim Crow laws are back. 

At least according to civil rights giant Rev. Joseph Lowery, as reported by Al Jazeera America, which released a new investigation Wednesday into a wave of injustices behind a huge program meant to fight voter fraud. Instead, that’s effectively ended up targeting minority voters whose only “crime” is sharing a first and last name. 

It’s called the Interstate Crosscheck program, a list of nearly 7 million names examined to find people who are theoretically voting twice across states. The list is used in 27 states, mostly by Republican officials, to identify fraud and potentially take voters off the rolls.

The problem is easily solvable
Trump Is Said to Pick Voter ID Advocate for Election Fraud Panel
President Trump was said to plan to name Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state who has focused on strict voting laws, as vice chairman of a commission.
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

TL;DR: Trump is going to make a commission to investigate voter fraud and make voting even more difficult because he’s still obsessed with his loss of the popular vote. 


This dude trolled conservative media with voter fraud joke

In light of Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud, Randygdu tweeted a joke saying they “love working at the post office … and ripping up absentee ballots that vote for Trump." Drudge, Scott Baio, Rush Limbaugh and Gateway Pundit all fell for it. But it was nothing compared to the guy with the fake IDs.

BOOM! Supreme Court upholds Wisconsin’s voter ID law

Today marked a big victory for sanity and the rule of law.  The Obama administration has been fighting tooth and nail to invalidate voter ID laws across the country (with the President and the Attorney General both calling them “voter suppression laws”).  

For the Supreme Court the decision was so easy, they didn’t even bother hearing oral arguments, instead upholding a decision from the lower court approving of Wisconsin’s voter ID law. 

from Reuters:

The law would require voters to present one of a handful of forms of photo ID such as a Wisconsin driver’s license, a passport, a military ID or an ID card from a Wisconsin university or college.

In October, the high court temporarily blocked the Wisconsin law. It did not explain its reasoning, but it was most likely because the statute was being implemented so close to the November election, which could have caused confusion and disruption.

The Supreme Court has previously upheld the constitutionality of such voter ID laws.

A federal judge blocked the state’s voter ID law in March 2012 soon after it took effect and entered a permanent injunction in April, finding the measure would deter or prevent a substantial number of voters who lack photo identification from casting ballots, and place an unnecessary burden on the poor and minorities.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the decision and subsequently ruled in October that the law was constitutional. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court upheld the voter ID law in a separate ruling.

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The Obama administration’s position against voter ID laws is untenable. Paired with their complete disregard for immigration law, it is clear that their ulterior motive is to pack the election booths with votes, regardless of their legality.  

Voter ID laws do not suppress anyone’s right to vote.  The only thing they do is prevent felons and non-citizens from illegally swinging elections.

A Federal Judge Searches for Voter Fraud in Wisconsin and Finds None

A long and bitter Wisconsin trial ended Tuesday afternoon with a sweeping defeat for supporters of a voter-ID law designed to make it more difficult for citizens to cast ballots. U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman declared in a 90-page order that the state’s new voting restrictions violate both the equal-protection clause of the Constitution and Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. The law unduly burdens minority voters, he ruled, without sufficient justification for doing so.

Adelman’s ruling will be appealed by the Republican officials who enacted it in 2011. It is far from certain that the ruling will withstand review by the very conservative 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals or the even more conservative Supreme Court, which in 2008's Crawford v. Marion County declared that state voter-ID laws could be constitutional. In the meantime, the law—which required all voters to present photo identification to vote—is enjoined from enforcement.

No matter how they rule, appellate judges can’t erase Adelman’s meticulous work. More than any other ruling yet issued on the current generation of voter-ID laws—more than the 2012 rulings in Texas or South Carolina or the ruling this year in Pennsylvania—Adelman directly confronts and demolishes the myth that these measures are necessary to ensure the integrity of elections by preventing “voter fraud.”

Tuesday’s ruling in Frank v. Walker does for the judicial canon what Jane Mayer’s work on the myth of “voter fraud” did in the realm of journalism. For page after page, Adelman lays bare the shibboleth that these measures, which disproportionately burden the poor, elderly, and infirm, are necessary to preserve the integrity of our elections.

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VIDEO: James O'Keefe shows how painfully easy it is to commit voter fraud in North Carolina

This should make you incredibly angry.  This should have you demanding answers from your elected officials.  

But for Democrats who fight tooth and nail to block any sort of voter ID law, this is exactly what they want.

Here’s the video:

It should also be noted that Democrats are also the ones who push measures to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.  That’s their way around voter ID laws: to give IDs to illegal voters. 

James O'Keefe has demonstrated time and time again that not only does voter fraud exist, in places like North Carolina, there’s nothing to prevent it from happening on a massive scale.

107-year-old Virginia McLaurin gets recognized on the street, but can't get a photo ID.

Remember this?

One of my favorite moments of 2016 has been watching Virginia McLaurin meet and dance with President Barack Obama.  Simply trying to imagine how she felt, a Black woman born in 1909 who had to pick cotton in Chesterfield, South Carolina, dancing with the nation’s first Black president is almost overwhelming.  She probably thought she’d never see the day, and that video of her obvious joy and elation choked me up.

McLaurin has been invited for interviews all over the country, but she can’t board a plane to make good on any of those invitations because she doesn’t have a photo ID and she can’t get one.  The most famous centenarian in the country can’t get a photo ID because the District of Columbia says they can’t confirm her identity without a birth certificate which doesn’t exist since she was birthed by a midwife in the rural South in 1909.

That’s ridiculous and disheartening.  And one of the problems created by Republicans trying to “fix voter fraud” that was never an issue in the first place.

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6,100 dead people on Nassau County, NY voter rolls; 270 of them voted after dying

It seems there are dead people showing up to the polls!  But there’s no real problem with voter fraud out there. Eric Holder told me so.

from Newsday:

Evelyn E. Burwell’s family was surprised to learn she voted in the 2012 general and primary elections. They knew she was an avid voter, but she’s been dead since 1997.
Burwell is one of about 6,100 deceased people still registered to vote in Nassau County, a Newsday computer analysis shows. The former Wantagh resident, who died at age 74, is also among roughly 270 people that records show voted in Nassau County after dying, a group that includes a man who voted 14 times since his death.

Newsday’s analysis of voter registration and U.S. Social Security Administration death records found more deceased registered voters in Nassau County than any other New York county, accounting for nearly a quarter of the 26,500 on the rolls statewide. Suffolk County has about 2,490 deceased people registered to vote, with roughly 50 listed as voting after their death.

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Perhaps somebody should check a photo ID?  Nah! That would be racist!


Blocking the Vote - Alabama Style

You can’t turn around in most states without having a Republican legislature enacting another Voter ID law or some other measure to keep “voter fraud” in check. Never mind the fact that “voter fraud” is so rare that every time it has been investigated they have turned up no more than a dozen cases of actual voter fraud across the entire country during a major election. Yet, Republicans are determined to stamp out that one or two illegal voters they have in their state who might have illegally voted in their favor during the last election. Well, that’s what they say. The truth is certainly much different than that, and everyone knows it. The thing is, no one really wants to admit that they are being completely and totally racist by trying to keep African Americans, Latinos, Asians, and First Nations people from voting whenever possible.

            That’s the true intent of all these voter ID and “voter fraud” laws. Everyone knows it. The Republican party has spent the last forty years alienating minorities and pandering to the white majority. Now that the white majority is shrinking and aging that strategy of racism is beginning to come back to haunt them. It worked great to win back the “South” that was solidly Dixiecrat since the Civil War, but now that the world has moved on and become a little more progressive and open minded it is a losing strategy in the long run. However, the racists in this country continue to cling to the hope that their pure land can last. They are so certain that their power and position is threatened that they must enact these awful damn laws to keep other people down so that they don’t get voted out of power.

            Since the Supreme Court in its great wisdom decided that racism no longer existed in our country and gutted the Voting Rights Act, states have been hard at work enacting all sorts of new laws to disenfranchise certain elements of their populations. Southern states that are run by Republican whites, want to make sure that they stay that way, and since they were the ones effected by the Voting Rights Act most, they are the ones who are hardest at work creating new laws.

            This is where Alabama comes in. Like a lot of other states, they passed a law saying that you couldn’t vote unless you had a state ID. The Supreme Court says that’s fine now. Alabama’s happy with that, and so are all these other states that want to disenfranchise poor and minority voters. Here is where Alabama’s great idea starts to materialize. They start shutting down DMV offices in counties with large populations of minorities. So, if you are an African American you may have to drive to the next country or maybe the county over, or maybe even to the county next to that just to get your driver’s license or state ID. Hey, sounds like a fantastic idea to repress the vote if you’re a racist pig doesn’t it? After all the poorest citizens, often the African Americans in those counties, can’t always afford to travel a hundred miles or more to go and get a driver’s license or state ID if they are eighteen - so they won’t be eligible to vote!

            That’s one less vote going to the opposition. That’s their thinking anyway. Instead of just changing their policies to better reflect the changing nature of America they would rather cling to their racist past and keep working against the wishes of the vast majority of the people of this country. Nope, they would rather be the party of the rich. The party of racists. The party of the white supremacists. The party of assholes and paid for suck-ups who are willing to throw the country and the world into disarray just so they can get a larger paycheck once they leave Congress or their state houses.

            Ultimately, the fault for all of this is at our own feet. As liberals, progressives, and leftists we have not done our job of educating the people and fighting against the evils that have run rampant through society. We have let it go unchecked often because we have been just as racist or we refused to see the evil for what it was. Don’t think Alabama will be an isolated incident, even if the Supreme Court of the United States decides that what they are doing is wrong. Other racist governments will try to enact this tactic in another more subtle form because they see potential in it. The left of this country has sat in its comfy chair for far too long, and it is time that it goes out in the rain and snow and fights in the streets for what is right. Not everyone can fight in the same way, but we must become aware of the dangers facing all of us and do whatever we can to help turn the tide against the racism eating away the rights of the people of this country.

            I know the country wasn’t founded with everyone having the same rights and freedoms, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it that way or that it shouldn’t be that way. We don’t live in the same time and we certainly don’t think the same way they did. Despite that, we can hold in the belief that all men are created equal and should have the same rights. Isn’t that something worth fighting for?