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what do you think of the recent vox article: No easy answers: why left-wing economics is not the answer to right-wing populism

tl;dr: It’s bad. 

Apologies for how incredibly long this is, and further apologies if I stop making sense at some point, as these are all rough first thoughts (and, again, this is really long).

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Since I’m STILL getting angry people fussing at me whenever I say I hope trump voters/supporters experience bad things, let me clear things up:

- Fuck You

- Fuck your feelings

- I didn’t fucking stutter


- I specifically said the people who supported/voted for trump, so if some immigrants came over here and gained citizenship and many of them voted for trump, it’s only the ones who voted for trump that I hope get fucked over, NOT all the immigrants and that goes for anyone else, it’s NOT people in general I want to suffer, just the ones who voted for/support(ed) trump so learn to fucking READ and pay attention to what I actually type and post and stop trying to turn what I say into something different

- I hope everyone who supported/voted for trump has bad things happen to them and I’m NOT sorry; this includes my own relatives who did, if they were in a life or death situation I would NOT try to save them, now if I feel that way about my own relatives, what the fuck do you think I’d say about random ass strangers and people I don’t know?  Unlike you I stand by my words, I don’t do this performative bullshit I keep seeing all over the place

- Fuck you if you think that makes me a ‘bad feminist’ or whatever bullshit you all like to gripe about, there’s NOTHING fucking ‘feminist’ about supporting and wishing well the people who want to kill me and do me harm, or side with the ones who do; stop trying to continually water down feminism into granola ‘feel good’ bullshit

- That asshole trump is a goddamn NAZI.  He’s a fascist.  He’s got ties to the KKK.  He’s a white supremacist.  He’s a racist.  He’s a rapist.  He’s a pedophile.  He said he wanted to start nuclear war.  He said he wanted to ruin the lives of millions.  People STILL voted for him, still supported him!  Now we know he’s guilty of treason as well, and people STILL support him even now!  Anyone who supports him, supports all the terrible things I listed above and even more evil.  Fuck you if you think I should give any hint of a fuck about anyone who supports him now or voted for him and supported him on Election Day and during the campaign before that; it’s NOT just about politics or a ‘difference of opinion’ this shit is having genuine consequences

- BAD idea to try to make trump supporters sympathetic by telling me they were just trying to uphold whatever religious values they have, religion is evil and needs to be eliminated too

- You’re the same assholes preaching about stopping white supremacists and nazis, yet you’re so concerned about the people who ARE white supremacists and nazis and proved it by voting for and supporting him, because I guess you think that makes you look morally superior or some shit

- I’ve noticed most of you who keep doing all this lecturing about caring for trump supporters no matter what are white, that lets me know all I need to know, I don’t fuck with white people because of assholes like you trying to police every damn body and acting like reacting negatively to bigotry is the same as taking literal measures to bring us all closer to another genocide and nuclear war; and I’m not even surprised, most white people fucking voted for trump so none of you have ANY place to criticize me

- I care more about fighting for the rights of girls and women and ending white supremacy and this entire fucked up system than being ‘nice’ or a good role model, take your tears to Disney or some shit


- Stay Mad

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Over 10 memorable weeks in 1964 known as Freedom Summer, more than 700 student volunteers from around the country joined organizers and local African Americans in a historic effort to shatter the foundations of white supremacy in what was one of the nation’s most viciously racist, segregated states.

American Experience presents the ‘Freedom Summer’ documentary to premiere June 24th, 2014