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you don’t have to like or reblog this but i’d like to take a little poll to see who yall’s favorite and least favorite spice kids are! feel free to leave a comment, favorite first, least favorite second!! 

this includes saltdish, pepper, cinna, cilantro, chives, turmeric, caraway, cayanne, agar, tamarind, poppy, paprika, and sugar <3

if you get political - do it with an aesthetic gif

you all have a voice and need to have a say in your future! british pals - there is one week left to register to vote in the election on june 8th. don’t procrastinate! go to and get zazzed about democracy 👌

please reblog to spread the word to your uk followers!

Me when Square Enix releases a survey for FFXV’s future content and you can only vote once and all of the options should’ve been in the game since day 1:

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