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Olicity Challenge: 1K

I’ve got a challenge, Olicity fans.  Given the sheer # of us on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook…. Can we get 1,000 people to vote right now for Olicity in Eonline’s TV Top Couple 2017?

Let’s find out. It’s as easy as 1-2-3….

Click Here:

Vote Oliver & Felicity (be sure to enter the captcha is you get one)

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***Reminder: Voting ends TODAY (Thurs., 2/23/17) at 5PM PT***

First Survey (Celeb Skinblend)

I love you all guys, thank you so much for supporting me! So ok, here the list of some celebrities, now you have to like and reblog this post writing the name of the next celebrity that you would like to have her/his Skinblend in your CC’s folder! (The Sims 4)

  1. Beyoncé
  2. Rihanna
  3. Kylie Jenner
  4. Britney Spears
  5. Ian Somerhalder
  6. Kristen Stewart
  7. Lady Gaga

I wrote more then 3 celeb names like I said because I received some requests, so now… VOTE!!!


Voting will end the day: 26.02.2017

anonymous asked:

this is probably a dumb question but how do i vote for mx once they comeback so they can get their first win

In terms of voting during Monsta X’s comeback, you can vote on Mcountdown, Inkigayo and Show Champion. I will be posting up tutorials soon on my @m-onstax blog :)

I will be posting how you can support them digitally (MelOn, Genie, Naver), Voting, MV Streaming and where you can buy the album to make sure it counts towards the charts

Fanfic Follower Fiesta!!!

*kicks stuff around* *shuffles blank notecards* *adjusts non-existent tie*

Attention all ya’ relentless Raúligans & fantastic fanfic readers! *slides thumbs under invisible suspenders* We got some biiiiiiiiiiiiig things goin’ on around here…

@seekret-fanfic & I wanted to do a little somethin’ special for our favorite followers (guess what, ;) dat’s all'a you guys ) for making our time here in Tumblr land so terrific and worthwhile! So, since it’s because of you readers that we’re even here and excited to be shellin’ out stories- we wanted to let YOU join us in our collaboration celebration!

While @seekret-fanfic and I take care of the writing; we want YOU to help us decide where our story goes! Each chapter, we’ll trade off as author, and at the end of every installment- there will be a prompt requiring feedback from the most brilliant minds out there… Our readers!!

At the end of each chapter, there will be a question or open forum: Whether we need suggestions, would like a vote on which choice a character makes like a choose-your-path a or b, or have other ideas we need from you depends on where our story goes… Our story by YOU, our radical and ever-loving readers. After a set period of time to gather feedback, we’ll take these prompts and incorporate them in our fic.

We are both SO VERY EXCITED to see where this takes our writing- and we are absolutely ecstatic to include you all in our follower-fiesta. We would love for you to join us in this party; and are so very grateful for everyone’s already humbling support so far in our Tumblr writing journeys…

Which, with no further hesitation (or shameless complimenting because c'mon… We really think you guys are the bee’s knees…): WHO SHOULD OUR STORY BE ABOUT? we’ve whittled it down to 2 of our favorite fic subjects… The sassy and suave ADA RAFAEL BARBA, or the always charming and charismatic DR. FREDERICK CHILTON. Send in your votes via comments or commentary in reblogs, and we’ll gather them all up and announce the winner! Also: we’d LOVE to hear all your suggestions for favorite TROPES and STORY SCENARIOS while we work on concreting a better base for our upcoming Raúl-tastic masterpiece!

But for real… thank ya’ll for being so dang wonderful *drags toes along the ground*, ya really know how to make our days bright and our writing flourish.

- signed, with all our love!

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Hey I made a small thing

Who of those ponies should I draw??

These are my favorite canon ponies designwise (female). I wasn’t sure if you knew their names, so I added vectors to it. I haven’t found much fan art yet for Scarlet Heart and Amber Laurel, and nothing for Tangerine Tassels! So I decided that I should draw at least one of those ponies!

Who’s your favorite?


Montana GOP Chair Afraid Of Too Much Voting | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
*whistles* What the hell kind of reality are we living in?

a big thank you to everyone who participated in the poll to decide the ike/ranulf ship name, in case you haven’t already checked the results for yourself, here they are:

the clear winner with more than 50% of the votes is ikeranulf! I suppose most people just wanted to keep it simple and have the ike/ranulf ship name follow a similar pattern to other ike ships like ikesoren and ikemarth. 

if you have any ike/ranulf content, if you could go and tag it with #ikeranulf that’d be a big help in filling out the tag (be sure to make it one of the first 5 tags on the post, in case you didn’t know only the first 5 tags will show up in a search!). Also if you know anyone who posts ike/ranulf content, let them know too!

and if you’re still attached to an old name you don’t have to stop using it, just make sure to use the #ikeranulf tag when posting content. 

hopefully having everything under one tag will make content and fellow ikeranulf shippers a bit easier to find!

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