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I had a tough childhood. I was picked on. Make believe was my refuge. I found solace amongst fantasy, and I would gather up my courage to face another day. And trust me, when I was a kid, I needed courage just to show up at school, and I need it now for my job. The difference is with Scorpion, I have a team to help me remember that I can be brave. And if the Warlock’s Chest will provide refuge for more kids who don’t know they are brave yet, well, I want it to stick around.
—  Sylvester Dodd

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Can you help spread the word? www(.)eonline(.)com/news/830881/tv-s-top-couple-2017-vote-in-round-4-now. Not sure how people are still feeling about polls but Clexa is losing and we could use all the help we can get. I heard people are boycotted the poll bc of what e did last year but wouldnt it be better to prove that even now, even 1 year later Clexa is still the greatest ship. Thank You.

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Quick questions about the vote system

1 - Do you want me to publish who voted for who, or only if the vote wins?

2 - Do you want the older votes to persist? So for example, if one person votes Leia, but she doesn’t win on the first round, should Leia start with 1 vote by default in the next round? So that eventually, she will win a round just by popular request (or repeated request if it’s the same person voting for her)? Or should the scores reset for each round?