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miku39k!❤  <- my entry for miku’s official english twitter banner contest! 

So in the game I’m running, my players have been the guests of a spooky German nobleman for a few days, and they’ve been snooping around his cellar (like ya do) where he keeps a row of heavily guarded cells.

One of the players finally managed to break in where they found this fellah:

(Yeah the design from the shoulders up is 300% one of the Carrion Eaters from Darkest Dungeon, that’s not important, I liked the design and wanted to put it in my game and drawing this seemed like the easiest way to communicate to them what the thing looks like.)

I can’t talk too much about what this creature’s deal is since one of my players follows this blog, but so far the three PCs reactions to it have been:

Player 1: (Barely aware of what’s happening on account of being laid up in bed after an encounter with an animate man-eating tree.)

Player 2: This is my new son and we have to take care of him because he can’t take care of himself. 


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Mimi this is so frustrating 😭 do you what's up with mwaves website? I registered using my twitter, now it keeps redirecting me to the sign in page where i also sign in using Twitter but each time after i accept the terms and conditions it takes me right back to the sign in page and repeats the process. I just want to vote for our boys 😭

WELCOME TO THE MESS CALLED MAMA! The voting has been a complete mayhem so far. You vote for someone and they count the vote for someone else, the servers are down all the time, the names do not even show …  some can’t even LOG IN! Just …

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I hope it will get better by tomorrow! Meanwhile please keep trying.

Well I am genuinely shocked. I fully expected maybe one or two people to be interested in the original content option in my little poll, but apparently curiosity won out. Welp. Ok then. You guys asked for it. All four of those options will get done eventually, but now it looks like I’ve got an order to the list:

Original Content


OW Monster

OW Fight

Maybe Sassy Zenyatta thrown in there somewhere if the inspiration strikes.

im @ how these kpop fans are talking out the side of their necks about army’s and how they’re putting their life into voting when this is crazy ass kpop and when voting season comes around, a majority of the kpop fandom puts their life into voting for their faves because they want to support them and help them win fucking awards. a lot of people take it very (too) serious and to just say that it’s army’s? it’s like…okay? i mean, we’re/i’m used to the unnecessary and disrespectful critism but right now, y'all mad annoying widdit.

And we’re back!

Our remaining contestants have at last returned to be subjected once more to your cruel, objectifying gaze. Who will emerge victorious? Who will be relegated only to a brief “here’s what happened to that guy” mention in the epilogue? We’ve eliminated the weaker participants and Neyla, and Clockwerk?? so from here on out it’s only quality SC characters - and correspondingly painful choices. Popularity sucks.

On to the first match of Round Two!

Making a triumphant return - pause, cough, pause - it’s our boy Sly! He once finds himself in battle with the devious Penelope, for neither the first nor second time! Will he achieve a trilogy of victories? Or will the third time be the charm for his opponent?

This post is live as of 9pm UTC+1, October 20th 2017! Voting closes 24 hours from now!

Sly: So what’s your plan, ‘Nelly? Gonna backstab everyone who votes for you, too?
Penelope: Oh, Sly. I don’t care if I lose a popularity contest, because I’ve actually progressed past the mental age of 14.

[TUTORIAL] Voting for 2017 MAMA

NOTE: The official voting website continues to be down and Mnet has announced that voting will begin on Friday, October 20th at 6PM KST. 

This tutorial has been created by Dreamcather’s Streaming team, Nightmare. You do not have to donate any IDs to them, you can create them for yourself and vote. 

If you wish you to donate any IDs to them so that they may use them to vote, please check this tutorial for the translated screenshots of the form: