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“I mean, can you imagine– Gotham without the Batman?”

Tim Drake grew up in a family that never wanted for money– though the luxury was not without sacrifice. Tim’s parents were absent at best, often leaving him to his own devices so that they could work and continue competing with Wayne Enterprises. What little they did see of their only son was spent trying to sculpt young Tim into the perfect heir. This meant perfect manners, acting much older than his age should have allowed and hiding his anxiety at all times.

To help this, the Drake’s enrolled Tim in sports, anything physically distracting and seemingly normal to the public eye. He started taking martial arts lessons twice a week and though he was happy there with Dinah, the woman he considered like a mother, Jack and Janet were not satisfied and so other efforts had to be made. They took their son to countless therapists, simply looking for ways to ‘solve the issue’ as quickly as possible. Tim went from doctor to doctor until his parents found one willing to prescribe medication to the boy and the Drake’s were on their way again.

Tim was always reprimanded for his bouts of anxiety, and ignored when he was behaving his best. He was not to be heard and only to be seen when it was wanted (and was always expected to be seen as nothing but the best when he was wanted). Because of this, Tim grew up not knowing how to speak up. Instead, he let himself stay unnoticed in his room, constantly craving his parents approval and never quite receiving it. The last thing he wanted was to be a burden to them and his anxiety (social and otherwise) grew with the feeling. 

Still, for all their missteps, Jack and Janet Drake had given Tim something irreplaceable. With their social standing in mind, Tim had the finest schooling available in Gotham at his disposal. With education always having played such a large part in Tim’s life, the boy quickly became immersed in books, computers, and any other source of information he could attain on his own. At nine, Tim began to delve into the word of computer hacking. He was a natural, a quick learner, and computer code seemed so simple compared to his real life. No one could see him through the screen, he was safe in his room, and he could be whoever he wanted– he could be brave. Through this outlet, he found people like him, people willing to help, and Tim found a way he could be comfortable in his own skin. Eventually, however, he needed more of a challenge, and that’s when he really started his hacking career, digging for information no one else knew how to find.

Tim loved mysteries more than anything. Scooby-Doo transitioning naturally to Sherlock Holmes and then to real life mysteries when words and imagination weren’t enough. Batman was his favorite mystery by far and with no one home to stop him, the child spent countless nights following and documenting the caped crusader, determined to solve yet another puzzle no one else could. He deserved to know, he was Batman’s biggest fan, after all. But even if he found out, he would never ever tell. And when he did find out– Tim had never felt so proud of himself.

During the Occupation of Gotham, his mother was murdered– ripped apart by Bane’s men like an animal. His father was left in a coma, leaving Tim once again to fend for himself. After securing a safe place for his father to be watched over, 12 year old Tim took refuge in the Narrows, under the protection of Red Hood and the Outlaws. There, he mourned for the lost people around him and found help in the other lost children on Gotham’s streets. It was there, alongside Dick, that Tim began to develop a deeper fascination with the heroes of the city. After Batman disappeared again, and the city was safe, Tim let his curiosities fade. He had more important things to worry about after all, like getting his father back on his feet.

At the age of 13, Tim hacked into a Wayne Enterprises satellite in his own attempt to make sure no one would be able to hurt Mr. Wayne like Bane had ever again. His actions however, earned him a visit, and subsequent scholarship to Gotham U from the CEO, Lucius Fox provided he first finish high school. Tim finished two years early, and while he didn’t completely curb his nervous habits, he found people who were willing to look past them and even help him properly. Not to mention, his show of skill had gotten Bruce Wayne interested in him, which meant Batman (The Batman) was interested in him. It was both the most frightened and the happiest Tim had ever been. 

Now, Tim isn’t sure if he’s happy. He’s lost more people than he wants to think about, while simultaneously having more friends in his life than he ever has before. The good with the bad, as they say. But at the moment, there seems to be much more bad in the world than Tim can handle.



  • BRUCE WAYNE; Tim has never quite been sure about where he stands with Bruce. Things always seem to be on edge and rocky with the older man, but the teen knows from enough experience, that that’s just the way Bruce does business. Tim knows he’s business to the man, a liability, but he also knows he’s helpful. Tim respects Bruce and what he does more than anything, so if facing a cold shoulder means he can help his hero and the people of Gotham in some way, Tim is more than willing. He already has the man’s trust, he couldn’t ask for more.
  • DICK GRAYSON; When Tim was seven, he watched the famous Flying Graysons perform together as a family for the last time. It was also the first time he met Dick, though it wasn’t until five years later, during Bane’s occupation of Gotham, that he would see the other again. It was then, facing a year on the streets, that the two forged an inseparable bond, pulling each other through thick and thin. Though they’ve had rough times between them, the two are trying to rekindle the friendship that was misplaced somewhere along the way.
  • CONNER KENT; Perhaps the most unforeseen friend that Tim has made thus far, Kon is nothing like Tim except in stubbornness and sheer force of will. Kon is not only a support for Tim, he is a friend and grounding in a way the younger has never known but always needed. Kon is insufferable at times, but Tim is more than willing to put up with that if it means having Conner around to keep him company.
  • EDWARD NYGMA; Though the pair started off on opposites sides of the law, leading into a more than rocky start, raw curiosity pushed each party forward into further investigating each other and the mind that was present there. Through this, with Tim overcoming his own fear of the man, they have an understanding in each. While their arguments can be petty, the comfort Tim finds in Eddie, in knowing he isn’t the sole divergent, is enough to look past those things.
  • CASSANDRA CAIN; To date, Tim still isn’t sure how to describe the relationship between him and Black Bat. Between their rooftop picnics and the pillow forts she builds them inside his room, Cass is most definitely his friend. She’s protective and kind and very, very confusing. Tim wonders if Cass knows what kissing your friend, the way she kisses him, means, but he has a feeling she doesn’t care either way. Tim isn’t yet sure if he cares or not.



 “Don’t let your regrets outweigh your hopes. I’ve seen too many people lose their hope and wither away.”

From a young age, Isabel Lindsey Ardila was interested in music. Born to an upper-middle class family in Amarillo, Texas, Lindsey quickly found her passion in making mixtapes and DJ'ing nights at the local radio station. She preferred her middle name, and has gone by Lindsey to all who know her for nearly twenty years now. While in 10th grade, her parents went through a nasty divorce, and her mother moved to Gotham to head the newly formed Philosophy department at Gotham University. After graduating from high school, Lindsey followed her to Gotham, enrolling (against her wishes) at Gotham U. She also changed her last name to her mother’s maiden name, cutting her father out of her life completely.

There, she took every music class she could, working towards a Recording Arts degree. However, when her mother was killed in a late night mugging, she dropped out, her free education cut off by her sudden death. For a year afterward, she worked as a flight attendant, saving up for an eventual business idea. With the money she got from the life insurance settlement, she opened up La Luna, a bar and grill in midtown.

Her sharp wit and open ears have made her a customer favorite, and hardly a night goes by when a drunken stranger doesn’t offer to sweep her away from this life, but jaded as she is, she doesn’t pay it any attention. She hasn’t forgotten her passion for music, however. La Luna has weekly open mic nights, and she’s been known to steal the show when she does sing.

That is, until a Jason Todd made his way into La Luna. The dark haired man quickly intrigued Lindsey, and she found herself looking forward to his visits. Soon enough, they began to feel something more than just a friendly relationship, and Lindsey found herself with a vigilante boyfriend.

Some life, huh?



  • JASON TODD: Lindsey had no intentions in getting tangled up with a superhero, but such is life. Once just a handsome, mysterious regular at her bar, he is now her boyfriend, and she is the latest person to hold the secret of the Red Hood. 
  • PRINCESS KORIAND'R: Despite being initially wary of the new woman in Jason’s life, Kori has grown to view Lindsey as one of her best friends. Though they both miss Ally Brett, their bond has only grown stronger in the aftermath of the attack.
  • ROY HARPER: Ever the optimist, Lindsey knows that Roy couldn’t have just disappeared without a trace. In time, she’s accepted he’s not coming back.
  • DICK GRAYSON: Dick likes Lindsey, and has informed Jason that she needs to stay. He drops by La Luna every once in awhile just to say hi.