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Hey my allergies are bothering me + I want to go back to bed, but nobody's voting, so I'm here voting more. People r telling me "can't vote I'm not in US" Im advising them to use the apps to change the VPN. But I don't think they're changing it. I check back and ask if they have any ?'s most of them don't respond. Others say the apps don't work. I really find that hard to believe. Have you had ppl say that NO apps work for them for free? that they must pay? Then they do nothing to help. I just .

Hey love, firstly you don’t have to work for this at the cost of your health okay? if no one else is voting doesn’t mean you have to do their job, just do yours and get rest. Gotta take care of yourself first.

And yeah there’s a possibility the apps didn’t work, and also that they’re lying, but it’s whatever. You can’t make someone vote, all you can do is remind others and remember to do it yourself. Rest isn’t in your hands and you shouldn’t worry about it.

Hi everyone, if you’re an American 50 Republican Senators literally just voted to take your health care! let’s list them, what state they’re in and when they’re up for re-election, because you never know when it might come in handy!

  • Lamar Alexander, Tennessee, 2020
  • John Barrasso, Wyoming, 2018
  • Roy Blunt, Missouri, 2022
  • John Boozman, Arkansas, 2022
  • Richard Burr, North Carolina, 2022
  • Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia, 2020
  • Bill Cassidy, Louisiana, 2020
  • Thad Cochran, Mississippi, 2020
  • Bob Corker, Tennessee, 2018
  • John Cornyn, Texas, 2020
  • Tom Cotton, Arkansas, 2020
  • Mike Crapo, Idaho, 2022
  • Ted Cruz, Texas, 2018
  • Steve Daines, Montana, 2020
  • Mike Enzi, Wyoming, 2020
  • Joni Ernst, Iowa, 2020
  • Deb Fischer, Nebraska, 2018
  • Jeff Flake, Arizona, 2018
  • Cory Gardner, Colorado, 2020
  • Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, 2020
  • Chuck Grassley, Iowa, 2022
  • Orrin Hatch, Utah, 2018
  • Dean Heller, Nevada, 2018
  • John Hoeven, North Dakota, 2022
  • Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma, 2020
  • Johnny Isakson, Georgia, 2022
  • Ron Johnson, Wisconsin, 2022
  • John N. Kennedy, Louisiana, 2022
  • James Lankford, Oklahoma, 2022
  • Mike Lee, Utah, 2022
  • John McCain, Arizona, 2022
  • Mitch McConnell, Kentucky, 2020
  • Jerry Moran, Kansas, 2022
  • Rand Paul, Kentucky, 2022
  • David Perdue, Georgia, 2020
  • Rob Portman, Ohio, 2022
  • Jim Risch, Idaho, 2020
  • Pat Roberts, Kansas, 2020
  • Mike Rounds, South Dakota, 2020
  • Marco Rubio, Florida, 2022
  • Ben Sasse, Nebraska, 2020
  • Tim Scott, South Carolina, 2022
  • Richard Shelby, Alabama, 2022
  • Luther Strange, Alabama, 2017
  • Dan Sullivan, Alaska, 2020
  • John Thune, South Dakota, 2022
  • Thom Tillis, North Carolina, 2020
  • Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania, 2022
  • Roger Wicker, Mississippi, 2018
  • Todd Young, Indiana, 2022

So if you live in one of these states, your senator voted to kill Obamacare today (July 25, 2017) If you or any one you care about is getting health coverage through the ACA or the medicaid expansion, these 50 people voted to take it away. So if you live in one of these seats, maybe don’t vote for them in 2018, 2020 or 2022 (or 2017 if you live in Alabama) In fact what you should do is find the Democrat running against them, the person who won’t take away your health care, and work for that person, knock doors, and make phone calls and do whatever it takes to turf these guys out of office. So maybe we can stop worrying every day if the Republicans in Congress are going to take the healthcare of millions of Americans.

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so like why is choosing the lesser evil bad? im an anarchist but i would still vote for the less bad canidate bc i really dont want someone like trump being the president (this is a real question im really confused)

Choosing the lesser evil is a situation that is beyond the control of most people. And I, personally, am not gonna fault people for doing the things that will give them the most chances of surviving tbh. Like I get that, and there’s no point in trying to be a hero for the cause in those situations.

But Hillary Clinton (and by extension, the US government & it’s institutions) are fucking indefensible lol. She’s better than Trump on the surface but she still supports and propagates a system that is responsible for some seriously reprehensible shit, not just in the US but also worldwide. Not to mention she supports a system that allows for people like Trump to thrive. She might be the lesser evil *relative to Trump*, but like, she’s a bandaid on a crumbling wall. To act like voting for her is some radical act of “sticking it to fascism/capitalism/imperialism/whatever” is fucking naive lol.

Like, vote for her because you have to, because your health care is on the line, whatever. There isn’t anything wrong with that. But like….don’t defend that shit, don’t defend her, don’t defend the shit she does. And definitely don’t try to defend her by low key advocating for fucking voter suppression lmao.


Okee dokee, that’s it. I’ve had all this on block and couldn’t be bothered rewarding it with attention but this shit has gone far enough.

Second verse, same as the first:

  • People have been questioning your claims for a long time before I said anything (and you have previously used these accusations as a platform on which you paint a portrait of victimhood), some of whom had contacted me with info that made up a portion of the post, and thousands more spoke up after me. Many of them noticed that you blocked them, even if they only liked the post. A few noticed curious messages in their inboxes. But this is far from a one-woman show.
  • You exposed your own identity. Several times. In text posts, on crowdfunding sites, and in document scans on your own blog. Fucking wow.
  • I put my posts on private because you and your friends sent me death threats, a detail notably absent from your narrative.

Speaking of this narrative, look at how you have masterfully crafted an alternate one from what was actually occurring, milking it like a cow once my posts were private and reblogging to ensure you had the upper hand, embellishing a little more each time with specific words that you know Tumblr’s spoonie community will react to before investigating - bigotry, vilification, abuse etc. You made a fucking gif, how obsessed are you?

Every post you’ve made about this uses highly manipulative straw man language containing outright lies about what unfolded by taking advantage of the fact that the original posts are no longer public to contradict you. You position yourself as the only one with a vested interest in “openness and honesty”, another tactic of a highly manipulative person by using guilt (a skill you’ve been using for a long time by telling people that if they don’t give you x amount of money now, you will be homeless and die within hours - an approach used for over a year that assigns accountability to Tumblr for sustaining your life. It’s also worth noting that you switched to the narrative involving me when the aforementioned one wasn’t as affective). You’ve got yourself thoroughly convinced that anyone who doesn’t give blanket support and has questions about the extent of your needs is specifically setting out to abuse you, then if that doesn’t hold up, they will be painted as a person who “enjoys abusing disabled people”. It doesn’t matter if they are people with disabilities themselves (another detail you omit), because a vote against you must be a vote for ableism.

The thing is, your health status doesn’t make you an inherently good and beneficent person. Your behaviour nullifies your words. The way you have continued to target and harass me long after i’ve left it alone - the way you have manipulated not just my inquiry, but those of numerous others, to create a them-versus-me story for self-promotion - demonstrates that the person who enjoys targeted harassment is, in fact, you.

Cut the crap.


Now you can mail your ashes to Republican lawmakers who voted away your health insurance

  • Want to mail your own ashes in an envelope to the GOP lawmakers that killed you by voting to take away your health insurance? Wish no more!
  • After the House GOP pushed the American Health Care Act through Congress Thursday enterprising internet user Zoey Jordan Salsbury created a website to help people who believe they’ll lose coverage cope.
  • The site also offers users information on how to contact their senators to urge them to vote the bill down, and how to unseat the representatives that passed the bill through the house.
  • It also features a testimonials page, called “Reasons Why We Will Die,” where users can commiserate over the health concerns that will likely send them to an early grave without health coverage. Read more (5/8/17)

Also, this:

Go back and read the list of preexisting conditions again. Do you see erectile dysfunction? Prostate cancer? Interesting, no? Yet pregnancy is on the list, as is breast cancer.

And you may suffer from one or more listed items. If so, the House has voted yesterday to take away your health insurance.*

*I should have said, “make your health insurance (vastly, possibly prohibitively) more expensive.”

Free therapy

I hope all of you in the US who are able to go will head to your town halls/yes-voting representative meetings and express your feelings about the health care repeal.

And by ‘express your feelings I mean, loud chantings of SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!, and/or generally channeling your inner shrieking rage demons.

Make those fuckers afraid to face the people

It’ll be therapeutic, and in this new situation, you gotta get your free therapy where you can.

You know you’ve truly hecked up when, only hours after the bill passed the house, enough people are wanting to know who to be pissed off at that this is now the very first auto fill on google for “who voted”.

Watch your back house republicans, your constituents are coming for your jobs.


You can watch the GOP health care vote here!

call your representative in congress and tell them to vote no on this bill! 

Send a love note to Paul Ryan who has turned off ALL of his public telephones & fax machines in response to protests in favor of Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, Medicare, etc. And he is NOT accepting signed petitions; instead he’s TURNING AWAY voters who deliver the petitions. So, let’s see what 67 million postcards looks like in his driveway. I understand he does not want to hear from those who feel that Medicare, Affordable Care and Planned Parenthood is important. But, he is an elected official. It’s part of the job and we all pay his salary. Even if you voted for Trump, if you receive Medicare, the quality of your health care may be at risk.
Please start mailing postcards to his HOME:


Paul Ryan has turned off ALL of his public telephones & fax machines in response to protests in favor of Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, Medicare, etc. And he is NOT accepting signed petitions; instead he’s TURNING AWAY voters who deliver the petitions. So, let’s see what 67 million postcards looks like in his driveway.

It’s bullshit that he does not want to hear from those (whom he was elected to represent) who feel that Medicare, Affordable Care and Planned Parenthood is important.

He is a godamned elected official. It’s part of the job and we all pay his salary. Even if you voted for Trump, if you receive Medicare, the quality of your health care may be at risk.

Please start mailing postcards to his HOME:

Just cool it a moment.

This is a response to all the hatemail clogging my ask box (and probably the reason why anonymousasks will be permanently shut off).

1. No one is going to take your rights away from you.
2. America obviously chose the person they thought was a better President.
3. If your personal candidate did not win, suck it up and move on. It is not the end of the world.
4. If you are not an American citizen, stop ✋. Just stop. It isn’t your country, and you do not get a say in how people vote.
5. Racist and bigoted comments are not necessary just because Trump is President Elect.
6. Trash talking Trump or those individuals who voted for him is not necessary just because your candidate did not win.
7. Sending death threats to people you do not agree with is no way to act as a human being.
8. Women also voted for Trump, as did LGBGTQ… , Latinos, African-Americans, Native Americans, and immigrants, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists. So just stop ✋, take a breath. Voting for Trump does not mean anyone is a homophobe, misogynist, racist, or anything else.
9. If you want change, you have to show up and work for it.
10. If you were registered to vote, but didn’t, you have no right to criticize people who did.
11. Anger leads to a shorter, unhappy life. If you can’t calm down and think clearly about life, then it is time to seek out professional help. For your own health.
12. People who voted based on their religious beliefs and practices and morality are free to do so. That right is given via the Constitution of the United States.
13. Religious freedom.
14. I have found peace of mind and spirit in Jesus Christ, and I suggest that if you don’t know God in the same manner, that you do so. He is the only reason why I have found it impossible to hate anyone, even those who hate me because I don’t bowdown and follow their opinions.
15. Ovaries are not a recommendation for the Presidency of the United States.
16. Just because someone is a woman does not mean they are qualified to be the President of the United States.
17. Calling for riots, rape, muder, or any other harm to people who did not vote your way is immature and a crime against humanity.
18. Control of House and Senate does not equal fascism.

Dear Americans, 

On November 8th, vote. 

  • Vote for someone who is not a molester. 
  • Vote for someone who does not advocate war crimes. 
  • Vote for someone who doesn’t call Mexican immigrants rapists. 
  • Vote for someone who will respect the USA’s freedom of religion. 
  • Vote for someone who supports your Constitution. 
  • Vote for someone who understands why Canadian/European health care systems are better for their citizens. 
  • Vote for someone who is capable of telling the truth, and makes an effort to do so. 
  • Vote for someone who knows what an apology is and is both willing and capable of making one. 
  • Vote for someone who knows they’re not infallible 
  • Vote for someone who has not openly stated an intention to abuse the power of the office to influence the Attorney General’s investigations. 
  • Vote for someone who is not openly calling for the imprisonment of his opponent. 
  • Vote for someone who has served in public office before. 
  • Vote for someone who supports the rights of women, minorities, immigrants, the LGBTA++ community. 
  • Vote for someone who understands and respects the law. 
  • Don’t elect a rapist. Don’t elect a racist. Don’t elect Brock Turner at the age of 70. Don’t elect someone who is working actively with a known enemy of state (Russia) to smear his opponent. 

Don’t elect Donald Trump. That means you have to vote for Hillary Clinton. She may not be your favourite. She’s not as cool as Barack Obama. She’s not as cool as Justin Trudeau. She’s a politician and has made politician mistakes. She’s also done a lot of good. She’s someone who will make mistakes and potentially unpopular decisions. She’s also someone who will do it within the confines of US law, with respect to the Constitution. She will listen to her advisors and come up with great ideas of her own. She will BE a president. Do not put nuclear power into the hands of a man who pops tic-tacs in case he feels like sexually assaulting the first woman he sees, who threatens to sue people for speaking the truth. Who is too sensitive to handle having his tiny hands called small. Do not let this man start World War III. The way of the world is to come together, to make peace, to find our commonalities and celebrate diversity, to understand that the days of segregation and notions of racial or religious or sexual “superiority” are over. 

These are the issues that are up for election: don’t think of it as voting for Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump. Think of it as voting for women’s rights vs voting for rape culture. That’s what this election is about. Think of it as voting for racial equity rather than Holocaust II: the Muslim Version. This is the time to stand up as a citizen of your country and say firmly that America values equality and justice and truth. A vote for anyone but Hillary Clinton is a vote for Donald Trump. And a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for the silencing and disempowering of women, for the deportation of Muslims - but it won’t end there; soon it will be anyone and everyone else who fails to fit whatever standard Donald Trump deems below par: women he considers fat or ugly, other races, other religions, all immigrants who are not Caucasian, etc. A vote for Trump is a vote for walls between countries rather than peace. There is no room for hesitation on this. There is no room for a third party candidate, and this is not the time to spoil your ballot or skip voting altogether. Hillary is in the lead by only 3% as of this moment and she needs every vote she can get. Trump MUST be kept out of the Oval Office, and only you can make this happen! 

Early voting has already started. Get out there and do it. On behalf of the rest of the world, who will ALL suffer if Trump wins this election: do it for us. PLEASE.