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Dear Americans, 

On November 8th, vote. 

  • Vote for someone who is not a molester. 
  • Vote for someone who does not advocate war crimes. 
  • Vote for someone who doesn’t call Mexican immigrants rapists. 
  • Vote for someone who will respect the USA’s freedom of religion. 
  • Vote for someone who supports your Constitution. 
  • Vote for someone who understands why Canadian/European health care systems are better for their citizens. 
  • Vote for someone who is capable of telling the truth, and makes an effort to do so. 
  • Vote for someone who knows what an apology is and is both willing and capable of making one. 
  • Vote for someone who knows they’re not infallible 
  • Vote for someone who has not openly stated an intention to abuse the power of the office to influence the Attorney General’s investigations. 
  • Vote for someone who is not openly calling for the imprisonment of his opponent. 
  • Vote for someone who has served in public office before. 
  • Vote for someone who supports the rights of women, minorities, immigrants, the LGBTA++ community. 
  • Vote for someone who understands and respects the law. 
  • Don’t elect a rapist. Don’t elect a racist. Don’t elect Brock Turner at the age of 70. Don’t elect someone who is working actively with a known enemy of state (Russia) to smear his opponent. 

Don’t elect Donald Trump. That means you have to vote for Hillary Clinton. She may not be your favourite. She’s not as cool as Barack Obama. She’s not as cool as Justin Trudeau. She’s a politician and has made politician mistakes. She’s also done a lot of good. She’s someone who will make mistakes and potentially unpopular decisions. She’s also someone who will do it within the confines of US law, with respect to the Constitution. She will listen to her advisors and come up with great ideas of her own. She will BE a president. Do not put nuclear power into the hands of a man who pops tic-tacs in case he feels like sexually assaulting the first woman he sees, who threatens to sue people for speaking the truth. Who is too sensitive to handle having his tiny hands called small. Do not let this man start World War III. The way of the world is to come together, to make peace, to find our commonalities and celebrate diversity, to understand that the days of segregation and notions of racial or religious or sexual “superiority” are over. 

These are the issues that are up for election: don’t think of it as voting for Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump. Think of it as voting for women’s rights vs voting for rape culture. That’s what this election is about. Think of it as voting for racial equity rather than Holocaust II: the Muslim Version. This is the time to stand up as a citizen of your country and say firmly that America values equality and justice and truth. A vote for anyone but Hillary Clinton is a vote for Donald Trump. And a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for the silencing and disempowering of women, for the deportation of Muslims - but it won’t end there; soon it will be anyone and everyone else who fails to fit whatever standard Donald Trump deems below par: women he considers fat or ugly, other races, other religions, all immigrants who are not Caucasian, etc. A vote for Trump is a vote for walls between countries rather than peace. There is no room for hesitation on this. There is no room for a third party candidate, and this is not the time to spoil your ballot or skip voting altogether. Hillary is in the lead by only 3% as of this moment and she needs every vote she can get. Trump MUST be kept out of the Oval Office, and only you can make this happen! 

Early voting has already started. Get out there and do it. On behalf of the rest of the world, who will ALL suffer if Trump wins this election: do it for us. PLEASE. 

My dear beneficiaries this is a sample of the many maneuvers that the doctors have to implement when there is a lack of medical equipment to continue preserving your health supplies, and yes It is outrageous but for us it’s more   outrageous that you vent your discontent and dissatisfaction on those who do everything possible to help. It’s a fault from the government for prefer to give flat screen TVs to keep you all watching soap operas and Laura in America. You’re willing to queue under the sun for hours but if at the pharmacy they take 20 minutes, then you take retaliate with which dispatches when they’re just doing their job. We have to be consistent and instead of complaining about the health service make sure to assert your vote and claim to the goverment” Not my picture or caption

This is an example of what is really happening in Venezuela, the hospitals don’t have the equipment necessary to save lives, you can’t find all the medicine you need, you need to queue under the sun for hours to get the most importants groceries (Corn flour, oil, milk) and when you find them you need to make sure you can buy them the right day (because you must buy according to the finals numbers of your ID), the price of the electronic equipment is up in the sky and our goverment keep blame others when they’re stealing the money of our country.