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okay so as anyone who breathes near me knows, i'm in love with your fic. i wanted to ask, you mentioned you'd planned a buzzfeed article in an early fic draft. did you ever write it? could we see it? speaking of buzzfeed, i keep thinking of the memes about these two (post-)canon. "top 10 nikiforov-katsuki rivalry moments that actually might have just been really really bad flirting"

I never wrote it but it might appear in the companion fic if it fits in well enough! And omg  “top 10 nikiforov-katsuki rivalry moments that actually might have just been really really bad flirting” would be so hilarious like, ‘that moment when Katsuki said something to Nikiforov on the Olympic podium that stunned him, was he insulting him or flirting with him - cast your votes now’


Always listen to those who go against the grain as there’s usually a genuine reason behind the fight. If you read this and skate, please don’t ignore his unique legacy. Vote with your feet and bring skateboarding back to skateboarders.

RIP Dylan Rieder,


If you experience the pain of exclusion at church from someone who is frightened at your difference, please don’t leave. Don’t become inactive. You may think you are voting with your feet, that you are making a statement by leaving. You are, but your absence may be welcomed and encouraged by those who don’t understand or value you. They see your diversity as a problem to be fixed, as a flaw to be corrected or erased. If you are gone, they don’t have to deal with you any more. I want you to know that your diversity is a more valuable statement…

Please stay. Please be a bridge builder. You may feel marginalized, pushed to the edge, invisible, unwanted, not valuable. I tell you that you are visible, are wanted, are valuable. I love you. We need each other’s support. We need each other’s prayers.

—  Chieko Okazaki, Cat’s Cradle

“Safe - Part 4″

*mentions of sexual assault and battery*

Happy x Reader w/ Tig Friendship
(GIF isn’t mine)
“Yeah,” his raspy voice rang out, sending chills down your spine as he spoke.
“What does that mean?”
“You’re kidding right?”
“I laid low like you told me to cause you said YOU would find them!” He growled.
“I’m not giving you a proxy.”
Happy slammed his phone shut making you flinch as he looked up at you, rage in his eyes.
 “Club is voting on whether or not to keep using resources to try and find your attackers.”
You looked at him wide eyed, knowing you had the key to make all the pain go away, but also knowing it was still far too soon to let it out.
“It’s ok, Happy,” you meekly spoke, your eyes filled with pain as he tore himself apart.
“No. It isn’t.” he growled, grabbing his kutte and throwing it over his shoulders and turning to you, “Dinner is in the oven,” he said as he kissed you on the cheek and walked out the door. You tossed your head back on the pillow as you heard his bike fire up and roar away.

Life was about to get even more difficult.

You had no idea what to expect when you heard the Harley pull back up in the drive, hours later. He wasn’t alone, as you heard two more Harleys shortly after. You were standing up from the couch where you had spent your time waiting on your old man when you heard shouting from the driveway.
You rushed to the door, throwing it open to reveal Happy and Jax, with Tig between them trying to keep them apart as they screamed in each other’s faces.
“There’s no more information! The trail is cold! (Y/N) doesn’t remember anything! Us continuing to look is only putting the club in jeopardy! We don’t even know if the attack was club related! With this Zobelle guy at our throats and the Feds on our ass we have to be careful!” Jax screamed, pushing against Tig’s outstretched arm.

“I don’t give a fuck! If this was YOUR old lady, your MOM, you’d be curb stomping people until you found answers!” Happy’s course yell cut through the night, his arm outstretched, pointing at Jax.
“I trusted you to take care of this!” Happy yelled again.
“And we TRIED Bro. We have this stuff with the AB we have to get handled too…” Jax huffed.

“I’m done!” Happy roared, “You’re supposed to be my brothers. Back me up. Do you know how much SHIT I’ve done for this club? All the fucking dirty work! The killing, getting rid of bodies, all of it! And you guys can’t back me on finding the mother fuckers that RAPED AND TORTURED MY OLD LADY!?” he was practically in tears as he backed away from Tigs grip on his kutte.
“FUCK YOU,” he spat, seething and shaking his head, turning to stomp up the path to the door where you stood– shivering not from the cold, but from the fierceness in Happy’s voice.
He brushed past you, not even giving you a second look. You knew he was seeing red and you had to give him his space for now, so you turned your attention back to the driveway where Jax stood, staring up to the door at you.

“Shit!” he yelled, turning around and kicking his bike before grabbing and throwing on his helmet and speeding away.
Tig stood there, words escaping him as he stared up at you, rubbing the back of his head. You walked out to him, clutching your robe tightly around you as you met him in the drive, barefooted.
“What happened?” you spoke softly to your friend.
“Um… We voted to stop using club resources to find your rapists.” he looked at you as you looked down at your feet.
“I didn’t. Happy either. Piney voted with us and so did Chibs. But that was just four. We didn’t have the majority. Motion passed.” Tig’s voice was barely a whisper and you reached your hand up to his shoulder.
“Its okay, Tig,” you gave him a smile, “I need to go to Happy,” you sighed looking over your shoulder back at the house.
Tig nodded and pulled you in for a hug, kissing your cheek before turning to his bike and stepping on, driving off into the night.

You walked in to find Happy on the phone, just as you stepped in he ended the call, his eyes still filled with rage.

“Called Quinn… asked him if he’d take me… I wanna go Nomad,” he rasped and your heart sank.

Happy going Nomad was the worst idea for you all. You knew it would take him farther away, he wouldn’t have a home base, no place to settle down.
“W-what did he say?” you asked, voice quivering.
“Gonna bring it to the table, vote it. They’ll let me know in a couple days,” he spoke matter-of-factly as your world came crashing down.
“I don’t want you to transfer, Happy,” you spoke with worry.
“Got to, (Y/N). It’s a respect thing now.”

You had to find a way out of it all without telling the club what you knew.

Vote with your feet! On the left, is Oregon. On the right, New Hampshire. Let’s see how these states stack up:

$68,929 Median Household Income
10.53% Personal Income Tax
16% Estate Tax
$22.73 Spirit Tax
5¢ Bottle Tax
May NOT Pump Own Gas

New Hampshire:
$97,547 Median Household Income
NO Personal Income Tax
NO Estate Tax
NO Spirit Tax
NO Bottle Tax
MAY Pump Own Gas

Well, what are you waiting for?

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Geez, another Carol Danvers relaunch. How many months from now until it fails miserably and it is relaunched for the millionth time all the while you pretend that it "sells" well?

You’ve clearly got your agenda and your axe to grind, whatever it may be. But let me ask you: what would be the point in doing what you’re accusing us of? It literally doesn’t make sense–marvel is in business to tell stories and make money. We’re pretty straightforward about the market forces that guide many of our decisions. There is no such thing as “pretending that it sells well”–a book either sells well enough to support itself, or it does not and it goes away. We don’t do charity and we don’t carry titles that can’t carry their weight.

You make the classic mistake of not having anything resembling accurate data and then getting upset because something you liked didn’t sell well enough to continue but something else did. And I’m sorry that whatever you liked went away, but that’s the marketplace at work–you and your fellow comic fans voted with your wallets and your feet, and that was the result. But it’s not like your favorite title’s place was usurped by another book–that is also not the way things work. 

We’ve regularly had a Carol Danvers series going all the way back to HOUSE OF M, so she’s been a successful solo character for a decade now. That’s not pretend, that’s not imagination, that’s fact, that’s track record. And so, based on that, we’ll continue with her series.