vote with your feet

If you experience the pain of exclusion at church from someone who is frightened at your difference, please don’t leave. Don’t become inactive. You may think you are voting with your feet, that you are making a statement by leaving. You are, but your absence may be welcomed and encouraged by those who don’t understand or value you. They see your diversity as a problem to be fixed, as a flaw to be corrected or erased. If you are gone, they don’t have to deal with you any more. I want you to know that your diversity is a more valuable statement…

Please stay. Please be a bridge builder. You may feel marginalized, pushed to the edge, invisible, unwanted, not valuable. I tell you that you are visible, are wanted, are valuable. I love you. We need each other’s support. We need each other’s prayers.

—  Chieko Okazaki, Cat’s Cradle

Vote with your feet! On the left, is Oregon. On the right, New Hampshire. Let’s see how these states stack up:

$68,929 Median Household Income
10.53% Personal Income Tax
16% Estate Tax
$22.73 Spirit Tax
5¢ Bottle Tax
May NOT Pump Own Gas

New Hampshire:
$97,547 Median Household Income
NO Personal Income Tax
NO Estate Tax
NO Spirit Tax
NO Bottle Tax
MAY Pump Own Gas

Well, what are you waiting for?