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You’ve heard of Donald Trump now get ready for

A mysoginistic, racist, transphobic, joke of a candidate for U.S President… oh wait that’s the same thing, never mind. 

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Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills Home Goes for Landmark Vote Next Month

Taylor Swift’s historic mansion will meet its fate at a Beverly Hills City Council meeting in less than two weeks, Mansion Global has learned. Over the past year, Ms. Swift has pushed to turn her new home in Beverly Hills into a local historic landmark for its long history as the estate of iconic Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn. Council members on April 4 will have the final say in whether to legally landmark the property, which the pop star bought from Goldwyn’s heirs in 2015 for $25 million and is now in the process of restoring it. Goldwyn co-founded Goldwyn Pictures, which later merged into Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, or MGM, known by its iconic roaring lion in the intro credits. He and his wife commissioned the Georgian Revival home in the early 1930s, even recruiting set designers from the studio to help with construction. But Ms. Swift, 27, is most likely “Out of the Woods” on this pet project, judging by the gushing fanfare her conservation efforts got when the application went before the Beverly Hills Cultural Commission in January. The commission voted unanimously in favor of the landmark designation, sending it through to the city council for final approval. “This is one of the great estates in this city, and it’s very important to the history of the city,” said Noah Furie, vice chair of the cultural commission, at the hearing in January. “And I’m thrilled that whoever the owner is, they’ve found it important to keep this house and spend the money to restore it because it’s no small thing to do.” It was revealed at the January meeting that Ms. Swift had commissioned a detailed architectural report in order to get the property landmarked and is in the midst of restoring the home in painstaking detail. For instance, workers have temporarily removed the wisteria growing on the front of the home while they finish work on the exterior, and preserved the original plaster moulding on the curved interior staircase, Ms. Swift’s architect Monique Schenk said at the January meeting. “Really when this project’s done, hopefully this year sometime soon, it’s going to be really spectacular,” Ms. Schenk said. “We’ve preserved and maintained a lot of the elements and those that were deteriorating, we’ve replicated.” A publicist for Ms. Swift did not immediately return a request for comment.


Hello, everyone! A week or two ago we asked our followers to vote for their favorite Taylor Swift music videos and now we have the results. But, since we know this has never been done in this fandom, we wanted to try something different with all of you and we hope you participate in this.

We propose an edit challenge based on these 10 music videos chosen by some of you. From May 1st to May 30th, we will dedicate 3 days to each music video chosen in order and we will be REBLOGGING your posts of these music videos made and posted by you during the days we estabilish for each one. This a great opportunity for you to grow your follower count having your post reblogged on our blog and also to cherish these amazing pieces of art. 

We will also POST original content which was the main objective with this poll and each member available in this time will make one post or many posts about the given music video they choose. 


  • #10 Bad Blood ♥ 84 votes ♥  May 1st to May 3rd
  • #9 Shake It Off ♥ 86 votes ♥ May 4th to May 6th
  • #8 Mine ♥ 90 votes ♥ May 7th to May 9th
  • #7 Love Story ♥ 94 votes ♥ May 10th to May 12th
  • #6 Ours ♥ 94 votes ♥ May 13th to May 15th
  • #5 I Knew You Were Trouble ♥ 106 votes ♥ May 16th to May 18th
  • #4 You Belong With Me ♥ 111 votes ♥ May 19th to May 21st
  • #3 Wildest Dreams ♥ 117 votes ♥ May 22nd to May 24th
  • #2 Out of the Woods ♥ 129 votes ♥ May 25th to May 27th
  • #1 Blank Space ♥ 161 votes ♥ May 28th to May 30th 

Note: we will only reblog your post on the days we said. So, for example, between May 1st and May 3rd, we will reblog posts related to the Bad Blood music video. It could be gifsets, edits, graphics, behind the scenes, everything. But, when it’s May 4th, we won’t anymore because from that day until May 6th it’s Shake it Off time. Therefore, we have a limit of time, so it’s important to pay attention to that as well.

Note2: we will only reblog (or will give preference to) the posts with the tag #taylorswiftedit so that our members can see it easily and reblog instead of going through all Taylor tags. 

Note3: if you didn’t like this or are worried we will only post this for the whole month, don’t worry. We will still post candids, edits, graphics, gifsets and stuff besides this and will reblog other things as well.  

Note4: reblog this post if you can. We want this to reach as many people as possible because this is something we plan on repeating soon and we want everyone to be a part of this.

Note5: our own posts of this challenge will be tagged with #top10musicvideos if any of you want to check!

Good luck to all and thank you for voting and participating!

TaylorSwiftEdit Team

I don’t understand why Americans care so much about who their celebrities vote for.

A. Voting should be a private and person thing, you should never insist that someone has to reveal their political standing.
B. They are CELEBRITIES. Entertainers. They write music, sing songs, act out scripts, perform for your pleasure. They are NOT political experts. Their job does NOT Require them to speak out about politics any more than a cashier or a cleaner’s job does.

15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 155)

1. There are more synapses (nerve connections) in your brain than there are stars in the galaxy.

2. The rings of Saturn are only about 30 feet thick. 

3. Lobsters, of course, die due to external causes; they get fished by humans, eaten by seals or depleted by parasites, but they don’t seem to die from within. 

4. from 1912 to 1948 painting was an olympic event

5.  When Facebook users voted for Taylor Swift to perform at a school for deaf students as a prank, the school was removed from the contest, but Swift…

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Guys, let’s win these VMA’s for Taylor! Both videos are so incredible, and they should definitely be rewarded! Remember, you can vote up to ten times a day, so get at it!

Click HERE to vote Bad Blood for Best Collaboration
Click HERE to vote Blank Space for Best Female Video
Click HERE to vote Blank Space for Best Pop Video
Click HERE to vote Bad Blood for Video of the Year
2016 Billboard Music Awards to Air May 22 on ABC
The 2016 Billboard Music Awards will air May 22 on ABC at 8 p.m. EST / 7 p.m. CST from Las Vegas.

Look what’s coming soon! You know what this means? We have to be prepared to vote our asses off if/when Taylor is nominated! So get on Twitter and let’s start prepping for this beautiful event where we received our first tayvin event…let’s go guys!