vote ross

ross is such a possessive ass tho

like in the ep on atm rachel said shes going to a fashion lecture with mark because hes her friend and also works in fashion. ross’ response?

to laugh, ask if she really needs another “friend”, and then says he’ll go with her, not because he has any interest in the lecture, not even just to spend time with her himself, but to STOP HER SPENDING TIME WITH MARK


*background beebo laughters all along*

R: This is way better than any interviews we ever get to do.

S: Nobody was…yeah…They didn’t want us to do…Our own record label didn’t want us to do this…the show.

R: Yeah but they want us to do every teenage magazine you could think of. But they didn’t want us to do this, where we actually get to talk about our own music. STRANGE.

S: And they were like oh wait, “You guys want to go and set up your instruments in Studio One in Abbey Road?” “And, um you know, have a giant production filming you.” “Eh no, we don’t want you do that.”

R: “NO WAY!”

S: But you know there is the teenybopper magazine that needs the interview.

R: NEEDS it.

B: What about the exclamation point? *freak out*

S: We said eh, “F*ck you guys. We’re doing it.”

R: Here we are.

S: If you can come over here and physically stop us from walking in…and they didn’t.

- Ryan Ross & Spencer Smith in Panic At The Disco, Live from Abbey Road


“I had a guitar class at school. I dropped out but the guitar class was the only class I would’ve passed. I don’t know why, but I just knew that school wouldn’t afford me anything. I knew that I wasn’t going to be working for an insurance firm. I knew that I wasn’t, you know? What was I, 15 when I dropped out? You know, it’s like, ‘I gotta fucking be an adult now’. There was a part of me that was gonna just join the Marine Corps and say fuck it and get out, but I started playing clubs when I was 13. I’d sneak in the back door, play a set and split – stand out back, smoke, go back in to the set. I played under-age up and down the East Coast, for a couple of years.” - Johnny Depp