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To everyone saying that Aly should’ve been paired with Derek instead of Mark… STOP. For the love of God just stop.

This keeps happening to Mark. When Chelsea Kane was partnered with him and saw just how much potential she has, people were like ‘she could’ve won if she was partnered with Derek.’ same thing happened with Katherine Jenkins. And now with Aly.

Here’s the thing. Mark and Derek are best friends and they used to dance together along with Derek’s lil sis Julianne. They all had the same mentors. Corky and Shirley Ballas. And both Mark and Derek are just really great.

You see, the first time Shawn Johnson was on DWTS, she got Mark. And you could see just how sweet Mark was to Shawn. He brought the best of her.
Some people might see Mark as this annoying lad who occasionally ‘outshine’ his partner with his choreo, but you can’t deny that he is a top lad.

This season with Aly, you can see that Mark has been able to bring the best out of Aly. And Aly to Mark. If you look at the dances they’ve done, the choreo is what makes their dance looks so good.
Personally, I love that Aly’s got Mark as her partner. You gotta be patient. The best is yet to come from these two.

Ps: I can’t wait for their jive (I hope they’ll get this dance). You know why? because jive is such a fun dance. Thus, Party Raisman will be unleashed. Imagine them doing the jive like Shawn and Mark’s jive at the finale… or the jive like with Katherine. Oh my lord.


ICYMI: Aly and Mark danced the contemporary.

first of all, I just wanna say I LOVE YOU MARK BALLAS. Thank you for creating such an awesome choreo that fits really well and brings the best out of Aly.

What can I say? When it comes to creating a choreography with a storyline, Mark is ace.

And I just love the way he lets Aly explores all those feelings of hard work but put in a nice and gentle touch so that the dance will still be elegant yet powerful.

I love these two. and I am sure that the best has yet to come. You can see that they’re getting better and better every week.

You can also see how much Aly has improved. And this week, it’s starting to look like she’s settled in very well with the ballroom dancing. I LOVE it.