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I’m so happy that Bernie Sanders is speaking up about this. I’m happy he is on our side. And yes, there are a lot of us that voted against “Donald” and if we fight together we CAN become his worst nightmare.

It’s Election Day! 

Be sure to cast your ballot for pro-choice champions, including Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring in VA, Manka Dhingra in WA, and Jen Jordan and Nikema Wililams in GA!

The Conservative Party Vote

If you signed up to vote in the Conservative Party for leadership, here is a run down I’ve done of what each Candidate on the Ballot stands for. Also, remember when Voting, to only VOTE FOR THE TOP TEN PEOPLE not anyone you wouldn’t choose! Since there is 14 candidates, you only have 10 top spots for voting.

Chris ALEXANDER: Former MP who lost his seat last election, voted against Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312 (to study the definition of human life), so NOT pro-life (hopefully pro-choice!). Has spoken out against M-103 (on Islamophobia). Didn’t have the opportunity to vote on the issue of assisted suicide, but didn’t oppose or promise to re-visit it. Did pledge as immigration minister to favour refugee claims from LGBT Russians after the country introduced its “gay propaganda” law. Wants to find resources for Indigenous Peoples   because “If you can find resources for Syrian refugees, you can find resources for indigenous people.“

Maxime BERNIER:  Does not have a pro-life voting record, and is pro-choice. He would welcome debate on other ideas, including abortion, supply management and privatizing Canada Post. Voted against C-14 which legalized assisted suicide. Bernier supported Motion 12, which would have re-opened debate on the definition of marriage in 2006, he spoke out in favour of dropping the old definition at the 2016 convention. He marched in Toronto’s pride last summer. Unfortunately he has tweeted:  “Our immigration policy should not aim to change the cultural character and social fabric of Canada, as radical proponents of multiculturalism want.” AKA: He’s xenophobic. Wants to cap immigration to 250,000 per year. Wants to support 35 million Canadians not Agriculture producers, believes in a mixed health care system, with private and public, elimination of federal health taxes and make each province in charge of their own services. Wants the military to get 2% - not sure if that’s 2% of NATO target or Budget.  Bernier says indigenous people should be responsible for their own prosperity rather than the government giving millions of dollars. There should be property rights on reserves and it’s unacceptable to still have boil water advisories in First Nations communities, says Quebecers are highest taxed and he would lower the tax so they can come out of poverty, he has been accused of being too much like Trudeau, apparently.

Steven BLANEY:  “While I support the position of our party not to reopen the debate, I respect the freedom of members on matter(s) of conscience.” Seems Pro-Choice. While he voted FOR Motion 12, he later retracted and said he was open for discussion on the meaning of marriage. Voted against C-14, and would rather see people die by their own will instead of through legally assisted suicide. Seems against Immigration, as well. Also wants women to uncover their face during ceremonies, and wants to “take back power” of Canada.

Michael CHONG: Best candidate so far, Pro-Immigration, Pro-choice, Pro-Same-sex Marraige, Pro-Transgendered rights, Pro Assisted Suicide. Really good french, apparently. Supports Indigenous peoples and wants them to have more rights, education and funding. 

Kellie LEITCH: Pro-life, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Assisted Suicide, hateful rhetoric typical xenophobic trying to promote “Canadian Values” for screening of immigrants. PRO TRUMP. Approves dismantling of health care and thinks Climate change is a hoax.

Pierre LEMIEUX: Does not support any access to abortion under any circumstances! Anti-same sex marrage, and assisted suicide. Wants to repeal Transgendered rights bill, thinks Canadians are worried about terrorists and wants to improve security, plus reduce immigration and wants immigrants to speak french or english to be let in.

Deepak OBHRAI:  Pro-Immigration, Pro-choice, Pro-Same-sex Marraige - believes in equal human rights for all, Pro-Transgendered rights, Pro Assisted Suicide. Apparently his french is bad, though. Supports Indigenous peoples and wants them to see more rights and funding. 

Kevin O’LEARY: Our of the race, thank god. 

Erin O’TOOLE: Pro-life but says he will not bring his beliefs into legislation, meaning he wouldn’t stop abortions, Supports Same-sex marriage, against assisted suicide, wants immigration levels to be “stable,” and needs to maintain public security, doesn’t like that Canadian’s pay too many taxes and has a health care plan he wants to introduce, and supports supply management. 

Rick PETERSON: Vancouverite, fluent in french, business man, not pro-life, “knows how to balance a budget,” supports same sex marriage, supports assisted suicide, says he wants to show Trump that they want American investments, wants to give agriculture tax breaks, wants to finance security to stop “bad people” from coming to Canada, and let the “good ones” in, wants to eliminate corporate business tax and believes this will help Indigenous peoples, believes that we will grow poor under Trudeau, just like Trudeau’s father let down Canada before.

Lise RAITT: Not generally concidered Pro-life, is for same sex marriage, against assisted suicide, she says Canadian’s are more upset about economic issues not immigration, French is okay but shaky, agreed with Bernier’s statement that  ‘Indigenous Peoples should be responsible for their own prosperity, and not be given money, but that there shouldn’t be water-boiling alerts on reserves,’ but also is more concerned about general economic issues than specific  Indigenous issues. Believes Trudeau will leave debt for her children to pay for and doesn’t want that. 

Andrew SAXTON: Pro-life, spoken against Islamophobia - saying that we need to stop criminals and terrorists from coming in, capping the immigration numbers at 250,000, says he’s a business man and can handle Trump. Seems really shady about putting anything down solid. Says that MP’s should be able to vote with their conscience, but doesn’t want to re-open anything the government has put through already.

Andrew SCHEER: Pro-life, voted in favour of re-opening the debate of what marriage should be considered (wants it to be between a man and a woman), against assisted suicide, wants to focus on security and to integrate immigrants into our communities.

Brad TROST: Pro-life, against same sex marriage, against assisted suicide, wants to work with Trump and says he will not be hard, believes Radical Islam is a clear and present danger to Canadians, thinks the entire system relating to  Indigenous Peoples needs to be redesigned, has very bad French. 


Bernie Sanders, the Women’s Convention, and Choice

By Guest Writer: Sandra B. Latham

I was disappointed to hear that Bernie Sanders would not be attending the Women’s Convention, but I feel that he responded gracefully. By bowing out, rather than forcing the Convention to make a hard choice, he can use his powers for good elsewhere and keep internal ugliness to a minimum. But the situation speaks to a larger issue within The Left and Feminism.

At first, I was delighted to hear that Sanders had been invited to speak at the convention, an open acknowledgment, and embrace, of his years supporting policies that benefit women. I expected there to be some backlash about that, but little more than a negligible kerfuffle. I didn’t expect the response to become as loud and angry as it was. This brought me to flashbacks of Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Heath Mello.

I disagreed with Senator Sanders’ endorsement of Mello, but I understood it. To me, that was the end of the issue; “I disagree with the Senator on this.” After all, 2016 was months of “not perfect on every issue” and “purity test” so surely my forgiveness of one or two disagreements would be understandable, right? It quickly became impossible, however, to have a coherent conversation with many people about Mello’s Anti-Choice stance.

With too many feminists, I had to suddenly defend a man with a perfect pro-choice voting record against single-issue voters who said that he sold out women and cannot care about economic justice if he doesn’t fully support abortion as a non-negotiable issue. (It is true that abortion and other birth control is a major component of economic justice and equality for women, and can be used by most societies as a metric for how free their women are.)

With too many white men, including many leftists, I found myself having to defend Choice as an issue of prime importance, having to explain over and over (often unsuccessfully) that women’s oppression a) exists and b) differs in a significant manner from class oppression, even though they are linked.

In short, I had to prove my loyalty to both Leftists and Feminists when the two sides were in conflict.  And yet, as an Intersectional Feminist, I cannot choose. I firmly believe that we cannot have economic equality without social equality or vice versa; we cannot have economic justice without redress of identity-based oppression, nor can we have social justice among marginalized groups without addressing economic oppression.

This impossible choice is why I found it so classy that Bernie Sanders stepped down on his own.  

The Women’s Convention found itself in the unenviable position of having to either disinvite its star speaker, move him to a less prestigious position, or ignore its core base of women activists. To do the latter, could be a serious blow to the movement, if even the Women’s Convention will not listen to the voices of women, who will? While I don’t agree with them about Sanders, they had every right to demand a keynote speaker who is a woman.

But this one-time elegant solution simply pushes down the road a conversation we’re going to have to have, probably many times and in many places, about the oppression we refuse to acknowledge. I cannot be expected to follow female leaders who are breaking new ground in the field of identity but contributing to economic hardship and suffering here and abroad. I cannot be expected to discount the paramount importance of reproductive choice and women’s economic freedom as a cornerstone of economic justice.

I cannot be expected to choose between being a woman and a socialist.

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Trying to do my reading for tomorrow and I had to put my book down because the anger just came bubbling up again. Reproductive control of women. Abortion wasn’t even illegal until it became surgical. The only thing illegal about abortion was if someone did it to an unwilling woman. 

Women didn’t want to use condoms because they were associated with prostitutes, but also because they took away the only thing that gave them any control over their sex lives. “Sorry honey, I might get pregnant” was the only thing keeping their husbands from having sex with them with or without consent because of course marital rape wasn’t even a thing until the 1990s. 

Abortion became illegal because men were afraid of the population decline. Ahem, let me just change that slightly to “white men were afraid of white population decline because Black fertility rates were still high” and then hey! Great segue into eugenics and forced sterilization that disproportionately affected immigrants, people of color, and disabled people! 

So you know… racism. Sexism. Ableism. All linked through pro-life ideologies. Religious mandate my ass.
Women's March on Washington set to be one of America's biggest protests
Pink hats will be much in evidence as an extraordinarily wide range of groups come together to repudiate President Trump the day after his inauguration
By Joanna Walters

Before the bunting and barriers are even cleared away from Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump, hundreds of thousands are likely to attend the Women’s March on Washington the following day, 21 January.

“A march of this magnitude, across this diversity of issues has never happened before,” said Kaylin Whittingham, president of the association of black women attorneys. “We all have to stand together as a force no one can ignore.”

The Women’s March now has almost 200 progressive groups, large and small, signing on as supporting partners. The issues they represent are as varied as the environment, legal abortion, prisoners’ rights, voting rights, a free press, affordable healthcare, gun safety, racial and gender equality and a higher minimum wage. Men are invited.

More than 300 simultaneous local protests will also occur, across all 50 states, and support marches are planned in 30 other countries, organizer Linda Sarsour said.

“We have no choice. We need to stand up against an administration that threatens everything we believe in, in what we hope will become one of the largest grassroots, progressive movements ever seen,” said Sarsour.

Friends? Lifelong. (College!Dean) Part Two

Chapter Two

I walked into my speech class and looked around the room. About ten of us, but five of them were guys and one was looking my way. I smiled at him and waved slightly before the professor began to speak. I spun around and listened as our professor told us to pair up and create a debatable speech. We each have to pick our own side of the topic and argue for it. I turned back around in my seat to look around the room once again. Before I could get a good look the guy I waved to earlier stood behind me and motioned to the empty chair next to me.

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I’m a feminist. I’m a supporter of freedom, equality and choice. I will NOT stand for racism, sexism or homophobia. If you’ve got a problem with these views, then you are a problem for me.
—  Equality For All In Every Respect.

Making a 15 year old girl who wants an abortion a criminal isn’t love or compassion. Telling two people they aren’t allowed to get married isn’t love or compassion. Rewriting laws on health insurance so your company doesn’t have to provide birth control coverage isn’t love or compassion.
You can say all day long that you vote for these things out of “loves and compassion” but taking away someone’s rights is not love or compassion.

Listen up

When even Bernie Sanders says now is not the time for a protest vote, you should probably listen to him. Dear God, either Trump or Clinton will win this election. Please don’t aid in Trump gaining any ground. Clinton has now adopted almost 80% of Bernie’s platform. What don’t people understand? Clinton will work with Bernie, and his ideas, while Trump is the opposite of everything we worked for. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change, equal pay, changing the tax bracket so that the top 1% don’t rule this country, the right to choose, the rights of LGTBQIA people, the rights of people of color, working with the outside world, or a new, clean, progressive energy system.

We don’t have the luxury to ponder a vote for a third-party candidate.

If you TRULY believe that Clinton is evil, she’s obviously the lesser of the two - and voting for a lesser-of-two-evils candidate who can win would be better than voting for an ideal candidate who will lose.

I cannot state this emphatically enough:
Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, under no reasonable assessment is she “just as bad” as Donald Trump. The demonizing of Clinton reached a peak this week with the Republican convention acting as round-the-clock infomercial promoting the Lucifer-like qualities of Hillary. If a stupendous claim is made enough times, many will believe it―the truth is pliable. Clinton is far from a saint, but the truth about her record bears little resemblance to what Trump allies scream.

Hillary’s political opponents believe that she is highly capable―except when they are trying to beat her in an election. Then she is evil.

There is no reason to apologize for supporting Hillary or hedge your bets by saying that both candidates are equally terrible. But, I understand that you may have deep philosophical differences with Clinton and are considering voting for a third party. Please think very hard before actually doing that.
I support third parties and have voted for a few. But this is not the election to cast a presidential vote that way.

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anonymous asked:

Alright so about that Global Gag Rule. Senators Shaheen and Gilibrand are introducing legislation to repeal it TOMORROW. I've already called my (Both Democratic) senators to ask them to support it. I suggest everyone call their senators and do the same. But you don't only have to call senators in your state. Senator Collins from Maine, despite being Republican, has a pretty solid pro-choice voting record (83% from NARAL) if there's any Repub we can get on board with this, it is her. CALL HER!

Her phone number is  (202) 224-2523